Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From fool to felon - A tale of two tea party tools in two states.

It is a hot and miserable day in Madison, Wisconsin.  There are no heat or drought records left to break here in the badger state.  Crops are dead or dying, the ground water is drying up and people are ......well just miserable here.  But it could be worse, it seems we will get at least a temporary break from the abysmal heat after today's triple digit heat index figures.

How could it be worse you might ask, well living in Racine, Wisconsin would make it worse, depending on who you are that is.  If you work for Racine, County government you might be ready to tear your hair out and start gnashing your teeth.

The reason for that would be (many of you have already guessed)............Lou D'abbraccio.  Yes like a bad penny he just keeps turning up.  I had just started to give up on ever hearing from Lou again, he still wont answer my e-mails even though he was the person so excited about arranging a meeting between the two of us.  It seems he is busy with another project of his though, well in all honesty it is the same project he was working on weeks ago.  Namely intimidating and questioning anybody in local government he has access to, in order to find out who LEGALLY released the open records request, for his open records request, which was published here previously.

Apparently Lou, like most ground level members of the TEA party, has trouble understanding the difference between legal and illegal.  Information available under the Freedom Of Information Act is legally obtainable  Lou.  Wanting the personal information (names, address, phone number) of people who request open records is quite a different thing altogether Lou.  And interrogating and intimidating government workers and officials is most certainly a horse of a different color.

Plus something else Lou should be aware of, there are multiple investigations ongoing even as we speak, into Scott Walker himself, his entire support staff, his entire campaign staff and all major contributors.  The FBI investigation into Walker and crew, is tied in with state level investigations into gerrymandering, election fraud and conspiracy by none other than the GOP and TEA party.  You may be treading on very thin ice indeed Lou by rampaging your way through Racine government offices and government employee's at home.  I know the TEA party tools and fools think they are either the law themselves or, above the law, but that is not the case. I would not really want to watch Lou go from fool to felon, but what will be will be.

Speaking of fools and felons, yesterday I reported that WI Congressman James Sensenbrenner and Representative Petri had recently been involved in fundraising efforts for their individual campaigns in Washington DC, using the lobbying firm known as Strategic Health Care.  Strategic Health Care or SHC, has gained national attention lately for its use of fundraising parties they refer to as "White Trash Parties"  The theme is to dress up like a rural or urban, working class American (in mockery of US citizens) and drink cheap beer while making racist and classist jokes, while writing checks for hundreds or thousands of dollars to the aforementioned right wing politicians.  Why a "white trash" themed party?  Maybe they are just barely smart enough to know not to have a "nigger and spic" themed party?

Anyway the head of the board of directors for Alliance for BioTherapeutics which is one in the same with Strategic Health Care, is Nebraska Senator and TEA party and ALEC member Abbie Cornett.  Actually she is the ALEC chair for the state of Nebraska, just like Robin Vos is here in Wisconsin. She is a full time lobbyist and part time Nebraska Senator it seems.  Anyway her husband Mark Stranglen, was supposed to appear in court this morning.  Around last Christmas Mark solicited a prostitute, well not really a prostitute, more of a undercover agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who was working a case relating to human trafficking and child enticement.

So this morning his attorney shows up in court, but not Mark Stranglen.  This was of course very upsetting to the presiding judge.  So now instead of having to deal with a $250 ticket for solicitation of prostitution, he has a warrant for his arrest to bring him in and only release him if he can make $10,000 bond.  From fool to felon just like that.  But it gets better folks, he did a phone interview from a "undisclosed location' and presented a astounding legal defense.  He is claiming that he is not Mark Stranglen.  He is claiming that he is not married to his wife.  He is claiming that he does not live at his home.  He is claiming that his arrest record with his photo and all other information is not him either.  The TEA party is full of brilliant people like this.

I don't think this legal defense will hold water very well for him, and I don't think he can make $10,000 bond. Like most TEA party folks he is fiscally inept and filing for bankruptcy.  Incidentally his wife the Senator is also filing bankruptcy, which is interesting because she draws a Senators salary with full benefits.  She has a six figure income from SHC for her lobbying effort plus, she is drawing full disability pay as a former peace officer.  Which has many folks in Nebraska wondering how someone like her with bad knee's, which allowed her to retire on disability at age 32 I believe, can spend all that time rock climbing and repelling and other such activities.  Who am I to say?

Luckily for her though she does not need to rely on her husband to babysit the kids while she is off in Washington and he is running from the law.  You see she is also under investigation for having fostered teenage children who apparently, act as her domestics for her biological children while she runs around the country at $5,000 dollar a plate fund raisers.  Just like that, from fool to future felon, gotta love the right wing and their 'family values"

So in closing I would like to address Lou one more time here.  Please Lou for the love of whatever it is you may believe in, give up whatever bogus plan you are working on and just let it all drop.  It is probably too late for you to escape what you have already done, but at least you can avoid further investigation.  Some things you just cant hide from, and have you ever considered this Lou, where do I get all my information on your activities and connections????

I am only a blogger and not a journalist, but I do protect my sources.  And I have multiple people giving me information on you and other GOTea members in Racine County and all your shenanigans.  And as much as I love hearing about you from these folks who may or may not, work for Racine County, The D.A.'s office and may or may not work for the Sheriff's Department there, who may or may not be related to you, I would hate (honestly) to see you go from fool to felon.  You would be of much more benefit to the citizens of Wisconsin in promoting clean and transparent elections instead of wasting time trying to create a false crisis about them.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


Anonymous said...

The tea party, especially it's perception, is largely created by the media. Much like the communists in 50's, it was invented to confuse, and scare the populace. Actors such as Tony Greenberg are employed to play the part of Tea Party members. Grassroots members who cause scandals and have a nebulous past are most likely actors, used to stir up troubles. They have no ideology other than that which they are paid to espouse.

Conservative and liberal media cooperate and utilize villains that they created. It really is professional wrestling, except more people mistake this for reality. There are no Gloria Allreds or Orly Taitz(Oily Taint). Note the cartoonish names that invoke an image. Not any different than Hanibal Letcher or Dr. Strangelove, and they are all played by actors.

WELS church lady said...

Hi Matthew, the above commenter is correct. I believe he is familiar with the work of Ed chiarini. My Name is Rebecca nad I live in the Dallas area, though I am a Wisconsin Synod Lutheran!Sara Palin is a fraud, her real name is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton. She is the granddaughter of Maurice Greenberg(former CEO of AIG) and the sister of Tony Greeenberg mentioned in the above comment. this recent shooting in Colorado was a hoax, set up in the form of a DHS/Explan drill. This is the truth, as God is my witness.

In Christ,
Rebecca Quam

Jimmy(ToyotaBedZRock) said...

What do you mean "act as her domestics for her biological children"?

She treated them like servants?

Anonymous said...

Politicians are paid actors for show. The media is Wellaware of this and they continue to cover it up anyway. I 100% believe this guy is telling the truth. No doubt.

Lou said...

Your statements about me are libelous, defamatory, and untrue. Beyond that, I will not dignify the vomit you spew with a response.