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Pridemore and prejudice

Hello readers and happy 4th of July to you.  This is the day that Americans celebrate all the freedoms that make this nation great.  Unless you are of Native American descent, then this is Holocaust remembrance day for you.  Or unless your African-American and your ancestors had no freedom to associate with July 4th of 1776.  Likewise women had very little freedom to celebrate historically in this nation until very recently, and now the tea party wants to take that away from you.  Likewise for you if your family recently immigrated to America from some foreign land such as Canada, Costa Rica or Germany.  Sorry but the tea party once again wants your freedom.  Even if you are a world class scientist who came to this country by invitation to help cure disease or educate our students because, once again, right wingers will hate you and want to take away your freedom to breath "Mercan" (translation - American) air.

                                                                   Folks like these 

                                                 How they got that way

Speaking of destruction of freedom, removal of rights and disrespect for the Constitution of this country, lack of common sense and pride in one's own ignorance in general.........lets talk about the radical movement on the far right of the political spectrum.  Lets talk about pride and prejudice for a moment shall we?

Freedom of speech is something many people still hold dear in this country.  The right wing extremists feel they have the right to free speech, but only themselves and nobody else, especially people with common sense and reason, an education, or just a little bit of general knowledge of what the heck it is that they are talking about.  On the other hand they worship and praise any over-the-top, baseless and/or senseless, emotional idiocy that comes slinking down the turnpike it seems. It is pride in ignorance, pride in their own cowardly hearts and minds that allows them to even see the world this way. It is pride without basis that creates the possibility for their prejudice.

 Here are some examples for you clipped from recent headlines.  WARNING this is unadulterated and unedited quotes from the leaders of the extremist movement, it is not for the faint of heart.

Chris Collins is a GOTea party candidate for congress.  He recently said that people don't die from breast cancer anymore.  He says people don't need medical insurance because we have cured cancer somehow when nobody was looking.  This is his logic as applied to what I call "Obamney Care" which was recently passed.  My question is if insurance coverage is what protects people from dying of cancer, what part of removing insurance coverage is going to protect people from cancer?

There is no logic to what this man is spewing.  Yet he does have the right to rant and rave like the proverbial village idiot and spread his ignorance.  He may be thinking that his statement is somewhat reasonable because the far right wing does not consider women to really be people.  But by his logic I could rightfully say that there is no need for murder laws because shooting idiots in the head is no longer fatal due to medical insurance, especially the Cadillac insurance our congressional representatives have.  Now remember please I am opposed to violence, I was just making a point, albeit it one as senseless as the would be congressman's was and purely for the sake of argument.

Here is another example of the right wings freedom of speech infringing itself upon the general conscience.  Joe Walsh (not the talented and respected person from the band The Eagles)  is a tea party candidate from Illinois who chose the 4th of July holiday week, a week when many people thank our Veterans for protecting our freedom, to make some statements about his rival for office, Tammy Duckworth.  Tammy Duckworth proudly served her country during our seemingly endless wars in the Eastern Hemisphere.  She was on board a military chopper that was struck by a R.P.G. and then crashed.  After bravely enlisting to serve her country during a time of war.  After serving with honor and distinction.  After being shot out of the sky and having both of her legs amputated, Joe Walsh has the unmitigated gall and near sub-human audacity to say that "she is no hero"

 If what she has gone through already, followed by a brave recovery and THEN by a return to public service does not make this woman a hero, then what in the world does?  Joe Walsh can not properly answer that question because like the majority of tea party candidates.........he never served his nation.  He just expects to take what he wants off the fat of the land while denying the very effort of the citizens who gave him the ability to simultaneously be a coward and expect to be rewarded for it with elected office.

Offensive language by the GOTea?  Yes.   Is it all non-sense without basis in reality?   Yes!  Could they get any worse than that, and how?!?!?!?   Sadly the answer once again is yes.

The tea party Governor of Texas (yes the state that lived in shame for years after calling for the assassination of United States President John F Kennedy until it actually happened, and is now calling for the assassination of President Barack Obama)  has recently stated that if a woman is about to be raped (regardless if age 8 or 80) she should just lay back and enjoy it.  I am not kidding people, that is what he said and that is his attitude.  Like most all of the GOP and the tea party he does not believe there is any such thing as rape.  There is just woman who want to be beaten and sexually attacked because they are too shy to ask for it themselves.

