Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sorry about the inactivity folks..................

...........but I am back.  Some quick news from the capitol today.  The  solidarity sing along is still going strong although there has been a slight schism lately which has reflected on the number of attendants the last week.  Hopefully the people involved will exchange apologies and grievances and get over it.  Why should we be dividing ourselves and becoming weaker just when we are gaining momentum?  Let the tea party tools and fools fall apart like they have, we should be praising our solidarity instead of challenging it.
Attended Walker's little academic display of intense irony on the U.W. campus today at the Pyle center.  Luther Olsen also attended which just made the irony so much richer.  It was interesting watching academics force themselves into civility in the presence of Wisconsin most adherently anti-education governor.  Shame on Walker and Olsen, may their political careers end soon.  Also we had some meetings over the weekend and it looks like republican senator Voss will be next on the recall chopping block.  Maybe once he is removed from office he will have more time for skinny dipping with secretaries behind his wife's back which seems to be Mr. 'family values' wont.
Here is a quick quote from Abraham Lincoln which is as fitting today as we end hostilities in Afghanistan and Iraq, as it was when our civil war ended.  Thanks to those who found this quote and published it to coincide with the recent recall elections.
"this cruel war is nearing its end.  It has cost a vast amount of treasure and blood......It has indeed been a trying hour for the Republic; but I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country.  As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.
I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war.  God grant that my suspicions may prove groundless."

Words of wisdom both then and now.  Peace and solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Way better (and more informative) than Disneyland.

Been moving non-stop on very little sleep today.  So much is going on at the capitol and at the democracy convention around the corner.  Just a fantastic line up of workshops and networking sessions and lectures on peaceful gathering and solidarity, minority experiences, networking and administration, media relations.  It is going to be impossible to see everything I want to but I'm going to try.
Had a rally and brat feed (Wisconsin style) this morning and then a huge solidarity singalong filling almost three levels of the Capitol rotunda.  Lots of people wearing black for solidarity today.  Tons of exciting people to meet and communicate with.  Tons of experience in every room.
Hopefully we are going to have a very successful rally here this afternoon and then more at the convention tonight.  I cant wait to apply just some of what can be learned at an event of this nature.  In democracy and solidarity, take care sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD !!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Old dogs and new tricks. Hopefully I can learn some soon.

Just received my press packet for the democracy convention being held tonight through Sunday at MATC and the Concourse Hotel in downtown Madison.  Mayor Paul Soglin will be tonight's key note speaker as things gear up for four days of education and training, media sessions and rallies and marches on the capitol square.  Should be an extremely busy and educational time and I intend to make the most out of it.  I am even going to miss an opportunity in Milwaukee this weekend to mess with ol governor Scotty Walker.
There are two rallies scheduled for tomorrow alone and at least one more each on Saturday and Sunday.  Also the solidarity singalongs in the capitol should be huge with all the attendants from around the nation in town who will surely wish to see this spectacle for themselves.  The spirit is Madison is positively electric as we look forward to these events which will help build up momentum as we move ever closer to November when we begin to collect to signatures needed for the gubernatorial recall elections in January.  Even the voter disenfranchise amendment recently passed by the GOP (a division of the tea party under corporate leadership) will not help Walker (our W) with this one.  His number are low and ours are steadily gaining and it would take some massive, obscene voter fraud to compromise a third Wisconsin state election.
I met and was speaking earlier with a university student who was also covering the convention for her campus news daily.  She asked me how I think the tea party started and "where did these people come from?"
I gave her my opinion that the tea party has mostly been comprised of hard working and decent Americans who like many folks don't have much time during their day to watch/read the news let alone research the stories for themselves.  They have been trained by years of corporate advertising to react to thirty second sound bites of dramatic and emotional rhetoric.
Now I did add that much of the core of the party has existed and been organized under a diversity of smaller groups throughout the country like the Southern Baptist Convention.  Also the John Birch Society, the Klu Klux Klan and the American Hammer Party and other right wing groups.  Over the last year and a half many folks have left or are splintering from the tea party.  Many of the police officers, firefighters, veterans group members that I know told me they had been attending party rallies from two to one year ago.  And somewhere during that time they told me that party changed to something far more out there on the radical right wing.  The dynamic changed from everyday working folks to separatists, white supremacists and other such extremists.  Luckily for us that is becoming more apparent to the general public as events go on and more and more is being revealed about the group.
Well it is time for me to get ready for the convention folks, have a great night and I will be posting quickly to let you know what is happening here at ground zero for Wisconsin and America.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It is called Madtown for a reason.

