Saturday, July 14, 2012

Smashing my head on the table, even as I write this.

Hello readers from Madison, Wisconsin a.k.a. ground zero in the fight for liberty and democracy.  My friend and fellow blogger the Root River Siren wrote her wrap up blog on Lou D'abrraccio yesterday and I loved reading it.  I wrote my wrap up on the whole matter of Lou and the tons of shenanigans regarding the recall election in Racine County the other day but it is hard to lay this one to rest folks.  It seems that just when it must be all finished, that something new comes up.  Yesterday it was another Friday news bomb.  We haven't had one in awhile and this one of course is all guessed it.........Lou D'abbraccio again.

The RAPD released its official finding and investigative summaries yesterday and it reads like a classic comedy of errors, one that makes absolute and total fools of certain individuals, including but not limited to:

Michael Ottelien  A Racine area Tea Party nut job and personal lap dog of former (recalled) Senator Van Wanggaard.

Richard Chiapete  The Tea Party member and documented worst driver ever, now the District Attorney for Racine.

Charlie Sykes and Vicki McKenna:  Two radio hosts on the extreme right wing fringe who blindly support anything said by people like Lou D'abbraccio.

The McIver Institute (under investigation for fraud), Wisconsin Reporter, Media TracKKKers  Internet web sites devoted to misleading the people and misrepresenting any fact they can get their little hands on, also support anything at all said by Lou D'abbraccio.

Robin Vos, Jeff Fitzgerald, Van Wanggaard and Scott Suder  Tea Party and ALEC members of the state legislature who also believe and support anything said by our friend Lou.  They have all been screaming themselves silly the last week about voter fraud, but they all have to admit, shamefaced at that, that they have no proof at all and as a matter of fact, actually heard it all from a guy who knows a guy who said he saw wrong doing at the polls.

And of course, the man of the hour, Lou D'abbraccio.

I am dedicating this post to all of the above people, without them I would not have been able to spend today laughing my butt off while simultaneously smashing my head into the table as I write this.

I wont go into all of the details here as that would be redundant as I am publishing the link here to the entirety of the Sheriffs Office report from Racine County.  It details such amusing matters as the initial reports filed by Lou D'abbraccio and Michael Ottolein that initiated the investigation.  This leads to Lou admitting to the police that he broke GAB rules for poll watchers as well as state law.  Lou being rebuked for breaking the law as well as election rules which Lou claims to be protecting.  Lou admitting that he doesn't understand the rules for elections in Wisconsin.  Lou being rebuked again, for not knowing the election laws but trying to enforce ones that he made up on the spot to suit his purpose.

It also reveals that Michael Ottelien is the one who "discovered" the bag of election materials that caused the whole false uproar in the first place.  Mention of, but not the actual photo taken, of Michael Ottelien standing in a garbage dumpster with his prized possession, the "discovered" election materials.  Documentation of materials found including: discarded examples of filled out ballots published by the GAB for election workers reference, some scrap paper, a old McDonald's bag and one empty bottle of Tussinex which is a schedule II controlled substance, namely a narcotic.

The documents speak for themselves here folks.  There is no smoking gun for the Tea Party.  There is no voter fraud.  There is no multiple voting by individuals whatsoever.  There is no fleet of out of state vans travelling through Racine handing out thousands of dollars in cash to give people incentive to vote.  It is all hype.  It is all one lie after another.  It is all a malicious and misleading, expensive and resource wasting tale made up by Lou D'abbraccio and other tools and fools like him.  Employed by corporate money to disrupt the democratic process and mislead the people.  Shame on you Lou for your role in all of this!

Like Kevin Kennedy (Wisconsin Government Accountability Board) said in his letter to Jeff Fitzgerald, rebuking him for wasting time and resources again and again demanding investigations into voter fraud he knows does not exist.  'You know your examples are all false, the only thing you are achieving with these repeated and false accusations, is you are undermining the peoples faith in the election process'

Like I said in my last posting, people like Fitzy, Vos and Suder can play the old Hitler card and repeat the same lie over and over, and hope that people will start to believe it.  But although Vos and Fitzy wish they were Hitler, with Hitlers power of state, they are not.  Sooner or later they have to provide proof of their claims, which they of course cant do.  Hitler couldn't be held accountable for his tales of conspiracies and such, but in America, Vos, Suder, Fitzy and Van Wanggaard, you have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

The people of Wisconsin do not appreciate your creating fake emergencies every time you don't get your way.  We are sick of it and it doesn't work!  Try a new tactic for a change you shameless examples of greed and disgrace.  Leave that tactic to people like Scott Walker and Hitler, they know how to make it work.

Likewise Lou D'abbraccio I would like for you to make a decision.  You have been screaming about preserving the sanctity of our elections for years now, I suggest you actually do that for once.  Stop looking like a fool by attempting to compromise elections in the name of preserving elections.  You are only embarrassing yourself and accomplishing nothing.

There are two types of Tea Party members Lou, and I would like to ask that you decide now on which type you would like to be in the future.  There is the first type of Tea Party member, the mindless middle school drop out that would support a law calling for his own execution if the law was called "The Freedom to Live" bill.  Basically this is what you have been representing so far Lou, people who are proud, damned proud of being ignorant, uneducated and basically just backwards.

Then there is the other type, the ones who realize that the Tea Party has become a total sham, a fraud that works against its members.  These people are waking up and realizing that they have been a shameful participant in a shameless venture.  They are embarrassed by this and seek to improve themselves to help create a better future.

You say you are concerned about Wisconsin elections Lou, then I am extending an offer to you.  Join myself and others in uncovering the real problems in Wisconsin elections.  Black box machines that even Fox news says are corruptable.  The need for hand counted paper ballots in elections.  A return to exit polling and other policies that keep our elections fair and uncompromised.  I hope to hear from you soon Lou.

And to Michael Ottolien as well as the rest of the Racine County GOTea party, lay off the Tussinex.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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