Friday, January 13, 2012

Congratulations and now........I'm gonna piddle on your parade.

A truly historic and awe filled day here in the badger state.  Today here in Wisconsin we started wrapping up the recall effort against fraudulently elected, anti-American governor Scott Walker and five of his cronies.  I am pleased and proud to say that we have exceeded the numbers by far, that we needed, in the recall of all six of the GOTea members that we went after.

Scott Fitzgerald who went from old school fiscal conservative to all out far right wing extremist nut job in the course of a year was the last one we needed, and around ten thirty this morning, just ahead of deadline, it was announced that he is being recalled too.  There is still a day or so left and there are still volunteers out in the field collecting more signatures to help give us a buffer zone, but we have the numbers.

For only the third time in American history we are about to recall a sitting governor.  Congratulations badgers you have come so far since last February in the fight against the weasels that sought to immorally and illegally change the very nature of the great state of Wisconsin and destroy the American ideal as well.  I am awe struck and so very proud of everyone who has gotten us to this point so far.

Please pat yourselves on the back and enjoy the weekend.  Celebrate with family and friends, have a beer and enjoy the Green Bay Packers game on Sunday.  Revel in the glory that you all have come together to create and bask in its warm glow.

Because starting Monday all hell is going to break lose in Wisconsin.  Republicans, Tea Party officials and representatives from ALEC and the Koch brothers are meeting over the weekend with judges from Waukesha (judges loyal to ALEC and no law of man or God) to sabotage and destroy the recall elections.  They are working on everything from ballot counting softwaremanipulation to allowing Tea Party access to the personal information of all signers of the recall petitions.

They are working on through illegal manipulation of the justice system and other means.  UnitedWisconsin which organized the recall efforts will be transporting the boxes and boxes of recall petitions to the new GAB high security sight for verification and processing, and the tea party will be planning on intercepting them if they feel it is possible to destroy the petitions.  I have been contacted by people we have planted inside the Tea party as well as by members of the Democrat party in regards to this.  We don't know exactly what to expect yet, but be sure that it will be violent and reckless.

We need volunteers, lots and lots of volunteers to meet on the west side of Madison to protect the petitions as they are transported three blocks to the new and supposedly highly secure recall verification site.  I am told that it is strongly electronically monitored and will have police officers there as well.  That still wouldn't stop a plant from the republican party from torching the building from the inside though.

Sorry to piddle on your parade but these are very important times.  Important to the majority of citizens who want the removal of Walker from Wisconsin.  And very important to the violent and radical members of the far right who will seek to sabotage the recall at any cost.  Just maybe concealed carry laws newly enacted in Wisconsin will work in the favor of the anti-Walker majority this time.  Hopefully though, I don't believe it will come down to that but we must be prepared for the worst.

Contact me through the comment section of this blog or on FaceBook if you can help us out on Tuesday, we really need as many people as possible there.  If nothing else come down and witness history in the making folks, you most likely wont see this again in your time.

There is also the possibility that Walker will be arrested by the FBI before a recall election can take place and that would destroy all that we have worked for and achieved thus far.  There is also the possibility of the Koch brothers telling (paying) Walker to abdicate his office before the recall election which would also nullify a recall election.  Things are still very complicated and very hard to predict.  There is no way to accurately forecast how things will all work out in the end.  There is still much to fear.  Told you I was going to rain down on your parade.

Don't get me wrong though, so much has been achieved and I believe that somewhere down the long and convoluted path that we have been set on, that we will win.  We will be victorious and we will retake Wisconsin in the name of its citizenry.  We will be the tipping point that brings to an end the horrific and extremist neo-conservative, anti-human movement that began and will end in Wisconsin.  We are the alpha and the omega and we will protect the Wisconsin ideal and the American dream for ourselves and our posterity.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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