Wow what a truly hectic time it has been around Madison the last few days.  Everything is gearing up in a positive way for the democracy convention.  Also there are just so many rallies, benefits, meetings to attend.  It is going to be a very long week ahead that is for sure.  Even had to make a quick road trip out of state here very recently, lots of exciting things are in the works.
Hate to report but we barely had a hundred people at the solidarity sing along today, which is fine though really because it is a windy, rainy day here.  Plus everyone is preparing for all the other events.  Including a motorcycle/scooter/moped rally I helped organize for this Friday to help keep the momentum going in a fun way for everyone.  That is what it is all about right now, carrying on our momentum straight into the recall of governor Walker which will be coming here quite soon.
The excitement is definitely in the air, as well as some dissent from the good citizens of Wisconsin who just starting taking a sizable hit to their paychecks here recently.  And that comes on top of other cuts and measures they have already had to deal with.  Lots of people not happy with Scotty Walker but talk about stating the obvious.  I have to run now, just received word there may be some form of protest regarding our budgetary genius Mr. Paul Ryan.  Off to Janesville I believe, sorry this keeps getting cut short, may be able to return and finish Government and Legislation tonight.  Solidarity.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunny day, sweeping the right wing away, on my way.............................

Sorry the last posting was cut off in the middle and that there was no time to edit it.  Will be busy this weekend having some fun with the tea party here in Madison.  Nice day for some shenanigans along the lovely shores of the lakes here in the state capitol.  Might as well have some fun with the tea party before they splinter off and disappear under the rocks again.
Keep the faith sisters and brothers, Scotty your time is coming.  Also I would like to mention that it seems interesting to me that a fair amount of the votes for Walker actually were cast based solely on his pledge and guarantee that he would repeal the statewide smoking ban.  Now just after the one year anniversary of it's inception and Scotty's turn around on repealing it the hard core smoking bloc is remarkably silent.
I'm looking forward to lots more silence coming from the right soon.  I will return on Monday if not sooner, with the continuation of the posting on legislation and government.  It will all tie together, I was just cut off in the middle of it by some right wing hackers.  Also the same persons responsible for messing with our Facebook accounts.  Our I.T. people have had the person responsible for this identified and their information is now available on Facebook.  Check out our pages and feel free to take part in things.  Solidarity my sisters and brothers, keep the faith.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goverment and Legislation combined part 3 of 4

Government    definition     'moral conduct or behavior'   'area organized as a political unit'    'the continuous exercise of authority'    'the machinery through which an agency exercises authority'

Legislation     definition      'laws created and/or used by a governing body'    'to make public policy'

Thank you once again to the good folks who compile the dictionary.  Talk about having a love for words and language, I would be bored to tears.  Still it wouldn't be as bad as sitting through another session of the Joint Committee on Finance, that was unbearable.

"We must ensure that Wisconsin's government lives up to Wisconsin's value's-hard work, sense of community, concern for others and commitment to educating future generations."
from the Wisconsin state Blue Book 2007 - 2008

So is legislation being currently used for the purpose that it was intended in Wisconsin?  To answer that I feel we should look to the related yet different question:  Is the government of the state of Wisconsin functioning as it was designed to be?  To the second question the answer is unequivocally NO.

