Friday, January 6, 2012

Statement, explanation, apology and conclusion..

So I made an error earlier today while working the recall election of Scott Walker here in southern Wisconsin. For the second time I had somebody sign the recall petition against Walker but they walked away from me without also signing the equally important petition to recall lieutenant governor Kleefisch.  The fact of the matter is that the two are pretty much interchangeable.  They both are tools of ALEC which is funded by the Koch brothers from the east coast.

The aim of the Kochs and ALEC, is to turn America into a nation of serfs, in perpetual servitude to corporate power.  98% serfs or slaves if you will, with a 1% governing/technician class and with a ruling 1% elite that does nothing but reign as petty tyrants over all.  If we get rid of Walker and leave Kleefisch in office we have gained nothing, as she will pick right up, taking her cue's from ALEC, where Walker leaves off if recalled.

So they both have to go  for the good of Wisconsin and America.  Everybody knows Walker and the majority of folks in Wisconsin want him gone.  With Kleefisch there is a little less name recognition, plus she is female, and a small percentage of folks (all male) are hesitant to sign the recall against her.  It doesn't help that she used to be fairly attractive back in the day.  All of her publicity photo's are at least a decade old if that helps to explain things.

About an hour after the one signer left without signing both recall petitions, another one tried to do the same and I called him out on it.  I tried explaining to him the situation, in the same way I described it in the above paragraph.  The middle aged male was still kind of hesitant, then it dawned on me!  My explanation was all wrong in its use of symbolism.  I then described the situation to him in a way that any good Wisconsin citizen can easily understand.

I told him that the Koch brothers are like Mike McCarthy who is the coach of the champion football team the Green Bay Packers.  Scott Walker is like the team's star quarterback and on field leader Aaron Rodgers.  Rebecca Kleefisch is like the back up quarterback to Aaron Rodgers, who is Matt Flynn.

Last week the Packers played the last game of the regular season, and having already won a spot in the play-offs, decided not to use Aaron Rodgers for that one game so as to avoid having him get hurt before the playoffs.  So they put #2 Matt Flynn in the game.  Flynn went on to win the game even though he is just a back up or bench warmer that many people were not familiar with.  As a matter of fact, the back up broke all time records left and right during the game and made himself a star.

I told the petition signer that it does no good to remove Walker and leave Kleefisch in office, as we will still get stomped on by the radical right wing.  Just like Green Bay without Aaron Rodgers still stomped on the Detroit Lions without Rodgers.

He understood that, I believe I actually saw a light come into his eye's and he signed both petitions.  This is very important as we are heading into the last week to collect signatures for the recall election.  So use this analogy if you have to while collecting signatures my fellow Wisconsinite's.

I would like to apologize now for making the comparison of a super-wicked psycho villain such as Walker, with a heroic and beloved figure like Aaron Rodgers.  But now is not the time to piddle around and play light weight games in Wisconsin.  We need to keep on fighting for our state and our freedom, for truth and for justice while we can.  They are not taking prisoners and neither are we.  Keep up the fight sisters and brothers and solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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Quiet One said...

Good one, Matt! We get it when you involve the Pack here in Wisconsin.