Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On second thought.........

Last week I posted on the westboro baptist church members and the plans that they have to come and spread the vile hate that they spew in Madison this coming Friday.  Originally I was dreaming and scheming all kinds of nasty shenanigans to pull on these insane creatures of hate.   But the more I thought about it, the more I felt the best course of action would just be to ignore the little boogers.

They thrive upon and receive much pleasure from infuriating other people.  And as devoted as I am to non-violence I could easily see myself committing some pretty brutal acts against these people.  They love to incite violence and fury, as a matter of fact they have even found ways to profit from it.

And so although I detest what they do and what they stand for, I am reversing my decision to attend their little rally of ugliness and self worship.  Likewise I would encourage others to do the same, we have enough problems to deal with here in Wisconsin without taking on this insanity.  And insanity is the key word here.  These people have been brainwashed for decades and have lost all touch with reality.  Yes they are adults and know right from wrong, but they may have actually lost the ability to deal with that knowledge a long time ago.

And so having stated that I was originally wrong in encouraging others to join me in counter protest of these people,. I will return to posting on the socio-political devastation that is occurring in the badger state.  Regrettably last week when I heard of the westboro church's (no I wont capitalize that) I was temporarily so enraged that in my scheming that  I contacted members of the tea party (who are of course very violent and hateful themselves) and aided them in organizing they're activities against the westboro church.  Oh well at least that anger they have well  be aimed at other hateful people for once.  And in the larger picture, the two sides found something they could agree on, perhaps this will be the beginning of the reuniting of Wisconsin's citizens.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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