Monday, January 30, 2012

Another posting from somewhere in rural Wisconsin

Hello folks and thank you once again for taking the time to keep up with my postings here.  I never cease to be amazed by the loyalty and diligence of not just my readers but also, of all those dedicated millions across the badger state opposed to Scott Walker and who support democracy and freedom.

Tomorrow morning at the capitol the legislature will take up a controversial wolf hunting bill, expect lots of resistance to that one.  We are also waiting to hear a decision from the Government Accountability Board regarding whether or not to make public online, the recall petitions.  The Internet has been flooded with postings from the small but ignorantly zealous tools & fools of the tea party regarding what they would like to do with all that personal information on good, democratic, law abiding citizens.  We have seen the slaughter of peoples pet's and hate mail and death threats.

On the good side though all the threats from these idiots has the GAB on the verge of not releasing all the information and making it public.  Once again the stooges on the right are doing are work for us.  We have been fighting for awhile now to keep voter information private with little result.  Now the tea party seems to have handed victory to us in this matter.

And speaking of elections and the GAB and such.......(subtle I am not) is my preliminary platform for my run at the Wisconsin State Assembly.  This is still a work in progress, and a rough one at that, but I will be having some meetings in the next couple of weeks to smooth out the rough edges.

First and foremost of course will be the undoing, as much as possible, of the damage done to the state by the Koch brothers/ALEC legislation enacted through Walker.  I will create and/or support legislation to negate all the union busting, infrastructure weakening, child labor law destruction, ad nauseum legislation that has been rammed through in the last year.  This will also necessarily include restructuring the state tax code and overturn within the state, the Citizens United (corporate personhood) laws.

I vow to end the bogus and unnecessary legislation Walker approved to make it a felony to sign more than once, a recall petition.  If there is a threat of fraudulent petitioning then the need to sign more than once is needed, especially as only one signature will be counted.  I would replace this with a bill that would make it a felony for any state official, whether holding elected office or not, to be involved with election or campaign or voter fraud.  The penalty for this would be no less than ten years imprisonment without parole and a fine of no less than $250,000 which must be paid from the estate of the perpetrator.

I would like to outlaw any proposed legislation to force our public schools to teach any curriculum that is not based in scientific study and fact.

I would remove the school voucher system set up by the radical right and restore full funding to our public school systems.

I would consider making it mandatory that at some point in their high school careers, that all students must take a civics course teaching them how our government works, the exact content and meaning of the state constitution as well as the extreme importance of voting.

Speaking of our state constitution, I will look into the viability of having our elected leaders be held responsible to they're oath to the constitution under penalty of law.  There is absolutely no 'translating' the constitution, it is to be taken literally!

I would support full equal rights for all Wisconsin state citizens as guaranteed under the constitution.

I would restore the state Election Campaign Fund destroyed under Walker.  All future elections would receive all funding through this system and all candidates will share equally in those resources to run they're campaigns.  No more out of state money for in state elections and total transparency.

I would end our practice of electing partisan supreme court justices.  They would instead be nominated by the office of the governor from a list supplied to the governors office by a group of their peers.

Hopefully in my next posting (barring any unforeseen events) I will explain why I am running for office as well as my reasoning and moral reasons for doing so and explain how that ties into what I hope to accomplish while in office.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm sorry......were out of pie

I am so bummed out right now folks, I promised you pie and now I cant come through with it.  I was looking forward to it myself, then again in retrospect I suppose it would have been just another nail in a coffin already full of nails for the GOP.  Perhaps I should back up a little bit here, earlier this week some of our folks were at the Inn On the Park at night for a cocktail.  The Inn is located across the street from the state capitol building in Madison.  Robin Vos, Mike Ellis and some other GOTea legislators were sitting at the bar and plowing through drinks and starting to talk rather loudly in regards to current events.

