Monday, January 30, 2012

Another posting from somewhere in rural Wisconsin

Hello folks and thank you once again for taking the time to keep up with my postings here.  I never cease to be amazed by the loyalty and diligence of not just my readers but also, of all those dedicated millions across the badger state opposed to Scott Walker and who support democracy and freedom.

Tomorrow morning at the capitol the legislature will take up a controversial wolf hunting bill, expect lots of resistance to that one.  We are also waiting to hear a decision from the Government Accountability Board regarding whether or not to make public online, the recall petitions.  The Internet has been flooded with postings from the small but ignorantly zealous tools & fools of the tea party regarding what they would like to do with all that personal information on good, democratic, law abiding citizens.  We have seen the slaughter of peoples pet's and hate mail and death threats.

On the good side though all the threats from these idiots has the GAB on the verge of not releasing all the information and making it public.  Once again the stooges on the right are doing are work for us.  We have been fighting for awhile now to keep voter information private with little result.  Now the tea party seems to have handed victory to us in this matter.

And speaking of elections and the GAB and such.......(subtle I am not) is my preliminary platform for my run at the Wisconsin State Assembly.  This is still a work in progress, and a rough one at that, but I will be having some meetings in the next couple of weeks to smooth out the rough edges.

First and foremost of course will be the undoing, as much as possible, of the damage done to the state by the Koch brothers/ALEC legislation enacted through Walker.  I will create and/or support legislation to negate all the union busting, infrastructure weakening, child labor law destruction, ad nauseum legislation that has been rammed through in the last year.  This will also necessarily include restructuring the state tax code and overturn within the state, the Citizens United (corporate personhood) laws.

I vow to end the bogus and unnecessary legislation Walker approved to make it a felony to sign more than once, a recall petition.  If there is a threat of fraudulent petitioning then the need to sign more than once is needed, especially as only one signature will be counted.  I would replace this with a bill that would make it a felony for any state official, whether holding elected office or not, to be involved with election or campaign or voter fraud.  The penalty for this would be no less than ten years imprisonment without parole and a fine of no less than $250,000 which must be paid from the estate of the perpetrator.

I would like to outlaw any proposed legislation to force our public schools to teach any curriculum that is not based in scientific study and fact.

I would remove the school voucher system set up by the radical right and restore full funding to our public school systems.

I would consider making it mandatory that at some point in their high school careers, that all students must take a civics course teaching them how our government works, the exact content and meaning of the state constitution as well as the extreme importance of voting.

Speaking of our state constitution, I will look into the viability of having our elected leaders be held responsible to they're oath to the constitution under penalty of law.  There is absolutely no 'translating' the constitution, it is to be taken literally!

I would support full equal rights for all Wisconsin state citizens as guaranteed under the constitution.

I would restore the state Election Campaign Fund destroyed under Walker.  All future elections would receive all funding through this system and all candidates will share equally in those resources to run they're campaigns.  No more out of state money for in state elections and total transparency.

I would end our practice of electing partisan supreme court justices.  They would instead be nominated by the office of the governor from a list supplied to the governors office by a group of their peers.

Hopefully in my next posting (barring any unforeseen events) I will explain why I am running for office as well as my reasoning and moral reasons for doing so and explain how that ties into what I hope to accomplish while in office.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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