Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm sorry......were out of pie

I am so bummed out right now folks, I promised you pie and now I cant come through with it.  I was looking forward to it myself, then again in retrospect I suppose it would have been just another nail in a coffin already full of nails for the GOP.  Perhaps I should back up a little bit here, earlier this week some of our folks were at the Inn On the Park at night for a cocktail.  The Inn is located across the street from the state capitol building in Madison.  Robin Vos, Mike Ellis and some other GOTea legislators were sitting at the bar and plowing through drinks and starting to talk rather loudly in regards to current events.

They discussed the school voucher system and how they were going to use that to promote spending of tax money to fund private schools for rich, white children at the expense of the rest of the state's education system.  Ellis even referred to one school as a 'sewer' based on some past issue's and where the school would be in a couple of years under the new Walker anti-education system.

They also discussed what was apparently a pay to play, legislation for hookers deal.  They referred to the sex workers as 'pie' and I was really looking forward to release of the video to the mainstream media.  Well very long story short for various reasons it was decided to release a portion of the video relating to the school voucher system but not the rest of it.  In all honesty it does not make a whole lot of sense to myself either.  At least public apologies had to be made to the schools.  Still confusing though.

Then again we have the GOP on election fraud, voter fraud, gerrymandering and tons of other activity and all of it is either illegal, immoral or unconstitutional.  So I wont get too bent out of shape for not being able to out them on yet another sex scandal.  Heck the Wisconsin GOP has been committing so many heinous acts this year that another sex scandal might not be all that big a deal really.

Speaking of which the GOP this week was busy at the capitol with a highly controversial piece of mining legislation.  Apparently they have a piece of legislation that allows for open pit mining to be approved without any oversight in regards to environmental impact or damage.  This legislation allows a private company to come into Wisconsin, conduct themselves in any way they see fit.  Destroy or damage the land as much as they deem necessary in the pursuit of profits.  Send those profits out of state and leave Wisconsin by itself when it comes time to deal with the environmental impact and the cost of clean-up and repair.  As well as the cost of dealing with what looks rather likely to be a public health crisis for years to come.

In other words a big win-win for one foreign company and the GOTea traitors in the state legislature that they bought.  A big lose-lose for the state of Wisconsin, and likely to the tune of billions and billions of dollars before the whole mess is over with.  In typical right wing fashion the legislation was admitted, apparently out of the blue, without it being authored or sponsored.  Like it was just magically created by some fairies who work for the mining company who then just dropped it off at the capitol for the conservatives to ram through as law.

So now the doors are wide open for the state of Wisconsin to be raped by outside financial interests, with no liability whatsoever.  That is the new precedent they have struck here in the badger state.  And to make matters even worse they are encouraging this outside conglomerate to not only do this in Wisconsin, but on tribal land in Wisconsin.  That is right folks the rich white conservatives gave other rich white conservatives the okay to infringe on "a sovereign nation"  The federal government is now racing into action against this legislation and I am pretty sure it will not stand.  Regardless though it goes to show that the GOTea will let nothing get in the way of their pursuit of personal gain, not laws-state or federal.  Not decency or respect or integrity or concern for the future.  Heck they seem to be proud of public acts of racism and hatred, of acting outside the laws of man and God with impunity.

The GOTea is all about one thing and that is the total destruction of Wisconsin, and then the rest of America for thirty pieces of silver. Profit over all with no concern for they're own children let alone the lives of other citizens.  If it is at all possible, if I am elected to office, if I can get enough support I will do everything in my power to promote laws that will dis-allow these enemies of the state.  These home-grown traitors, these domestic terrorists, and allow them to be stripped of all that they own, the money to go into clean-up and general usage funding for the state.  Then the traitors themselves should be imprisoned without possibility of parole and/or be turned over to the federal government for high crimes that may require execution in the penalty phase.

To undo stupid laws like those just rushed through by Scott Walker which threaten ordinary citizens with felony charges for signing constitutionally protected recall petition.  And instead replace it with laws that would make tampering with, undo influence and or fraud against elections or the electorate, a felony with massive penalties.  Including but not limited to - 10 years in prison, minimum without parole and a fine of no less than $250,000 which must come completely from the holdings and/or estate of the perpetrator.  Also disbarring of attorneys involved and other penalties that would help to protect the freedom and democracy that we hold dear.  If the elections are taken away from the people then there is no Wisconsin, there is no America.  And destruction of America based on principles of hatred is terrorism and must be treated as such.

We must fight these evil influences, these haters of America and the constitution, these terrorists who would destroy us by any means necessary, and with extreme prejudice.  If your with me on this I am still looking throughout the month of February for some volunteer campaign staff, contact me through the comments here or on Facebook if you are interested.  Thank you and solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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