They discussed the school voucher system and how they were going to use that to promote spending of tax money to fund private schools for rich, white children at the expense of the rest of the state's education system.  Ellis even referred to one school as a 'sewer' based on some past issue's and where the school would be in a couple of years under the new Walker anti-education system.

They also discussed what was apparently a pay to play, legislation for hookers deal.  They referred to the sex workers as 'pie' and I was really looking forward to release of the video to the mainstream media.  Well very long story short for various reasons it was decided to release a portion of the video relating to the school voucher system but not the rest of it.  In all honesty it does not make a whole lot of sense to myself either.  At least public apologies had to be made to the schools.  Still confusing though.

Then again we have the GOP on election fraud, voter fraud, gerrymandering and tons of other activity and all of it is either illegal, immoral or unconstitutional.  So I wont get too bent out of shape for not being able to out them on yet another sex scandal.  Heck the Wisconsin GOP has been committing so many heinous acts this year that another sex scandal might not be all that big a deal really.

Speaking of which the GOP this week was busy at the capitol with a highly controversial piece of mining legislation.  Apparently they have a piece of legislation that allows for open pit mining to be approved without any oversight in regards to environmental impact or damage.  This legislation allows a private company to come into Wisconsin, conduct themselves in any way they see fit.  Destroy or damage the land as much as they deem necessary in the pursuit of profits.  Send those profits out of state and leave Wisconsin by itself when it comes time to deal with the environmental impact and the cost of clean-up and repair.  As well as the cost of dealing with what looks rather likely to be a public health crisis for years to come.

In other words a big win-win for one foreign company and the GOTea traitors in the state legislature that they bought.  A big lose-lose for the state of Wisconsin, and likely to the tune of billions and billions of dollars before the whole mess is over with.  In typical right wing fashion the legislation was admitted, apparently out of the blue, without it being authored or sponsored.  Like it was just magically created by some fairies who work for the mining company who then just dropped it off at the capitol for the conservatives to ram through as law.

So now the doors are wide open for the state of Wisconsin to be raped by outside financial interests, with no liability whatsoever.  That is the new precedent they have struck here in the badger state.  And to make matters even worse they are encouraging this outside conglomerate to not only do this in Wisconsin, but on tribal land in Wisconsin.  That is right folks the rich white conservatives gave other rich white conservatives the okay to infringe on "a sovereign nation"  The federal government is now racing into action against this legislation and I am pretty sure it will not stand.  Regardless though it goes to show that the GOTea will let nothing get in the way of their pursuit of personal gain, not laws-state or federal.  Not decency or respect or integrity or concern for the future.  Heck they seem to be proud of public acts of racism and hatred, of acting outside the laws of man and God with impunity.

The GOTea is all about one thing and that is the total destruction of Wisconsin, and then the rest of America for thirty pieces of silver. Profit over all with no concern for they're own children let alone the lives of other citizens.  If it is at all possible, if I am elected to office, if I can get enough support I will do everything in my power to promote laws that will dis-allow these enemies of the state.  These home-grown traitors, these domestic terrorists, and allow them to be stripped of all that they own, the money to go into clean-up and general usage funding for the state.  Then the traitors themselves should be imprisoned without possibility of parole and/or be turned over to the federal government for high crimes that may require execution in the penalty phase.

To undo stupid laws like those just rushed through by Scott Walker which threaten ordinary citizens with felony charges for signing constitutionally protected recall petition.  And instead replace it with laws that would make tampering with, undo influence and or fraud against elections or the electorate, a felony with massive penalties.  Including but not limited to - 10 years in prison, minimum without parole and a fine of no less than $250,000 which must come completely from the holdings and/or estate of the perpetrator.  Also disbarring of attorneys involved and other penalties that would help to protect the freedom and democracy that we hold dear.  If the elections are taken away from the people then there is no Wisconsin, there is no America.  And destruction of America based on principles of hatred is terrorism and must be treated as such.