I am sure at this point many of you are remembering my earlier point about health care and bullets to the head.  Once again that was just making a point using the logic (or lack thereof) from the right wing extremists.  I abhor violence and please do not ever mistake or try to twist my meaning to state that I condone it.  I understand that these tea party tools & fools spout rhetoric that is partially designed to infuriate other people, but please don't buy into their madness.

Speaking of fools and madness, it is time to talk about Representative Pridemore, one of the more outspoken tools in the Wisconsin State Assembly.   Rep. Pridemore has similarly taken the very low road of the tea party in regards to the HUMAN RIGHTS of women, these are also the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of women as American citizens.  But the mind of Rep. Pridemore has no more respect for the Constitution of this nation than he has for his own mother.  Along the lines of the hate speech (and intended legislation) of the Texas governor, Rep. Pridemore has publicly stated that if a boyfriend or husband wants to beat his wife or girlfriend, then that women should "close her eyes and take it, just remember the good times together"  Likewise he also thinks that the law regarding such crimes such as rape, child abuse and molestation, are too strict and that they unfairly punish rapists, child rapists and cowards in general who torment and torture the weak and vulnerable.

I stand firmly and wholly against these cowards, these traitors to the Constitution of the United States of America with all of my heart and soul.  I am sickened and offended by the very existence of these horrific individuals, they claim they love 'family values' and they thump the Bible all day long as they call themselves Christians.  But at the end of the day they are terrorists unto the good and decent, law abiding Americans they are supposed to serve and represent.  They have more in common with the supporters of Sharia law in the Arab world than they do with average citizens of western culture's.

But once again even though they try to incite violence and hatred, although it seems that by their very own words they should be dealt with in the manner they would deal with others DO NOT BUY INTO THAT FALSE LOGIC!  These people are savages and brutal cowards but they are still citizens of this country with the right to free speech.  Just like with the westboro baptist church, try to feel pity on these sick and twisted souls.  Resist with all of your might the temptation to drop down to the level they operate at and treat them as they would treat others.  Down that path lies only destruction.

Now I realize that insightful rhetoric will eventually lead people down the wrong path.  I know that they who call for violence will eventually be met with violence.  And although I know that sooner or later that violence will come to pass, I still have feelings of compassion and mercy for everyone involved.  If the hate speech of Rep. Pridemore leads to hatred directed against him than I can only pray that it be minimal.  He will require a long and healthy life to examine his own soul and try to save it from damnation.  Likewise I also feel pity for those who would not heed my words and the words of others and will feel the compulsion to strike out at the hate breeders.

Just like the Capitol Police & Security Department (amongst many others) will allow small acts of violence if they are warranted based on what they call "fighting words" or as I call it hate speech.  I also will take pity on those who are pushed beyond their limits and strike out in a crime of passion.  That is why I am announcing the creation of a legal fund or in other words, a legal defense fund such as our governor has, to help out those who were inflamed to the point of taking unreasonable action based on the unreasoning of others, the very people who are supposed to help remove the violence and threats present in our society.

It will take weeks to create this and begin the funding process, as well as deal with all the paperwork.  But something must be done to protect the citizens who may someday (but hopefully not ever) resort to low and unacceptable behaviour based upon the enticement of others.  I am deeply saddened that our fair state has been reduced to a divided land of brutal words and harsh divisions, but that is what our so called leaders have made for us.  And the people need fair and honest protection in the light of these events should the worst of conclusion ever come to arise.

Please be bigger than this, please be better people and better souls than the Chris Collins and Pridemores of this world.  At the end of the day hate speech may lead to hate, but it is still only words and not proper justification for savage action.  I pray we ALL remain peaceful and await the inevitable swinging of the socio-economic pendulum that will return our society and our societies leadership back towards the middle, towards fairness, balance and equity.    Please fight on you brave and bold badgers, but please REMAIN CALM AND FIGHT ON.  

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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