Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bald eagle's are a federally protected species Scott Walker!

Greetings everybody, it has been a very interesting day here in Wisconsin.  The temperature in the capitol of Madison today hit 51 degrees Fahrenheit.  A record high for this day and far, far warmer than anything we are used to at this time of year.

Is the high temperature merely a fickle and random event of nature?  Is it proof of global temperature change as a result of human interference with nature?  Maybe its heat coming off of Scott Walker, heat of the legal kind that is.

As I have mentioned before in my postings here, Scott Walker lies at the epicenter of the largest and longest federal 'John Doe' investigation in history.  It all began when Walker was the Milwaukee County Executive and his staff was conducting illegal campaign actions for the future governor.  And the trail of illegal behaviour followed the certifiably psychopathic Walker all the way to the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Time and again arrests have been made uncovering the wrong doing of the radical conservative Walker.  Time and again persons close to the governor have turned witness against the Walker campaign and his current regime.  Today three more felony charges were levelled against his hand picked staff.  A long time staffer and 'close personal friend' of Walker, in the governor's words, was charged with stealing tens of thousands of dollars of money from charities.  The money was supposed to go to helping disabled veterans of the United States Armed Forces.  Some of the money was ear-marked to aid the families of service member's who died in combat, making the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

The money instead went to provide luxury vacations, pay off personal loans, and shopping spree's for Walkers close personal friend.  To make matters worse, far, far worse, the long time partner of the suspect was arrested today on felony charges of child enticement.  We see this happening over and over again to the point where it is totally predictable.  Any conservative who claims to represent 'family value's' is ultimately exposed as a child molester, a rapist, or at the very least an adulterer.

First Walker uses tax money to surround himself with Wackenhutt private security guards who throw parties (video on youtube) in which they funnel vodka into each others butts and other highly questionable actions.  Now the governor has a child molester as a close personal friend.  What next?  Does Walker rape a bald eagle in public????  Is there no limit to what levels of depravity the neo-conservatives will sink?

The mere fact that Walker has (as revealed by the federal investigation) surrounded himself, with a hand picked staff of tax cheats, people charged with fraud, people investigated for violent assault, embezzlement and now molestation, is this not all the proof needed that at the very least, the very least, he is not fit to lead?

Let us re-double our efforts Wisconsin citizens, let us gather 1,000,000 signatures to recall Scott Walker.  Recall him with extreme prejudice!  Wisconsin deserves so much better than this.  The citizens of the badger state deserve so much better than this.  And as mentioned before, I believe the best candidate for the job is Mahlon Mitchell.  He is not a rich white career politician.  He is a proven leader and hero, a firefighter who has routinely risked his life and well being for the sake of the lives and safety of our citizens.  He is a wonderful person and the wonderful citizens of Wisconsin deserve no less than that.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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