We must fight these evil influences, these haters of America and the constitution, these terrorists who would destroy us by any means necessary, and with extreme prejudice.  If your with me on this I am still looking throughout the month of February for some volunteer campaign staff, contact me through the comments here or on Facebook if you are interested.  Thank you and solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Posting # 240

entry number 240, nearly an entire year since the beginning of the Walker regime.  So much has happened that sometimes it just seems impossible that all that has occurred is even real at all.  Protests, treachery and violence, organizers and activists, meetings and agendas.  Media relations and celebrities, speeches and rants and rhetoric.   And above all hope.........hope that we will reclaim Wisconsin and return it to its former glory and inherent goodness.

And this week has been the same as the last 49 of them.  Two more arrests this week of Walker staff members. Huge protests against the horrific and very illegal proposed mining project in northern Wisconsin.  The governors state of the state address, and the boos from the gallery.  Video tape exposed of drunken GOP legislators discussing the plan to destroy the states schools and force minorities back into the stone age.  And bigger than that, video of the GOP legislators describing a 'pay to play' scandal.  More specifically Robin Vos and Mike Ellis caught on tape discussing the hookers or"PIE" that they were given in exchange for pushing certain bills through the legislature.

I will be writing my butt off all weekend about all this and more to catch all my readers up on what has been happening in Madison this week.  And what a chaotic week it has been.  But for now I would just like to say that I believe my computer problems have all been solved so I will be able to post to you this weekend about everything going on.  And I am happy (in an angst-ridden way) to report that on Wednesday I signed the paperwork and completed the forms with the Government Accountability Board and I am now a candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly representing my beloved Madison, particularly the working class East Side.  Quite the year indeed it has been.

I am looking for some help here in Madison with my campaign.  If you live in the area and would be interested in volunteering a little bit of time I could use:

A treasurer, probably one to three hours per week.

A campaign manager and/or media representative, about four to ten hours per week

Also some folks who can put in a little time helping me with webpage creation and networking.

Until later this weekend my sisters and brothers, keep up the fight for freedom and solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello winter and goodbye Walker

Very short post here today readers, I am having some computer troubles so this needs to be brief today.  Like the title said, winter has come to Wisconsin.  Snow on the ground and more falling down, overnight temperatures are below zero.  Perfect weather in the badger state.

Still waiting for the next round of shenanigans as the right wingers try to violate the constitution and the voting process and derail the recall effort.  Still kind of laying low and watching everything around Madison from the edge, I am still readjusting to being back in Madison after being on the road with the recall effort.

Perfect foggy and snowy weather though to walk the streets and consider how much has happened in Wisconsin in the last year.  Reflect on how much has happened to me in the last year, and trying to come to grips with all the unforeseen changes in my life and the weird direction it has taken me in.

I will be back in a day or two with my usual postings.  Enjoy some good old fashioned Wisconsin protest weather and keep the faith brothers and sisters.  And remember that vigilance is the price of freedom, keep an eye on those GOP bastiches.

On Wisconsin1    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And finally.........the winter of our content (contentment?) hmmmm

Greetings from wonderful and glorious Madison, Wisconsin.  The temperature is a cheery 16 degree's as I write this and everywhere are people still in the streets, celebrating the wonderful news regarding the petitions to recall Scott Walker.  As I am sure you have heard over a million signatures were turned in to the GAB yesterday.  Over 850,000 against Kleefisch.  The folks who have worked so hard to gather the signatures and multitudes of supporters could be found from the RecallHQ to the capitol building, down  East Washington avenue to the GAB office.  From State Street down to Lake Monona and the Monona Terrace ballroom.

People were celebrating all over the recall of not just Scott Walker and the lieutenant governor, but of four other neo-conservative radical legislators as well.  Including one very special legislator, house majority speaker Scott Fitzgerald.  We went after six of them and we got six of them set up for recall elections.  Democracy in action and it was achieved through peaceful, thoughtful and dedicated effort, on the parts of thousands and thousands of Wisconsinites. Even today, twenty four hours later the energy is still filling the air across Wisconsin.