Our state constitution, modeled largely upon the framework of our nations constitution and related articles (bill or rights, etc.) states that our government is of, by and for the people.  This implicitly would mean that the will and collective good of all citizens should be the one and only true focus of government.
And thus, legislation is not being pursued for the sake of its intended purpose.  And that brings about the question of why our legislative process (represented by the senate and assembly) and our government in this state (executive branch being Scotty Walker) are not acting in the best interest of the states citizens.  And how did this change occur and why, as well as along what time lines.

I was thinking about this earlier today as I joined in the solidarity singalong.  The question of constitutional rights has arisen again in regard to free speech at the capitol.  I thought the courts had settled this long ago but once again we are somehow in contention on these issues.  Yesterday the folks of the Capitol Police and Security began to try (not very whole hearted) to enforce upon the singers, the stipulation that they could not carry signs or raise their voice in song from the second floor of the rotunda.
I was pretty darned surprised by this.  It had been previously established that no municipality or state could over-ride the American constitution when it comes to free speech and right to assemble.  Yet here it was again, and right when the police and protesters were all getting along so well again.  As it turns out this was not the result of officers being asked to enforce non-existent laws against the community, but rather some of the old guard of the department expressing their displeasure for the capitol not returning to status quo soon enough for them.
They used to have the quietest, most peaceful job I would imagine of any Wisconsin law enforcement office.  To protect the Capitol building and those that work within it.  The building which basically all citizens of the state revered and treated as sacred.  Rare was a vocal outburst, let alone any physical action initiated by a group or individual requiring that action be taken by the officers.
In other words they had nice and quiet jobs, they're good people and good for them.  It has been stated by some of the old guard that if the most minor possible infringement of law, code or policy could be directed towards the singers or those who are associated with the singers in the officers eyes, then they may have an excuse to relocate the daily event elsewhere.  And thus they would have a nice quiet building to patrol once again.  This position was backed up with the reasoning that even though all negativity (from a strictly legal, criminal definition) occurring in the capitol recently has come from the far right, it could be avoided entirely by ending the event.
This is circular reasoning and I will not even try to defend it.  Especially when it stands in opposition to the constitutional rights of the citizens of this fine state.  I may have to remind the officers that when they took the oath of office and decided to carry lethal weapons and be granted the authority to use them, that they may eventually be involved in a situation that would lead to the disturbance of the peace and quiet they had become accustomed to in Madison.
What I realized I was being presented with was a rather useful metaphor here regarding legislation and government by, for and of the people.  We had a large group, the hundreds of regular and rotating solidarity singers legally and peacefully occupying their time and taking part in democracy.  On the other hand we had a smaller group, the folks of Capitol P & S, who felt they could override the law and the will of the people, in the pursuit of their own personal desires.
In all fairness to the women and men of Chief Tubb's force I do not envy them their job right now, nor do I blame them for wanting a return to normalcy.  So now we have two factions disagreeing with each other over what constitutes 'the will of the people.'  At this point a normal, healthy and functioning government should be able to step in and remedy the disagreement in a timely manner.
And here I will have to leave off until tomorrow readers, solidarity until part 4 of 4.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aaah Sweet Liberty...........the concept, not the Alan Alda movie. pt 2 of 4

Liberty  definition      'the quality or state of being free'

