Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello winter and goodbye Walker

Very short post here today readers, I am having some computer troubles so this needs to be brief today.  Like the title said, winter has come to Wisconsin.  Snow on the ground and more falling down, overnight temperatures are below zero.  Perfect weather in the badger state.

Still waiting for the next round of shenanigans as the right wingers try to violate the constitution and the voting process and derail the recall effort.  Still kind of laying low and watching everything around Madison from the edge, I am still readjusting to being back in Madison after being on the road with the recall effort.

Perfect foggy and snowy weather though to walk the streets and consider how much has happened in Wisconsin in the last year.  Reflect on how much has happened to me in the last year, and trying to come to grips with all the unforeseen changes in my life and the weird direction it has taken me in.

I will be back in a day or two with my usual postings.  Enjoy some good old fashioned Wisconsin protest weather and keep the faith brothers and sisters.  And remember that vigilance is the price of freedom, keep an eye on those GOP bastiches.

On Wisconsin1    FORWARD!!!!

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