John  Nichols, Ed Schultz and others were on hand as well, local celebrities and political figures and throngs of citizens filled the street to witness history in the making.  It was another huge turn-out and celebration of the democracy loving citizens of the badger state. This is:

Only the third recall ever of a seated governor in American history.

The largest per capita percentage to sign and initiate a recall in American history.

May possibly be the largest ever voter turn out in Wisconsin's history.

And hopefully it will be the end, here in Wisconsin, of corporate money dominating people and it will spread across these United States and join with our sisters and brothers in Europe and across to the pro-domocracy/pro-humanity movements in the Middle East.  Last year was the year of the protester, the year of active involvement in democracy.  And now in Wisconsin we are seeing the beginning of the fruits of our labors this far.  The people are becoming active and aware and they are fighting to take back there government and future.

There is still very much to do to correct the damage done to Wisconsin, but we are on our way.  Keep up the momentum and keep up the fight folks.  We have completely dominated going into the recall elections and we did it the right way, peacefully and legally.  We displayed a patience and a combined focus on the parts of hundreds of thousands of people to achieve this.  The light has returned to the end of the tunnel I am proud to say.

It is good to be back in Madison again.  It is good to reconnect with all my sister and brothers in 'Our House' the Capitol building.  It is good to sing-along with friends again around the rotunda and it is best of all to see everyone happy and laughing again.  Firmly knowing that a better day, a Wisconsin spring is coming.  One that wont include Scott Walker.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Congratulations and now........I'm gonna piddle on your parade.

A truly historic and awe filled day here in the badger state.  Today here in Wisconsin we started wrapping up the recall effort against fraudulently elected, anti-American governor Scott Walker and five of his cronies.  I am pleased and proud to say that we have exceeded the numbers by far, that we needed, in the recall of all six of the GOTea members that we went after.

Scott Fitzgerald who went from old school fiscal conservative to all out far right wing extremist nut job in the course of a year was the last one we needed, and around ten thirty this morning, just ahead of deadline, it was announced that he is being recalled too.  There is still a day or so left and there are still volunteers out in the field collecting more signatures to help give us a buffer zone, but we have the numbers.

For only the third time in American history we are about to recall a sitting governor.  Congratulations badgers you have come so far since last February in the fight against the weasels that sought to immorally and illegally change the very nature of the great state of Wisconsin and destroy the American ideal as well.  I am awe struck and so very proud of everyone who has gotten us to this point so far.

Please pat yourselves on the back and enjoy the weekend.  Celebrate with family and friends, have a beer and enjoy the Green Bay Packers game on Sunday.  Revel in the glory that you all have come together to create and bask in its warm glow.

Because starting Monday all hell is going to break lose in Wisconsin.  Republicans, Tea Party officials and representatives from ALEC and the Koch brothers are meeting over the weekend with judges from Waukesha (judges loyal to ALEC and no law of man or God) to sabotage and destroy the recall elections.  They are working on everything from ballot counting softwaremanipulation to allowing Tea Party access to the personal information of all signers of the recall petitions.

They are working on through illegal manipulation of the justice system and other means.  UnitedWisconsin which organized the recall efforts will be transporting the boxes and boxes of recall petitions to the new GAB high security sight for verification and processing, and the tea party will be planning on intercepting them if they feel it is possible to destroy the petitions.  I have been contacted by people we have planted inside the Tea party as well as by members of the Democrat party in regards to this.  We don't know exactly what to expect yet, but be sure that it will be violent and reckless.

We need volunteers, lots and lots of volunteers to meet on the west side of Madison to protect the petitions as they are transported three blocks to the new and supposedly highly secure recall verification site.  I am told that it is strongly electronically monitored and will have police officers there as well.  That still wouldn't stop a plant from the republican party from torching the building from the inside though.