Yesterday our subject was justice, today it is liberty.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, concepts integral to us as Americans.  The inalienable rights guaranteed to us by the founding fathers.  Unfortunately the liberty that we enjoy, or have enjoyed until recently, is under attack from the right wing zealots of the tea party.  Apparently they have realized something that I have known for awhile now.  Liberty is not a right, 'rights' as we know them do not exist naturally in the universe.  Tornado's do not recognize your right to life and property.  Rights are a concept created by humans. 
Essentially what we consider to be rights are actually possibilities.  You may possibly be able to posses life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  There is no guarantee of achieving happiness.  It either comes to you or it does not.  Our constitution actually "tries to guarantee you the strongest possibility of achieving life, liberty and happiness."
And the right wing is all over this liberty, they oppose it with all their greedy little hearts.  And they know how to play the possibility game.  They know how to manipulate the odds and tilt the playing field.  They can, have and will continue to erode these rights, these possibilities that as Americans we thought were sacred and protected.  Unfortunately they are protected by our government and our government is controlled by corporate interests.  Just like they disenfranchised Wisconsin voters with the voter suppression act, they are likewise working on removing your rights to education, health care, eventual retirement, safe public places as well as the right to speak, assemble and be represented by your government.
Without liberty and the choices given to us by that liberty we are not citizens of a nation.  We are the bio-mass that is owned by corporations to be used as a commodity for the corporations purposes.  In other words without freedom and liberty our humanity is essentially taken from us.
The tea party claims to promote liberty but as the tools and fools of the corporate interests they are actually working against liberty, against freedom.  They will likely not realize what they have been doing until it is too late,  Their ego's are too big and their rational thinking has been subverted by decades of corporate dominated social engineering.  Those of us who understand and appreciate liberty are thus held to defending liberty not just for ourselves, but to those who wrongly oppose the right, or possibility of liberty.
Wisconsin took another positive step forward yesterday by keeping in place our senators Holperin and Wirch.  And the fight continues and will continue throughout this fall and winter.  When Scotty is sent packing from our beloved state capitol and the damage he has done then this fight will be over.  But the war to protect liberty and freedom will never end.  Vigilance must be maintained for history has shown us that attacks on liberty and freedom are cyclical. 
Now for some other news from the capitol in Madison, ground zero in the class war that we neither started nor desired.  We had another visit from the tea party today at the solidarity singalong.  This time was very different from all of our previous experiences with these folks.  This time it was only a single individual who actually, surprisingly, attempted no violence inside the rotunda.  He actually just stood there, or walked around slowly carrying a his sign.  In between songs he did some repetitious shouting and yelling but as far as behaviour goes he was an extremely rare and peaceful person for a neo-conservative.  So we thanked him for taking part in democracy and then pretty much just ignored him and went on with our singing.
Several members of the Capitol police and security department, having of course prior experience with the right wingers lately, were watching the guy like a hawk.  But no violence was attempted and his presence actually galvanized and energized the large group of solidarity singers.  Actually I am hoping he comes back tomorrow.  Until later sisters and brothers it's important to...........

                                                   KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE
Today we have a two way tie for our assholes of note.  And I wont say that today's winners will come as much of a surprise to you.  Yes my assholes of note are Steitz and Simac.  The tea party flunkies who couldn't win a bought and paid for election even with all the power of the corporations behind them.  We say good-bye to them now and their political careers as well for surely the right wing radicals they represent will never trust them with such responsibilities again.
Until next time sisters and brothers, peace and solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Segment one of four: Justice

Just       definition is 'fair, right, having a basis in fact'
Justice   definition is  'the maintenance or admiration of that which is just.' 'impartial adjustment of conflicting claims.'  'to treat fairly or according to merit.'

Thank you to the fine folks who compile the Oxford English Dictionary.

Given the recent events in Wisconsin many of this state's fine citizens are of the mind set that justice is something that no longer exists in our fair state.  It would be easy for me to agree with them if I was watching local news as well.  Luckily for me I tend to receive my news either directly or from a variety of sources both international and domestic. It paints a far more precise picture of what is transpiring.

For example there has been a lot of right wing shenanigans this week in which the extremists tools and fools of the tea party have been falsely claiming spamming by anyone who does not agree with their views.  This is leading to a wave of people unable to fully utilize their facebook accounts.  Taking away a persons voice and interfering with the ability to peacefully assemble, electronically or otherwise, is a hallmark of the neo-conservative movement.  But we did it right back to them since turnabout is fair play.  So that's one example of justice.

My blog was attacked along the same lines and my Google AdSense account was closed when I logged on this morning.  It took a couple of phone calls from my attorney friends but that was quickly remedied and I am happy to report no loss of income from my posting's.  Once again justice at work for the people.

