Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Odds and ends, plus some important announcements.

Life has been getting very interesting in Madison again lately, mostly due to events still stemming from last months recall election.  The legislature is back at the Capitol, the press is running around like mad pretending to cover stories again.  And of course we are still melting under the great drought of 2012.

Last week at the Solidarity Singalong we were very fortunate indeed to be visited by the legendary Billy Bragg.  He performed several of his timeless songs with us and was very patient with all the requests for autographs and photographs from all of his admirer's.   I have a great picture of Billy and myself giving the solidarity salute, if only I can figure out how to transfer it from my phone to here I would be able to share it with you.

Yesterdays Solidarity Singalong was especially festive with the turning over of the state senate to the Democrats, and the inauguration of Mark Miller as the majority leader.  I encountered the always dapper Sen Glen Grothman, as well as outgoing Speaker Fitzgerald and was able to share some ideas with them.  They still don't like me but then again neither does Walker tool and faux journalist Clay Barbour who I also shamed at the Capitol yesterday.

Speaking of the turnover of the Senate, many people were in the Senate Gallery yesterday to witness the official ceremony.  Included in that group was activist Jeremy Ryan, he like many other folks were videotaping and photographing the events from above, while below WisEye and multiple media outlets were doing the same.  Jeremy Ryan and one other individual seem to have been selectively focused on for arrest for filming by the Capitol Police & Security force.

I will be meeting the Capitol Police, interim Chief Blackdeer this week and hopefully will walk away with some satisfactory answers about the events that transpired under his watch.  Meanwhile Senator Fred Risser heard of the arrests after they occurred, and immediately contacted Jeremy and arranged a meeting for tomorrow morning as a prelude to changing the gallery rules to allow for constitutionally protected behaviour in the future.  Take that GOTea and thank you very much Senator Risser for sticking up for your constituents instead of looking out for the extremist corporate interests.

Also newly appointed Speaker Mark Miller wasted no time in naming his fellow legislators to their new committee posts.  He did a great job with Lena Taylor on the Joint Committee on Finance, which will also really tick off Robin Vos and Alberta Darling as well.  Well played Senator, well played.

Meanwhile GOTea representative and ALEC darling Joel Kleefisch is still taking a lot of heat over his involvement and/or support of a business found guilty of dumping raw human waste in open areas of his district causing serious ground water issues and really angering his constituents.

It was also announced that GOTea Senator Rich Zipperer will be resigning his seat  next month.  He is stepping aside to fill a gap in the administration of Scott Walker.  Apparently there has been another wave of his staffers fleeing for the hills as the John Doe investigation prepares to leap forward again with the near conclusion of the trials of Walker staffers Tim Russell and Darlene Wink.

And in some very serious news there were tragic acts of arson in Northern Wisconsin near the town of Hayward. On the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation 6-fires over the weekend destroyed the by two fire scenes behind the Trading Post on County Highway K which has served many tribal members there for many years, along with Ceremonial Lodge on Trepania Road, and Cook Shanty Drum Dance Hall. Amongst other important functions was the Trading Posts use a a place of ceremony for weddings and funeral services and other important events.

“...There were three other fires that were reported on July 15. Their locations were the LCO Honor the Earth Pow Wow Grounds, a private sweat lodge on County Highway K in the town of Bass Lake and a ceremonial ring off of Potato Road in the Town of Sand Lake. A person of interest was arrested by the Sheriff's office and the LCO Police Department...” as reported Northland News Center

The Trading Post also held the studios of Indian Country Television, where Paul DeMain’s Home R.V. was destroyed by the arson. ICTV was created by Paul DeMain who has strong ties to Statewide efforts in the Community to document and provide media to Indian Country of the Mining opposition issues. Many tribal members affected by this tragedy have been in Madison repeatedly (traveling across the State as well) and were vital in striking down the nearly disastrous AB426 mining bill that was drafted and proposed to streamline the process while lifting the environmental standard protections.

ICTV Facebook

Paul DeMain created ICTV in 2002 after launching a print and electronic IC newspaper in 1986. His journalistic excellence and dedication to important stories has won him numerous awards over the years and his ICTV network is considered important viewing in America and eighteen other nations.

Along with the destruction of the Trading Post and studios, Paul DeMains RV and his possessions were lost to the arson, as well as five other buildings including two sweat lodges. Sunday, July 15th’s arson incidents was a tragedy for the LCO Community and Paul DeMain who remain humble and optimistic that the damages can be left in the past and look to the future to have this all restored for a positive new journey in the LCO Community and Paul DeMain, IndianCountryT.V.

You can make a difference with your efforts of solidarity, I urge you to please help as you can by clicking on the link below. Please show them the solidarity that they have shown to us.

You can also help by calling (715) 634-7772 and thank you all for whatever aid you can render. Solidarity forever my sisters and brothers.
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And here is one last link for you today readers.  The link takes you to the site of your good friend and mine, the Root River Siren, Wisconsin blogger extrordinaire.  A little more to say about Lou D'abrraccio and the whole rotten Racine Country Gang.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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