Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And finally.........the winter of our content (contentment?) hmmmm

Greetings from wonderful and glorious Madison, Wisconsin.  The temperature is a cheery 16 degree's as I write this and everywhere are people still in the streets, celebrating the wonderful news regarding the petitions to recall Scott Walker.  As I am sure you have heard over a million signatures were turned in to the GAB yesterday.  Over 850,000 against Kleefisch.  The folks who have worked so hard to gather the signatures and multitudes of supporters could be found from the RecallHQ to the capitol building, down  East Washington avenue to the GAB office.  From State Street down to Lake Monona and the Monona Terrace ballroom.

People were celebrating all over the recall of not just Scott Walker and the lieutenant governor, but of four other neo-conservative radical legislators as well.  Including one very special legislator, house majority speaker Scott Fitzgerald.  We went after six of them and we got six of them set up for recall elections.  Democracy in action and it was achieved through peaceful, thoughtful and dedicated effort, on the parts of thousands and thousands of Wisconsinites. Even today, twenty four hours later the energy is still filling the air across Wisconsin.

John  Nichols, Ed Schultz and others were on hand as well, local celebrities and political figures and throngs of citizens filled the street to witness history in the making.  It was another huge turn-out and celebration of the democracy loving citizens of the badger state. This is:

Only the third recall ever of a seated governor in American history.

The largest per capita percentage to sign and initiate a recall in American history.

May possibly be the largest ever voter turn out in Wisconsin's history.

And hopefully it will be the end, here in Wisconsin, of corporate money dominating people and it will spread across these United States and join with our sisters and brothers in Europe and across to the pro-domocracy/pro-humanity movements in the Middle East.  Last year was the year of the protester, the year of active involvement in democracy.  And now in Wisconsin we are seeing the beginning of the fruits of our labors this far.  The people are becoming active and aware and they are fighting to take back there government and future.

There is still very much to do to correct the damage done to Wisconsin, but we are on our way.  Keep up the momentum and keep up the fight folks.  We have completely dominated going into the recall elections and we did it the right way, peacefully and legally.  We displayed a patience and a combined focus on the parts of hundreds of thousands of people to achieve this.  The light has returned to the end of the tunnel I am proud to say.

It is good to be back in Madison again.  It is good to reconnect with all my sister and brothers in 'Our House' the Capitol building.  It is good to sing-along with friends again around the rotunda and it is best of all to see everyone happy and laughing again.  Firmly knowing that a better day, a Wisconsin spring is coming.  One that wont include Scott Walker.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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