On this day in history back in the year 1861 president Abraham Lincoln outlawed the individual states of the American Republic from trade relations with the confederacy.  That was a form of justice which we have and should still be pursuing today.  Maintain your boycotts of Georgia Pacific products, Johnsonville brats and other products, there is a list on my facebook page.  They are using the money we the citizens gave them and are using it against us.  So we will boycott them and take away their ability to sabotage us.  That is poetic justice and I am very fond of that.

Also although I am not in the habit of deleting hateful comments on these pages I am deleting the comments that are coming from one particular source.  This person is known to me and just absolutely craves attention and by not naming them and likewise, by removing their comments, I am applying a little of my own justice as well to someone who is dying to have the spotlight on them but doesn't have what it takes to achieve any real recognition of their own.

On the national scale some justice is being achieved against lying, cheating, anti-Christian (even though she claims to be one) tea party sycophant Michelle Bachmann.  You see the Bachmanns own Bachmann Family Farms just north of here in Independance, Wisconsin.  She has been claiming that she hates farm subsidies yet her farm has received over $250,000 in subsidies over recent years.  She also claims that she has "not received a penny on money from that farm" yet her tax records show a six figure income from the same time frame.  Now as she prepares to be one of the many nut jobs running for the office of president under the tea party/republican banner she is being exposed as a cheat and a fraud.  Once again justice is still at work against the criminals who disrespect our system of government which is based on fairness for all.

Another definition of justice which I forgot to look up before writing this is the office of justice.  As used in the following sentence  "Judge David Prosser is not qualified to be a supreme court justice based on his unwillingness to respect the courts or his fellow judges."  Many of us were afraid that justice would not be brought to bear on Prosser due to his buddy buddy relationship with Scotty Walker. Today it was announced though, that Sauk County District Attorney Barret would be taking over the investigation into Prosser and will be in charge of what to do with him.  Once again justice is alive and well though obviously not perfect.  Another example of justice will come after whatever charges to come against him are filed.  At that time the tea party will jump up and down claiming the charges have no validity because D.A. Barrett is a female.  That rampant display of sexism will backfire on them as their tactics have a habit of doing, and justice will be served by further proof of the sexism, racism, homophobia of the party.

So take heart Wisconsinites and people elsewhere, yes Virginia there is a justice in this world.  And as long as justice reigns in the hearts and minds of the people that same justice will serve us by protecting us from the wickedness and evil.

And now a side note, some news that I truly am not happy to report.  As you may remember I have been doing some media relations work for Hallis, who is on 'hunger strike' to call attention to misappropriations within the Social Security and Veterans Administrations that has been keeping much needed benefits from the deserving women and men of our armed forces.  This is a truly noble cause and I applaud Hallis not only for the protest idea but for his own service as a veteran of the U.S. Army.
Unfortunately Hallisalot of stress and my heart reaches out to him.  I am attempting to communicate with his family to try and persuade him to seek some form of counseling which it seems he is in need of.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Goodbye University avenue and ..................

............. hello Langdon street.  Hey there to all of the readers of these postings.  I am glad to report that somehow I managed to survive and retain my sanity throughout all the stress and shenanigans that seemed to fill all of my days last week.  Luckily for me the Ann Althouse thing on Friday really helped to buoy my spirits.  My first one on one encounter with a blogger from the 'dark side' and I won.  Not only that but I blanked her out and she is a big dog tea party blogger with all of the dark sides resources behind her.  Chalk that one up as another victory for us good folks.

Of course that whole episode led to some feedback from the far right but as stated previously you try giving yourself five minutes to cover an entire days worth of happenings from the capitol at Madison including links and side notes.  After awhile you end up just flying through things trying to get the words on the screen and hope to heaven that the spell check program has your back.  That should all be improving soon with some new equipment being put at my disposal.

Big time stress relief on Saturday, which was when I really needed it.  I was fortunate enough to be comped a pair of highly coveted tickets to the Great Taste of the Midwest beer tasting.  What an awesome time that was.  Hundreds of micro and craft brewers from all over the area.  All handing out carefully poured samples of the finest they have to offer.  Many of these beers are not even available for sale in Wisconsin at this time.  Cheeseheads and pretzel necklaces as far as the eye can see.  Everyone laughing and enjoying themselves with no rude drunks and in a crowd of thousands, no right wingers in sight to spoil the fun.  The best day I have had in quite awhile and thank you so much to the anonymous donor of the tickets who appreciates our work at the capitol.

