Saturday, June 23, 2012

shameless self promotion

Hey folks just a quick post here for a Saturday morning.  Madison weekly The Isthmus is having its annual readers survey.  All you need is a e-mail address to vote.  There are a ton of categories and the whole thing is kind of fun.  So I have included the link for you folks who may have an interest in having your voice heard.

Myself being the kind of person that I am voted for people and places that have given support to the Wisconsin Movement.  So of course for favorite DJ I voted Nick Nice.  Thing to do in Madison before you die, I typed in "attend solidarity singalong"  Favorite children's clothing store, I typed in "wherever Glen Grothman shops"

Here is the link folks: 

Come to think of it there is a category for favorite blogger...................hey I have a blog!  You could, you know if you wanted to, vote Matthew Schauenburg-hungryguymadison for favorite blog.  I maintain posting to support our movement and struggle and I don't get paid for this, which is fine.  But a little recognition would sure go a long way.  Until next time readers   Solidarity Forever.

On Wisconsin!   FORWARD!!!!

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