Sorry to piddle on your parade but these are very important times.  Important to the majority of citizens who want the removal of Walker from Wisconsin.  And very important to the violent and radical members of the far right who will seek to sabotage the recall at any cost.  Just maybe concealed carry laws newly enacted in Wisconsin will work in the favor of the anti-Walker majority this time.  Hopefully though, I don't believe it will come down to that but we must be prepared for the worst.

Contact me through the comment section of this blog or on FaceBook if you can help us out on Tuesday, we really need as many people as possible there.  If nothing else come down and witness history in the making folks, you most likely wont see this again in your time.

There is also the possibility that Walker will be arrested by the FBI before a recall election can take place and that would destroy all that we have worked for and achieved thus far.  There is also the possibility of the Koch brothers telling (paying) Walker to abdicate his office before the recall election which would also nullify a recall election.  Things are still very complicated and very hard to predict.  There is no way to accurately forecast how things will all work out in the end.  There is still much to fear.  Told you I was going to rain down on your parade.

Don't get me wrong though, so much has been achieved and I believe that somewhere down the long and convoluted path that we have been set on, that we will win.  We will be victorious and we will retake Wisconsin in the name of its citizenry.  We will be the tipping point that brings to an end the horrific and extremist neo-conservative, anti-human movement that began and will end in Wisconsin.  We are the alpha and the omega and we will protect the Wisconsin ideal and the American dream for ourselves and our posterity.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The wreck of the brothers Fitzgerald

Quick post here folks, actually a call for help.  All across Wisconsin we have gathered a multitude of signatures against Walker and Kleefisch.  We have the numbers for a recall of the GOTea senators as well.  The only area where we are short is in the 13th district which is the lair of the corrupt Scott Fitzgerald.  We need all the volunteers we can get to the 13th between now and next Monday night.  We are less than 800 signatures away from recalling Fitz.
Please help us reclaim Wisconsin and recall Fitzgerald!  We have more than enough signatures to recall Walker and Kleefisch by hundreds of thousands.  We need you all to turn your efforts to helping us with Fitzy.  Every single volunteer has the potential to be the person who creates history at this all important time.

Sisters and brothers across the badger state, children of LaFollette please help us in this all important effort.  Do it for the good karma.  Do it for yourselves and your children.  Do it for Wisconsin.  Solidarity forever.  Lets wreck the brothers Fitzgerald!

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

When the going gets ugly, the ugly turn pro.

Not just the title of this blog posting "when the going gets ugly, the ugly turn pro" is also going to be the slogan for my campaign for Wisconsin state assembly in 2012.  And life has certainly gotten rather ugly here in the badger state over the last year.  Later this week we will be turning in somewhere in the neighborhood of 900,000 signatures to trigger the recall election of GOP/tea party radicals Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch.

The excitement is thick in the air about the recalls, not just of the governor and his sidekick, but of other right wing radicals from the state legislature as well.  These are some interesting times or should I say, some very ugly times.  And that brings me back to my campaign slogan.

I have mentioned before my intent to run for assembly and next week I will be returning to Madison to monitor events around the capitol and file my paperwork with the Government Accountability Board.  Hopefully they will have a few minutes to hand me the paperwork I need to run as they will be swamped with recall signatures to verify as well as dealing with the ongoing dirty tricks and shenanigans from the republicans.  This is hilarious folks, check this out.  A few weeks ago  multiple right wing groups put out a mass call to write in fake names on the recall petitions.  They even suggested writing in names like Adolph Hitler and Mickey Mouse.  Then they launched a legal suit against the GAB stating that the fake names that they themselves put on the petitions had to be legally challenged.  This was in an effort to slow down the recall process so they have more time for out of state money to flow into Walkers campaign coffers.

They chose to have this go to court in Waukesha (Walkershaw) county which is a far right wing stronghold here in Wisconsin.  So of course they won that suit, although it seems that even the right wing judges there don't come cheap, even if your on the same team.  So much for GOP wanting less government involvement and being worried about wasting tax payer money.