After reluctantly leaving the tasting  (all good things must come to an end) I gathered with friends and mon cher  to watch the Pack and discuss politics.  A friend summed something up that staggered me withs its telling simplicity and that led to an intense discussion on information and spin control from the left/democratic side of the fence.  In summary this is what was said...............
        since 97% of all people in Wisconsin, other American states or anywhere in the world are all basically laborers, how did we let the remaining 3% of the population, that being the overly-prosperous divide us at such a crucial time in history?  From the teenager working the shake machine at a fast food outlet, to the sous chef at a chic restaurant atop a high rise.  From the purveyor of meats and vegetables to the food critic in formal black evening wear somewhere in Manhattan we are all producing goods and services that are by-products of our labor.  It does not matter whether east coast, southwest or Midwest, whether hourly or salaried.  Living in the suburbs or the inner-urban neighborhoods to rural farm land almost every single person alive is a laborer.  Some may work with machines, some with only the two hands in front of them but we all toil, we all labor.

So why are we not united?  I understand a quarter century of media spin and information misrepresented to the people by the corporate powers on the right.  But how come we have not found an effective mode and vehicle of advertising and information dissension to counter act these dark forces?  Even in the midst of the current Wisconsin recall election efforts, the democratic party has barely mentioned labor at all.  And it was labor and labor relations and related issue's that brought about this massive and historic backlash against the corporate entities looking to enslave us for generations to come.

And why is labor (at least some labor) taking sides with the right?  Never has the conservative side of the fence shown any respect or human decency to us, the workers, the laborers of the world?  Never, they will not even payback those labor representatives who have switched sides.  Scott Walker will/has been paid for trying to destroy our lives for Koch brothers profits.  Those who side with the tea party, or are to afraid to speak their own minds and maintain silence, the news media outlets that refuse to cover stories, they will not be paid by the corporate powers.  Only a select few upper echelon politico's will be paid for destroying all that labor and the unions have accomplished.

So why side with the powers that want to destroy the five day work week, that want to destroy women's rights and the child labor laws, that want to remove health care from everyone?  Is it some form of mental  syndrome in which working folks become so afraid for they're ability to bring in a living wage that will allow them to care and raise the families that they love that to protect the sanity they posses they have to side with the forces of evil?  Just so that they have some fake feeling of not being hopelessly screwed over by the powers that be?  If the mental stress of fighting corporate interests is that high then we should have taken to the streets with torches and pick forks long ago!

Perhaps that is what we should be considering now as we look forward to the near future here in which we will be recalling our falsely elected Governor.  Labor unite and demand what is yours!  Whether minimum wage migrant worker or salaried professional making $300k per year.  We are all labor and labor is the source of all wealth.  Do not divide yourselves by region or income but unite and stand together and we are without doubt the most powerful force on this still semi-green and blue planet.

Don't let them take what we have built, but demand the return, just take back from them what is ours.  Those who are not labor are the rare and overly-prosperous who were born into wealth.  They do not work, they do not labor and they have no value for work and labor.  They have one and one concern only and that is to protect and build the filthy pile of riches upon which they were most likely conceived as well as born.  We make that wealth, we keep the world running and we will not be treated as less than useful, evolving, industrious peoples all.  In solidarity folks.........

