Monday, January 9, 2012

When the going gets ugly, the ugly turn pro.

Not just the title of this blog posting "when the going gets ugly, the ugly turn pro" is also going to be the slogan for my campaign for Wisconsin state assembly in 2012.  And life has certainly gotten rather ugly here in the badger state over the last year.  Later this week we will be turning in somewhere in the neighborhood of 900,000 signatures to trigger the recall election of GOP/tea party radicals Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch.

The excitement is thick in the air about the recalls, not just of the governor and his sidekick, but of other right wing radicals from the state legislature as well.  These are some interesting times or should I say, some very ugly times.  And that brings me back to my campaign slogan.

I have mentioned before my intent to run for assembly and next week I will be returning to Madison to monitor events around the capitol and file my paperwork with the Government Accountability Board.  Hopefully they will have a few minutes to hand me the paperwork I need to run as they will be swamped with recall signatures to verify as well as dealing with the ongoing dirty tricks and shenanigans from the republicans.  This is hilarious folks, check this out.  A few weeks ago  multiple right wing groups put out a mass call to write in fake names on the recall petitions.  They even suggested writing in names like Adolph Hitler and Mickey Mouse.  Then they launched a legal suit against the GAB stating that the fake names that they themselves put on the petitions had to be legally challenged.  This was in an effort to slow down the recall process so they have more time for out of state money to flow into Walkers campaign coffers.

They chose to have this go to court in Waukesha (Walkershaw) county which is a far right wing stronghold here in Wisconsin.  So of course they won that suit, although it seems that even the right wing judges there don't come cheap, even if your on the same team.  So much for GOP wanting less government involvement and being worried about wasting tax payer money.

So yes things are quite ugly here right now, which is why I feel compelled to run for office, to speed up the process of correcting all the damage done by Walker and his cronies (more of which were arrested last week for embezzling money from veterans groups as well as child enticement and molestation charges, so much for 'family values' as well) here in Wisconsin.

Although I have never held office before I feel that the fact that I haven't, is one of my strengths in the upcoming election.  People are sick of the career politicians from both parties with they're hands perpetually in the corporate cookie jar.  It is time for people to be more active in democracy and play a much more aggressive role in protecting our freedoms and the American dream.

That is why I am willing to deal with being stuck behind a desk as a state representative, listening to self serving and greedy individuals day in and day out.  Corporate shills and lying politicians repeating dogma and false rhetoric to me over and over again.  Endless hours spent in pointless meetings and committee's until my eye balls are bleeding and my soul is being crushed.

Why would I do this, when I would rather be working out in the fresh air and sun light with a wrench in my hand doing something constructive?  Because elected office is of incredible importance due to the incredible power that comes with that office.  And who are you going to trust with power?

Somebody who craves power?  Somebody that lives to be a career politician and spends all their time working for corporate interests and following personal agenda's?  Or would you trust that power with someone that almost has to be dragged kicking and screaming into political office?  Somebody who is going to live in fear of making a mistake, of not properly representing the citizens who have entrusted that individual to look out for their best interests and the interests of generations to come?

When it comes to handing power over to individuals the best person for the job is the one who wants it the least.  Heck to hold high office there maybe shouldn't even be an election, something more along the lines of a military type draft might be a better idea.

But anyway folks that is why I am running and I would sure appreciate your support.  Schauenburg in 2012 because 'when the going gets ugly the ugly turn pro' and at least with me the exterior ugliness is not matched by greed and ugliness on the inside.  We have been seeing way too much of that in politics here lately.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


KevinKratsch said...

Matthew, Ty for your commitment to public service,to WI and we are behind you.
Kevin R Kratsch Oshkosh

Anonymous said...

What district will you be running in and where can we send our support?