So yes things are quite ugly here right now, which is why I feel compelled to run for office, to speed up the process of correcting all the damage done by Walker and his cronies (more of which were arrested last week for embezzling money from veterans groups as well as child enticement and molestation charges, so much for 'family values' as well) here in Wisconsin.

Although I have never held office before I feel that the fact that I haven't, is one of my strengths in the upcoming election.  People are sick of the career politicians from both parties with they're hands perpetually in the corporate cookie jar.  It is time for people to be more active in democracy and play a much more aggressive role in protecting our freedoms and the American dream.

That is why I am willing to deal with being stuck behind a desk as a state representative, listening to self serving and greedy individuals day in and day out.  Corporate shills and lying politicians repeating dogma and false rhetoric to me over and over again.  Endless hours spent in pointless meetings and committee's until my eye balls are bleeding and my soul is being crushed.

Why would I do this, when I would rather be working out in the fresh air and sun light with a wrench in my hand doing something constructive?  Because elected office is of incredible importance due to the incredible power that comes with that office.  And who are you going to trust with power?

Somebody who craves power?  Somebody that lives to be a career politician and spends all their time working for corporate interests and following personal agenda's?  Or would you trust that power with someone that almost has to be dragged kicking and screaming into political office?  Somebody who is going to live in fear of making a mistake, of not properly representing the citizens who have entrusted that individual to look out for their best interests and the interests of generations to come?

When it comes to handing power over to individuals the best person for the job is the one who wants it the least.  Heck to hold high office there maybe shouldn't even be an election, something more along the lines of a military type draft might be a better idea.

But anyway folks that is why I am running and I would sure appreciate your support.  Schauenburg in 2012 because 'when the going gets ugly the ugly turn pro' and at least with me the exterior ugliness is not matched by greed and ugliness on the inside.  We have been seeing way too much of that in politics here lately.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Statement, explanation, apology and conclusion..

So I made an error earlier today while working the recall election of Scott Walker here in southern Wisconsin. For the second time I had somebody sign the recall petition against Walker but they walked away from me without also signing the equally important petition to recall lieutenant governor Kleefisch.  The fact of the matter is that the two are pretty much interchangeable.  They both are tools of ALEC which is funded by the Koch brothers from the east coast.

The aim of the Kochs and ALEC, is to turn America into a nation of serfs, in perpetual servitude to corporate power.  98% serfs or slaves if you will, with a 1% governing/technician class and with a ruling 1% elite that does nothing but reign as petty tyrants over all.  If we get rid of Walker and leave Kleefisch in office we have gained nothing, as she will pick right up, taking her cue's from ALEC, where Walker leaves off if recalled.

So they both have to go  for the good of Wisconsin and America.  Everybody knows Walker and the majority of folks in Wisconsin want him gone.  With Kleefisch there is a little less name recognition, plus she is female, and a small percentage of folks (all male) are hesitant to sign the recall against her.  It doesn't help that she used to be fairly attractive back in the day.  All of her publicity photo's are at least a decade old if that helps to explain things.

About an hour after the one signer left without signing both recall petitions, another one tried to do the same and I called him out on it.  I tried explaining to him the situation, in the same way I described it in the above paragraph.  The middle aged male was still kind of hesitant, then it dawned on me!  My explanation was all wrong in its use of symbolism.  I then described the situation to him in a way that any good Wisconsin citizen can easily understand.

I told him that the Koch brothers are like Mike McCarthy who is the coach of the champion football team the Green Bay Packers.  Scott Walker is like the team's star quarterback and on field leader Aaron Rodgers.  Rebecca Kleefisch is like the back up quarterback to Aaron Rodgers, who is Matt Flynn.