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD !!!!        
 Little post script here folks, the rest of this week while the state legislature is on break I will be discussing four issue's with you all tomorrow through Friday.  They will be, though not likely in this order, Legislation, Liberty, Government and Justice.  Guess where the idea for that came to me from?  Correct answer gives you five points if you live in Madison, ten if your from Wisconsin or if you get it right and have never been here, that will bag you a whopping 100 trivia points.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tools and fools part 16,174 this week.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The videos of the incident posted by Ms. Althouse prove that your account is a complete fabrication. It's not for me to understand the mind of a pathological liar, but it's hard to figure who you think you can fool by lying about what happened. (I suppose you can fool mindless dolts like Frank and his peeps.) By the way, your writing is an English teacher's worst nightmare. That level of language mangling just kind of calls out "Dumb!" to most people who might happen upon it.
August 12, 2011 8:50 PM
Hey there readers just wanted to share this comment on yesterdays posting.  There is some limited credence  to what this person said.  I am not the worlds greatest writer, it is true.  Especially when I'm multi-tasking and have about five minutes to knock out a blog posting.  What can I say I was a theosophy major not an English lit major.
As for the pathological liar part I really have to call b.s. on that one.  First of all my account of what I witnessed is backed up by law enforcement.  Second of all my account of what I witnessed is backed up by dozens of eye witness's.  So who is the 'dumb' one here?  Myself and everyone else who actually was at the capitol yesterday, or the commenter who is going to believe anything said by Ann Althouse and backed up by a heavily edited and spliced together chunk of footage?
As Obi Wan Kenobi declared in Star Wars "Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows the fool?"  Now to defend this commenter Obi Wan also said in The Empire Strikes Back that "truth is largely a matter of your point of view."  The important thing is that your point of view should be based on reliable information and direct knowledge and experience of the subject matter.  Being a right wing ditto-head does no good if you claim to be pursuing the truth.
Big things are brewing and there should be lots of highly interesting things to report next week folks so have a great weekend.  And if you get the chance and  are in the Madison area check out Broom Street Theatres production of The Lamentable tragedy of Scott Walker.  It's the most fun you can have watching the story of a deranged lunatic with a personality disorder and no known human emotions.  Peace and solidarity forever.
By the way I know who the 'anonymous' commenter is and I wont pander to this persons pithy almost neurotic need for attention by naming them.  Suffice it to say the person is a morbidly obese pedophile in severe need of counseling to say the least.  Get some help buddy.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Drama queen show's her true colors

Semi-famous blogger and rapidly aging tea party mouthpiece Ann Althouse showed up for the second day in a row at the solidarity singalong.  She showed up yesterday and was ignored for the most part so she returned today with some men, one of them a huge moose of a dude about 6'2'' and 300 lb.  She was disrespectful to everyone and was soon agitating the crowd as they tried to peacefully sing outside the capitol.

Soon her agitation led to a heated debate on the subject of religion with two of the protesters, as Ann sat back with her camera recording the conversation which her side was losing by the way, she suddenly leaped forward and stuck her camera within a few inches of one of the protesters faces.  The protester instinctively moved the camera from in front of his eye's and in what seemed a very practised maneuver began screaming hysterically for police.

Several minutes later three officers of the Capitol police and security showed up and separated the folks involved in the alleged incident and began taking statements.  Althouse claimed a vicious and unprovoked attack on her person which didn't quite match up with the statements given by the men with her.  So already they're stories don't match.  And of course the 150 or so peaceful singers had a much different view of what happened and all of our stories (and footage) did match.

The protester alleged to have 'attacked' Althouse was given a smile and a 'have a nice day' and was allowed to leave.  Althouse and her group were asked to keep away from the peaceful singers.  Of course she was not charged with filing a false report as she is a tenured law professor at UW Madison.  She appears to be what I have always heard, a attention craving egomaniac posing as a citizen journalist who will cross nearly any boundary to promote her blog to the tea party faithful.

She would not respond to any questions regarding why she needs the money and attention from her blog when her University salary is topped out.  She did say that unions are wrong and hurt America and Wisconsin though which is interesting.  I asked her if she would consider taking a pay cut to set precedent regarding her claims of 'outrageous union pay scales' and she just sneered at me.

