Monday, July 16, 2012

Our enemy is encamped across yonder river....

It's true folks our enemy is camped across the river.  Across the Mississippi River in Minnesota to  be a bit more precise about things.  The enemy is a cheat, the enemy is a liar.  The enemy digs at the very foundation of our democratic society and all the while smiles and whispers soothing words while slowly bringing the dagger closer to the throat for a killing blow.

The enemy is shameless but they are not nameless, our enemy is Command Central, the manufacturer and more importantly the software programmer, for those awful black box voting machines.  Two people are behind Command Central, and they right now are the masters of Wisconsin elections.  They can have anybody win any race, if they have the incentive.  The incentive is financial of course as always.  These people want to become billionaires by becoming the people who sell all of our elections to the highest bidder in the future.

The machines whose very own software, its development people have stated is designed to be compromised.  The machine that FOX News hacked on its own with $36 in gear from the local Radio Shack.  The machines that during the Republican primaries sent the official results to the wrong location where they were altered.  The machines that claimed a very suspicious victory for Scott Walker last month.  The very machines we are looking into now because none of the other poll data is a match for what those machines are claiming.

There is too much evidence now in regards to recent elections and the use of these black box machines.  And so for the sake of the truth, for the sake of democracy, there is now a massive statewide effort to verify the results of the recall election of June 5th.  Even if Scott Walker stays as Governor of Wisconsin (at least until his indictment) we can expose the truth behind what has been altering all of our elections in this nation since 1988.  The introduction of machines coupled with the removal of exit polling has destroyed the integrity of elections in this country.  All other nations in the modern world have tried and discarded these machines with prejudice, decrying them as unfit for honest and democratic elections.  You can help now by volunteering and/or contributing to the cause of investigating how these machines affected election results and having them removed forever from our elections.

We need honest and fair elections in this country for our very survival.  If the people of this nation lose all faith in their ability to decide on their own leadership, then we are doomed to chaos.  Bloody revolution is the only inevitable result from not offering the people a peaceful revolution.  And a revolution is needed in our electoral process.  Democracy is the supposed basis of our nation, the will of the people is the law of the land.  If we can not even fairly elect our representatives, then there can be no guarantee that they will even try to fairly represent us.  Once again a few greedy people are compromising the freedom of all, and I beg you to aid in whatsoever method you can to help us in our effort.

Of course the GOTea is against us because the evidence so far suggests that they tampered with the election.  We have support from about two thirds of the Democrats, many of them though are career politicians who like the idea of being able to control an election.  So you see, no matter what side you are on politically, as a citizen you should be interested in maintaining fair elections.

We also are having trouble with Command Central, they offered a incentive to Country Clerks to send the memory chips back to the company in Minnesota ASAP.  They knew that legally those chips had to stay with the local Clerk of Courts for three weeks.  They also knew they were in a good position to break the law and get away with it.

Now they are demanding $200 per memory chip to return them to Wisconsin for verification.  That is why we are fund raising for this effort as well as looking for volunteers.  There is no oversight of this company whatsoever sadly enough.  They do not have to respond to Open Records requests because they are a private company.  They have nothing to gain by being exposed as frauds so they will do anything they can to destroy those chips before they can be investigated.  Another blogger I recently discovered wrote a series of good pieces on his experience with Command Central.  Here is the link to his latest posting.

Please do whatever you can to support this effort folks.  I don't know how else to explain to you how important this is, especially at this point in time.  A big thank you to the folks who put together the postings, blogs and events that I've included the links to.  And a big thank you from me to all the readers out there, taking the time to stay informed.

I am still waiting to hear back from Lou D'abrraccio on recent election related events.  Maybe I should send him another e-mail and see if he can take a little time to answer questions regarding all these recent events.  And just in case your reading this Lou, your friend Duane Michalski and I had a few words today. You remember him of course, he is the guy that claims there is no such thing as a tax loophole, and that billionaires wouldn't use them if they did exist.

 He threatened some violent acts and all the usual trash he is known for.  Please contact me Lou, I would hate for violent, tax-evading simpletons to do the speaking for you, I know I would not appreciate their representation.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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