Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And the nomination goes to...........

Hey folks, hope everybody out there had a joyous holiday season, whichever holiday or days you celebrate.  Winter is settling in over Madison and the rest of Wisconsin.  The Solidarity Sing-Along is continuing along as strong as ever, every weekday at the Capitol building.  Except for Thursdays of course when they sing twice a day, inside at noon and outside at 4:30 p.m. when we are joined by educators and others who due to their schedules otherwise couldn't attend.

Our tea party representative John, who also calls himself 'Pigman' has been getting a little weirder it seems at the Sing-Alongs.  Twice now recently he has put his hands on people inside the capitol.  He still screams for the police to arrest all liberal babies and children.  I am starting to wonder if he is going to actually get violent.  The right wing is of course known for the violence that they demonstrate against women and children inside the capitol building.   Even neo-con police officer Maele has been edgy lately, hopefully the right wingers will be content to rant and rave though.  I would hate to imagine myself having to restrain Pigman from throwing somebodies child over the rotunda railing, as officer Maele tries to crack my head in with a billy club for interfering in what he would possibly conceive to be the Lords work.  Such strange times here in the formerly decent state of Wisconsin.  Makes one wonder what could possibly happen next.

One thing that I know for sure will be happening in the near future, is the turning in of the recall petitions to the Government Accountability Office.  The only question is how many signatures will we have?  At least 700,000 that I know of but possibly as many as a million.

And with the following recall election in mind, people keep asking me who is going to run against Walker?  And is Walker actually going to run again, even after a clear showing of voter intent from the recall petitions?  The answer is yes Walker will run again, he is a psychopath and will run to his parties detriment before ever considering not allowing his ego to manifest itself in that way.

Which brings up the other question, who will run against Walker?  Well there is a short list of candidates who are testing the waters right now.  Cullen is a democrat and a very unlikely one, he is almost interchangeable with the republicans and would not have strong support.  Plus he would be despised if he himself tried to force a primary amongst the dem's.  Jon Erpenbach is a very viable contender from the democrat side of things and has the charisma, the intelligence and the name recognition after leading the 'fab 14' to Illinois to try and stall Walkers agenda earlier this year.

Retired democrat David Obey is also a good man, and he has been looking into coming out of retirement to throw his hat in the ring.  Somehow I don't think he is going to do that now, this would not be the best election for another 'rich, white, career politician' to try and run.

Which leaves the person that I consider the strongest candidate and also the one that I am fully standing behind.  This candidate is a person of undisputed bravery, intelligence, charisma and has strong proven leadership abilities, and he is a hero.  I am speaking of none other than Mahlon Mitchell, who is currently the head of the Wisconsin State Firefighters Union.  Mahlon is young (in his thirties) he is not rich, not white and has never held political office.  He has name and face recognition and he is of strong character and virtue with strong public speaking skills.

As a firefighter who started at the bottom and worked his way up to Assistant Chief, Chief and now head of the Union, he is a proven go-getter.  Also as a firefighter he has shown, time and again, the bravery to charge into burning buildings, risking his own life, to save others.  I have no doubt that he is more than up to the task of whipping on the GOP and working as fast as possible, to undo the terrible damage that Walker and his cronies have done to the badger state.

As a African American and a firefighter, he will bring in the very important minority and women's vote in the state of Wisconsin.  He will have the support of the unions both public and private across Wisconsin.  He will be a fresh person with fresh idea's.  And from what I know he would most likely run as an independent.  Which means that the democrats will have to support him to defeat Walker and , once elected, Mitchell would not turn into another sit around and talk about things kind of official, instead of a get it done and get it done now type of leader.  Which is exactly what Wisconsin needs right now and into the foreseeable future.  He definitely has my support and I intend to push for his candidacy from now on.

Keep up the good work out there, all of you brave and dedicated folks working the recall effort across the state.  One more week after this one, and we can all take a quick break from our extended efforts before returning to vigilance against the fraud and other cheap tricks that will surely come from the political right wing extremists.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!   FORWARD!!!!

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