Last week the Packers played the last game of the regular season, and having already won a spot in the play-offs, decided not to use Aaron Rodgers for that one game so as to avoid having him get hurt before the playoffs.  So they put #2 Matt Flynn in the game.  Flynn went on to win the game even though he is just a back up or bench warmer that many people were not familiar with.  As a matter of fact, the back up broke all time records left and right during the game and made himself a star.

I told the petition signer that it does no good to remove Walker and leave Kleefisch in office, as we will still get stomped on by the radical right wing.  Just like Green Bay without Aaron Rodgers still stomped on the Detroit Lions without Rodgers.

He understood that, I believe I actually saw a light come into his eye's and he signed both petitions.  This is very important as we are heading into the last week to collect signatures for the recall election.  So use this analogy if you have to while collecting signatures my fellow Wisconsinite's.

I would like to apologize now for making the comparison of a super-wicked psycho villain such as Walker, with a heroic and beloved figure like Aaron Rodgers.  But now is not the time to piddle around and play light weight games in Wisconsin.  We need to keep on fighting for our state and our freedom, for truth and for justice while we can.  They are not taking prisoners and neither are we.  Keep up the fight sisters and brothers and solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bald eagle's are a federally protected species Scott Walker!

Greetings everybody, it has been a very interesting day here in Wisconsin.  The temperature in the capitol of Madison today hit 51 degrees Fahrenheit.  A record high for this day and far, far warmer than anything we are used to at this time of year.

Is the high temperature merely a fickle and random event of nature?  Is it proof of global temperature change as a result of human interference with nature?  Maybe its heat coming off of Scott Walker, heat of the legal kind that is.

As I have mentioned before in my postings here, Scott Walker lies at the epicenter of the largest and longest federal 'John Doe' investigation in history.  It all began when Walker was the Milwaukee County Executive and his staff was conducting illegal campaign actions for the future governor.  And the trail of illegal behaviour followed the certifiably psychopathic Walker all the way to the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Time and again arrests have been made uncovering the wrong doing of the radical conservative Walker.  Time and again persons close to the governor have turned witness against the Walker campaign and his current regime.  Today three more felony charges were levelled against his hand picked staff.  A long time staffer and 'close personal friend' of Walker, in the governor's words, was charged with stealing tens of thousands of dollars of money from charities.  The money was supposed to go to helping disabled veterans of the United States Armed Forces.  Some of the money was ear-marked to aid the families of service member's who died in combat, making the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

The money instead went to provide luxury vacations, pay off personal loans, and shopping spree's for Walkers close personal friend.  To make matters worse, far, far worse, the long time partner of the suspect was arrested today on felony charges of child enticement.  We see this happening over and over again to the point where it is totally predictable.  Any conservative who claims to represent 'family value's' is ultimately exposed as a child molester, a rapist, or at the very least an adulterer.

First Walker uses tax money to surround himself with Wackenhutt private security guards who throw parties (video on youtube) in which they funnel vodka into each others butts and other highly questionable actions.  Now the governor has a child molester as a close personal friend.  What next?  Does Walker rape a bald eagle in public????  Is there no limit to what levels of depravity the neo-conservatives will sink?

The mere fact that Walker has (as revealed by the federal investigation) surrounded himself, with a hand picked staff of tax cheats, people charged with fraud, people investigated for violent assault, embezzlement and now molestation, is this not all the proof needed that at the very least, the very least, he is not fit to lead?

Let us re-double our efforts Wisconsin citizens, let us gather 1,000,000 signatures to recall Scott Walker.  Recall him with extreme prejudice!  Wisconsin deserves so much better than this.  The citizens of the badger state deserve so much better than this.  And as mentioned before, I believe the best candidate for the job is Mahlon Mitchell.  He is not a rich white career politician.  He is a proven leader and hero, a firefighter who has routinely risked his life and well being for the sake of the lives and safety of our citizens.  He is a wonderful person and the wonderful citizens of Wisconsin deserve no less than that.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And the nomination goes to...........

