Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wrapping up the week

A rare week in Wisconsin in that things have been rather quiet and uneventful.  Some news from the Democratic Party side of things.  It appears that Rep. Mark Pocan may be the sole Dem in pursuit of the seat given up by Tammy Baldwin.  Rep. Kelda Helen Roys is expected to be dropping out of the race, quite possibly this week.  Rep.Roys is taking a lot of heat for her recent attack ads against Mark Pocan.  This on the heels of stories of Roys falsely declaring herself to be a lesbian at last years Pride Parade in Madison.  The backlash against the tactics she chose to use, after saying she would run a clean campaign, has been very strong.  She is a good person who make a bad choice, and I hope she learns from this and continues to head into the future serving the citizens in the way she traditionally always has until now.

Another schism in the ranks of the Wisconsin Movement seems to have been mended, Senator Tim Cullen who threw a big hissy fit earlier this week and even threatened to leave the party and finish out what is likely to be his last term as an Independent, shook hands and made up with Sen Mark Miller who is now the Senate Majority Leader.  Cullen had been previously upset about the committees he had been assigned to by Miller.

Division is not a problem, and unity is in abundance for the striking workers of the Palermo's Pizza plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  They are sticking to their guns and are gaining national attention this week with a write up in the New York Times.  Hopefully this will help lead to a quick conclusion with the company and will allow its workers to unionize and have a voice about the conditions that they work under.

Hate, fear and violence monger Duane Michalski, who I brought up in a previous posting this week, appears to have gone underground along with his friend Lou D'abbraccio.  They are both closing down Internet accounts and trying to disappear from the mess that they made in the Racine County elections recently.  I would imagine they are both hoping that everyone forgets about them soon in Wisconsin.  Sources tell me we may be seeing some videotape of Michalski in action here very soon though.  Apparently the folks on the extreme edge of the politically right wing just don't have the discipline to prevent emotional outbursts and anger/hate filled activities.

I am sure everyone is aware of the series of gaffes being made by GOTea presidential candidate Willard "Mitt" Romney.  Apparently it took him less than 48 hours to anger the entire English nation during his promotional trip there.  His criticisms apparently don't play very well to the home town crowd.  Next he is off to Israel, where I dread to think, he may express an opinion on how to properly conduct Passover ceremonies.  Perhaps the right wing is starting to wish that Ron Paul had won the nomination instead of Romney?

Speaking of Libertarians, I was googling some of the names above earlier, and ended up being reminded that Paul Driftmier still exists here in Dane County, Wisconsin.  Back in April I wrote a posting on Paul and his cousin Don, who have attended the TEA Party, tax day rallies in Madison.  Paul is a local mouth piece for the Libertarian Party and Don, his cousin, is a minor film producer for extreme right wing causes.

Last year Don was pictured trying to fit into the crowd at the rally wearing some poor fitting blaze orange hunting clothes he must have borrowed thinking that if he showed up in a suit and tie he may be recognized.  His plan to remain anonymous backfired though, mostly due to the large sign he had hanging from his neck with a blatantly racist, anti-Obama slogan on it.  We here in Madison are pretty good at sniffing out racism, especially when you wear it like a badge of honor.

Paul was also mentioned in a posting as at the time, I believed, that he had attended this years much smaller TEA Party rally while carrying a sign saying he was a union steam-fitter, which would have been a false and misleading piece of propaganda.  I was quickly contacted by Paul Driftmier who said that my statements were completely false and misleading themselves.

He cried over and over again that the person with the steam-fitter sign was not him but instead, "an incredible look alike" and that even he "was amazed" by the similarities. I am so glad I take screen shots of everything.   But he doth protested  so loudly that it wasn't him that I agreed to suspend my posting pending further investigation.  He then on his own web pages attacked me saying I had slandered his good name and that of his deceased father.  His late father's fist name is also Don, the same as his cousin.  He used that as an excuse to beg for sympathy from the right wing, when it was completely and perfectly clear that the Don Driftmier I was talking about was his cousin who was at the rally with him.  Dead people don't attend political rallies Paul you fool! I am pretty sure as well, that they dont produce motion pictures.   I also described his cousin Don's activities and film making career, so it was very obvious who I was talking about.  But the desire for pity was too much for Paul who couldn't help himself.

Self pity also may have been the emotionally charged basis for his threatening to sue me for damage to his (good?) name.  He stated that he did not have any money for an attorney to come after me but would attempt it anyway.  Well I still haven't heard from any attorneys working on his behalf, and mine have been just waiting for it, I think they are starting to become bored.  Also, I have to wonder if ol right winger Paul is happy now that Walkers administration passed legislation last year that severely curtails attorneys fee's when suing on a contingency basis?  He is also pretty clueless in regards to the laws that apply to journalists and citizen journalists.

The sad part is that Paul Driftmier is actually one of the smartest members of the extreme right wing movement in Wisconsin. There are actually several causes that him and I agree on completely within the political spectrum.   Sadly though, that only counts for so much.  Paul who demanded that I remove my blog posting, has had it posted on his own websites since April for the whole world to see.  A fool and a tool of the far right. Though not as bad as most of them.   I wonder what pity card he may try to play if and when the story on his family and their role in politics, comes out from the national network that came to me and requested all the information I had on him and his cousin for a story they were working on?

So to wrap things up for this week, although the ugly head of division reared up this week within the Wisconsin Movement, we have already moved beyond it and are still heading forward.  The right wing is still working without a factual basis and is motivated only by emotional rhetoric and greed.  Good news for the Wisconsin Movement, and for America.  Until next time folks, solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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