Saturday, June 30, 2012

An open records request is itself a open record. Also an open request for help from my readers.

Greetings everybody from lovely and desperate Madison, Wisconsin.  It is a hot and sweltering day here in America's Dairyland, as we are known.  As we all know when temperatures start heating up so do peoples tempers.  There is one individual who seems to just be fuming with rage lately and it is none other than Lou D'abbracio.  You remember our friend Lou I am sure, he is the tea party extremist that brought in other extremists from three different states to Wisconsin to affect the recall and destroy the electoral process.  Apparently this is what passes for patriotism and respect for the law from the right wing extremist movement.

But before I get into all that I am asking for the help of anybody who would like to help uncover this plot to illegally disrupt Wisconsin's elections.  The more and more that I uncover about Lou D'abbraccio and Willard Helander and the groups that aided them in achieving their illegal goals, namely True The Vote and Verify The Vote, the further and further the investigation leads.  It is becoming a bit much for a couple of bloggers and we could use your help in uncovering the whole story.

Fair warning though if you have any information that you would like to send us, please e-mail it to me or send a message through facebook.  Do not post it here as a comment, not unless you want to deal with harassment and death threats from the violent tea party goons that constantly monitor this blog.  My e-mail for this blog is that is the safest way for you to transmit any material that you may have.

Part of the difficulty in uncovering the truth of this story is that of the Racine Republican Party could possibly be aiding these efforts, and in all likelihood the state level party as well.  That means nearly unlimited money and lawyers and goons to cover up their tracks and disrupt any investigation into their activities.  Lou D'abbraccio seems to be a fairly smart man but he is obviously no stellar genius of superhuman proportions.  I am positive that he is getting information and also likely, money from higher up and is the very willing servant of others.  Who is he doing the bidding of?  That is what we are working on discovering right now.

 The  Racine Republican Board contains people like Chair Bill Folk who until recently claimed that there was absolutely no voter fraud at all in his district, and now states the exact opposite.  Nancy Millholand is also there, she is most famous for her involvement with the "knot" hate groups and white supremacists which have been involved in everything from destruction of government property to physical attacks on recall petitioners and have even threatened to go through minority areas of Milwaukee to shoot people of color to keep them from voting.  There is also treasurer Tom Bode, you may remember him from a incident not long ago where he drove his Lexus right at a group of individuals collecting recall signatures seemingly with the intent of creating great bodily harm or death.  Luckily one of the individuals collecting signatures was a retired police officer who documented the attack and reported it to the authorities.  And these are the suit and tie wearing, upstanding citizens of the party.  You can imagine how violent their ground level troops and grunts are so once again-use extreme caution if you would like to aid in this investigation.

There are several very interesting names on the board of the Racine Republican Party and it seems quite possible that at least one or more of them will be uncovered as part of this plot.  The sooner we can discover who, the sooner we can follow the money trail and bring the whole sordid affair into the light of day.

One reader uncovered something of interest and turned it over to me yesterday. It is an open records request from Lou.  I am posting this incredibly humungous, ginormous records request in the hope that somebody out there can help me make sense of it all.  Obviously it centers on the Van Wanggaard recall election in which the republican legislator lost to Mr. Lehman his democratic challenger.  Lou wants to try and create evidence, and most likely falsely at that, so as to block the Wisconsin Senate turnover to the Democratic Party.  Most likely to ban Mark Miller from becoming the Senate Majority Leader which will block the dem's from gaining access to documents that would reveal all of the possibly illegal, and secretive details of the GOTea's gerrymandering and manipulating of the state's redistricting maps before the November general elections.

There are many questions raised by the information that Lou is seeking.  Why does he want a comparable list of voters versus voters who signed recall petitions?  I know the tea party has always stated that only people who support Scott Walker should be allowed to take part in government.  They repeatedly state that only people supporting Walker who refused to sign the petitions are unbiased.  That little bit of stupidity is well known but there may be more here. Possibly it is part of the larger GOTea effort to disenfranchise voters and intimidate people to prevent them from voting in upcoming elections.   Also why is he seeking a list of voters who registered using their Social Security numbers?  I would imagine that the numbers would be redacted by the administration but "accidents" have been known to happen.   Is this a end-around attempt to collect more names and information on people who stand against Scott Walker?  And if so, to what possible end?  With right wing extremists you never know.  They certainly have the audacity to try anything.

I will keep seeking answers and making the results known to you dear readers.  There are some incredibly huge and illegal plots and actions taking place in Wisconsin.  Elections have been tampered with and thrown and the culprits must be uncovered and held responsible for these outrageous crimes.  Any help in achieving those ends would be eternally appreciated.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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