Monday, July 30, 2012

QUICKLY !!! Somebody grab a fire extinguisher and save his ass!

Interesting day here in Wisconsin, things started out rather slowly news wise for me.  But then as the day wore on some interesting matters where brought to my attention.  The first matter involved Senator Abbie Cornett (GOP, TEA, ALEC) of Nebraska, and her husband Mark Stranglen.  After deciding not to show up for court last week on charges of solicitation of prostitution, which resulted from a FBI investigation into human trafficking and similar matters, Stranglen finally took the advice of his lawyer and appeared in front of the judge to plead guilty today.

At first he tried to state the he is not "the" Mark Stranglen that lives at his home address, and that he is not married to his wife, and he is not the Mark Stranglen from his own mug shot.  Guess what, it didn't work.  Also his wife (allegedly his wife LOL) Senator Cornett stopped dodging questions regarding the matter of whether or not she was a paid lobbyist for ABP.  She was forced to reveal the answer that myself and others have been demanding of her, that she is in fact a highly compensated lobbyist.  The shake up in Alliance for BioTherapeutics was deep and nearly immediate with two of the groups leading figures immediately severing ties with the firm before the official investigations start into the firm's activities.

Such is the reality of the tools & fools of the extreme right wing movement in America today. Speaking of which, the deities that the TEA party and Americans for Prosperity worship, the Koch brothers and ALEC, had their local minions here in Wisconsin busy typing away to present more lies and misinformation to the gullible and emotionally led public that follows them.  They came up with this recently posted article:

Wow, I am not even sure where to start with this piece of garbage.  Likewise, I am not sure just how exactly to start responding to those that compiled and published it.  I am tempted to use terms like Koch-whore, but upon some reflection, that would not be quite fitting.  A prostitute is one who is usually engaged in the business of providing something solid (sex) for money.  Although the little MacIver gang is getting well paid by the corporate right wing machine, they are more or less accustomed to providing the journalistic equivalent off a quicky hand-job while telling the audience they are going around the world.  Such dishonesty I find very distressing.  And so perhaps I should just refer to use as "shills" and "hacks".

The article states right off the bat, that there is "bad blood" between teachers and citizens.  A term reflecting violence, feuding and hatred, the hallmarks of the extreme right wing movement.  Yes there are some negative feelings out there (largely based on mis-information spread by the likes of MacIver) towards teachers and school administration, but you right wingers started it.  Without your self-fulfilling prophecy there was no problem to begin with.

As you read further, there is mention of education costs going up every year.  This is a common right wing extremist tactic used to fool gullible people.  The teachers are NOT personally responsible for costs going up on a annual basis!  The truth is that the population in America is steadily increasing.  Population increase means that there are more children being born.  More children being born means that more children are going to school every year.  More children enrolled in school means there is a need for more teachers, more administration and more buildings to operate in.  That is why costs go up every year in regards to education thou lowly hack!

The article also includes the facetious statement that "more than two thirds of people disrespect union teachers"  Even with your corporate propaganda that number is far, far beyond believable.  But just to be fair, I conducted a "scientific test" or poll rather, of the citizens of Wisconsin.  When questioned about the MacIver Institute, the number of respondents that believe the staff of MacIver is composed "completely by pedophiles and/or child molesters, regardless of registration status as such" has increased from 72% to 78% in the last year.  Amazing!  I came up with the exact figures as the MacIver Institure, so I guess folks don't respect teachers and MacIver is a BUNCH OF DIRTY PEDOPHILES!

 You learn something new every day I guess.  And here I thought MacIver was just some shills and tools abusing their 501 (c) (3) status a non-profit charity.  By the way MacIver, how is the investigation against you, into that 501 status going?

Before I wrap up this post and publish it, I would also like to mention that I have finally heard back from Lou D'abbraccio.  He left something on the comment section of this blog, feel free to check it out if you would like.  He is stating that I am being "libelous" in my reporting of his activities lately.  Well Mr D'abbraccio from Maryland, go ahead and try to sue me.  I would very, very much hope that you try to.

Of course you can't sue me on a contingency basis, as the GOP worked very hard last year to remove the ability to sue people in court unless you can pay thousands in cash up front.  Remember that Lou?  The GOTea party you are so proud of called that "creating jobs."

Meanwhile Lou keep doing the Mike Stranglen thing, keep claiming that your recorded statements are not your statements.  Keep saying that your not tracking down the information your trying to track down and so on.  I have people willing to testify in court if ever need be, not to mention all the documented proof of your involvement in the Racine elections.  But first, you may want to find a fire extinguisher, I do believe your pants are on fire.

So pay those retainers to as many attorneys as there are willing to take your money.  Whatever you do, please don't research the validity of your claims before hand.  Remember facts and laws are part of science, and you and your fellow protesters, stinky and sweaty bunch carrying signs in the hot sun that you are, do not believe in science.  So just shell out that cash and try to get me.  The American patriots like myself do not fear you and your protesting hoodlums.

More on this, the fallacy of returned voter registration postcards in Racine, Wisconsin and more next time folks.  And of course a big cheer for the proud union members of the Green Bay Packers, who play at socialist, tax money entitled Lambeau Field and are hopefully heading for another Super Bowl, Go Pack Go!   Until next time sisters and brothers, solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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