Monday, June 25, 2012

More right wing hate..........from out of state.

On Friday the 6th of July in Madison Wisconsin starting at 11:30 a.m. the right wing extremists of the westboro baptist church (intentionally not capitalized)  are bringing the vile and hate filled agenda they worship to the City County building as well as the Capitol.  I will be there along with hundreds if not thousands of others to counter them.

For those of you who may not be aware the westboro  (fake) church is infamous for picketing and screaming at the funerals of our fallen U.S. soldiers as they are laid to rest.  They scream epitaphs to horrible for me to ever repeat at the families of our soldiers and sailors who gave everything for their country.  They particularly target the families and the funerals of fallen veterans who are gay or lesbian.

They are bringing their disgusting message and (less than human?) selves to Wisconsin due to a recent court trial.  A member of the clergy in Wisconsin last year gave a sermon in which he instructed parents of children who might possibly turn out to be gay, to beat and torture the children and try to "drive the gayness out of them"

As you can imagine children were beaten, injured and traumatized for life.  The perpetrator who instructed his followers to do this was of course arrested.  This year he received a fair trial and received what some seem to think is a very light sentence for his crimes.

The westboro fanatics are coming here to demonstrate in favor of the convicted and to call for the beating, raping and killing of all LGBTQ people.  They are a very small and very wealthy group who travel the nation non-stop spouting hate and violence.  If you are in the Madison area I extend my personal welcome to you to show up and join the multitudes who stand opposed to these disgusting people.  We will be having a canned food drive as well as a toy drive for children's charities as well as demonstrating.  The westboro slime have also suggested that they intend to disrupt the Solidarity Singalong (congratulations Singers on Singalong #400 today) as well.

Although we have every intention of remaining peaceful as we always have in Madison, there are some shenanigans planned for the westboro folks.  One idea is to have squirt guns to use on them to represent "the tears of God" with which to douse them.  I have to admit I do kind of like the idea.  There have been counter-protests to these folks before and westboro has pushed some people to violence with the shameless hate that they spew.  Folks who have raised a fist against these people have been sued into the stone age.  westboro is funded by a ubber-wealthy lawyer who intentionally creates violent situations in order to sue and help continue funding their despicable actions.  So if you are attending please remain calm and have no violent intentions.

I look forward to meeting some of my readers I haven't had the pleasure of running into before and hope many of you will attend.  Solidarity forever against westboro and all other deceitful and malevolent right wing extremists!

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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