Hey folks, hope everybody out there had a joyous holiday season, whichever holiday or days you celebrate.  Winter is settling in over Madison and the rest of Wisconsin.  The Solidarity Sing-Along is continuing along as strong as ever, every weekday at the Capitol building.  Except for Thursdays of course when they sing twice a day, inside at noon and outside at 4:30 p.m. when we are joined by educators and others who due to their schedules otherwise couldn't attend.

Our tea party representative John, who also calls himself 'Pigman' has been getting a little weirder it seems at the Sing-Alongs.  Twice now recently he has put his hands on people inside the capitol.  He still screams for the police to arrest all liberal babies and children.  I am starting to wonder if he is going to actually get violent.  The right wing is of course known for the violence that they demonstrate against women and children inside the capitol building.   Even neo-con police officer Maele has been edgy lately, hopefully the right wingers will be content to rant and rave though.  I would hate to imagine myself having to restrain Pigman from throwing somebodies child over the rotunda railing, as officer Maele tries to crack my head in with a billy club for interfering in what he would possibly conceive to be the Lords work.  Such strange times here in the formerly decent state of Wisconsin.  Makes one wonder what could possibly happen next.

One thing that I know for sure will be happening in the near future, is the turning in of the recall petitions to the Government Accountability Office.  The only question is how many signatures will we have?  At least 700,000 that I know of but possibly as many as a million.

And with the following recall election in mind, people keep asking me who is going to run against Walker?  And is Walker actually going to run again, even after a clear showing of voter intent from the recall petitions?  The answer is yes Walker will run again, he is a psychopath and will run to his parties detriment before ever considering not allowing his ego to manifest itself in that way.

Which brings up the other question, who will run against Walker?  Well there is a short list of candidates who are testing the waters right now.  Cullen is a democrat and a very unlikely one, he is almost interchangeable with the republicans and would not have strong support.  Plus he would be despised if he himself tried to force a primary amongst the dem's.  Jon Erpenbach is a very viable contender from the democrat side of things and has the charisma, the intelligence and the name recognition after leading the 'fab 14' to Illinois to try and stall Walkers agenda earlier this year.

Retired democrat David Obey is also a good man, and he has been looking into coming out of retirement to throw his hat in the ring.  Somehow I don't think he is going to do that now, this would not be the best election for another 'rich, white, career politician' to try and run.

Which leaves the person that I consider the strongest candidate and also the one that I am fully standing behind.  This candidate is a person of undisputed bravery, intelligence, charisma and has strong proven leadership abilities, and he is a hero.  I am speaking of none other than Mahlon Mitchell, who is currently the head of the Wisconsin State Firefighters Union.  Mahlon is young (in his thirties) he is not rich, not white and has never held political office.  He has name and face recognition and he is of strong character and virtue with strong public speaking skills.

As a firefighter who started at the bottom and worked his way up to Assistant Chief, Chief and now head of the Union, he is a proven go-getter.  Also as a firefighter he has shown, time and again, the bravery to charge into burning buildings, risking his own life, to save others.  I have no doubt that he is more than up to the task of whipping on the GOP and working as fast as possible, to undo the terrible damage that Walker and his cronies have done to the badger state.

As a African American and a firefighter, he will bring in the very important minority and women's vote in the state of Wisconsin.  He will have the support of the unions both public and private across Wisconsin.  He will be a fresh person with fresh idea's.  And from what I know he would most likely run as an independent.  Which means that the democrats will have to support him to defeat Walker and , once elected, Mitchell would not turn into another sit around and talk about things kind of official, instead of a get it done and get it done now type of leader.  Which is exactly what Wisconsin needs right now and into the foreseeable future.  He definitely has my support and I intend to push for his candidacy from now on.

Keep up the good work out there, all of you brave and dedicated folks working the recall effort across the state.  One more week after this one, and we can all take a quick break from our extended efforts before returning to vigilance against the fraud and other cheap tricks that will surely come from the political right wing extremists.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!   FORWARD!!!!