Friday, January 27, 2012

Posting # 240

entry number 240, nearly an entire year since the beginning of the Walker regime.  So much has happened that sometimes it just seems impossible that all that has occurred is even real at all.  Protests, treachery and violence, organizers and activists, meetings and agendas.  Media relations and celebrities, speeches and rants and rhetoric.   And above all hope.........hope that we will reclaim Wisconsin and return it to its former glory and inherent goodness.

And this week has been the same as the last 49 of them.  Two more arrests this week of Walker staff members. Huge protests against the horrific and very illegal proposed mining project in northern Wisconsin.  The governors state of the state address, and the boos from the gallery.  Video tape exposed of drunken GOP legislators discussing the plan to destroy the states schools and force minorities back into the stone age.  And bigger than that, video of the GOP legislators describing a 'pay to play' scandal.  More specifically Robin Vos and Mike Ellis caught on tape discussing the hookers or"PIE" that they were given in exchange for pushing certain bills through the legislature.

I will be writing my butt off all weekend about all this and more to catch all my readers up on what has been happening in Madison this week.  And what a chaotic week it has been.  But for now I would just like to say that I believe my computer problems have all been solved so I will be able to post to you this weekend about everything going on.  And I am happy (in an angst-ridden way) to report that on Wednesday I signed the paperwork and completed the forms with the Government Accountability Board and I am now a candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly representing my beloved Madison, particularly the working class East Side.  Quite the year indeed it has been.

I am looking for some help here in Madison with my campaign.  If you live in the area and would be interested in volunteering a little bit of time I could use:

A treasurer, probably one to three hours per week.

A campaign manager and/or media representative, about four to ten hours per week

Also some folks who can put in a little time helping me with webpage creation and networking.

Until later this weekend my sisters and brothers, keep up the fight for freedom and solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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