I also find it interesting that she was wearing baggy clothes and flip flops, her companions dressed in crocs and old t-shirt, yet she repeatedly referred to the protesters, many of them in suits and ties as bums.  The old right wing double speak again,  just like the thump the bible but behave like total atheists with no fear of heavenly retribution for they're sins on earth.  Solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Small victories, they add up


You know I have been including links to toons for a few weeks now and I just realised something.  Not a single tea bag negative commenter has complained about my taste in music.  That seems very odd to me, I know I'm profiling or stereotyping when I say that tea party folks to me seem like they would be the kind of folks who listen to either classic rock or country and western.  But that is the image in my head.
Especially this year when the tea party has started falling apart and most of the more politically/fiscally aware have left the movement.  Another thing that has been on my mind today is how come the truly committed, those who deeply and truly love the tea party movement don't send say......25% of their gross income to some billionaire?  That is what the party is based on, giving free money to huge corporations and over-prosperous folk in return for nothing at all.  They want to end taxes on corporations and rich folks and make up for it by destroying roads, schools, medical establishments, libraries and so forth.  So without a tea party president (darn that's a scary thought) why are they not taking the initiative on their own and giving what money they have away?
Anyway back to reality, we had a strong turnout today for the solidarity singalong.   Noted blogger Ann Althouse was there taking pictures and smiling like a fox in the hen house.  Some folks also had come up from Mississippi to take part in our showing of solidarity.  It is very empowering that we are still getting all of these national and international visitors to the sing along and the rallies.  I offered again to help the staff of former senators (REEEEEEEEEEEEEECALL) Hopper and Kapanke pack up their stuff and shred all of their incriminating documents but they once again declined.

                                             KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE
Well speaking of Hopper and Kapanke I am going to not only dedicate the song above to them but will also and likely for the last time, make them today's assholes of note.  For voter fraud and violations of election procedures.  Also for trying to sell us off as cattle to the highest bidder and basically just disrespecting the offices they should have been proud to honor I am naming them today's assholes.

As was announced earlier today due to the overwhelming documentation of voter fraud from Waukesha county and the quite disturbingly obvious fraudulent non-recall of Alberta Darling if the federal government does not step in and set things straight next week we will again by occupying our house.  We have learned alot over the last five months or so, and we will have a very different agenda this time which should be of a very much greater benefit to the people. 
I'm afraid I cant really tell you more than that as this blog is checked every day by the emergency management board.  And to tell you the truth it is quite a bit of fun to tease them and lead them around by the nose.  You should see some of the reactions we get from them by  posting false information and then sitting back and laughing our butts off as they run around like the keystone cops.
Keep the faith sisters and brothers, our day is coming.  One day longer and one day stronger.  Soon Alberta Darling will be history and after that we take out ol Scotty boy.  Solidarity, from the heartland to you.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And now, please continue to be just and fear not...............

................because although I cant verify this just yet, a staffer friendly to us from inside the capitol building leaked some new info to us regarding the elections (or what passed for elections) in Waukesha last night.  Our friend in a high place told us that the fed is now looking at addititonal charges against Alberta Darling and her campaign.  Now that could still mean the three previous charges she is being investigated for and the two new one's could be against her campaign manager.  It is still too early to tell and of course at this stage of the game the rumor mill is in overdrive.

If the GOP tries to convene a 'special' legislative session anytime in the next week it would probably mean that they are trying to pass new guidelines that would allow for convicted felons to serve in the legislative branch of our states government.  This would not only benefit Alberta Darling in particular but the republican party in general as they have a lot of former players waiting quietly in the wings for years after they have been convicted of crimes that are keeping them out of office..............so far.

Today's solidarity singalong was as strong as ever, and perhaps a little louder than ever as well.  The two new additions to the democratic party in the senate were celebrated as well as they're new addition in the state assembly.  Welcome aboard dem's, you have your work cut out for you.

During the singalong a few of us took a couple minutes to stop by the offices of soon to be former senator Randy Hopper, you remember him as they guy who doesn't even live in his district and held office fraudulently while shacking up with a staffer in Madison, leaving his family behind.  And hating him for it I might add, man his soon to be ex-wife really, really dislikes that guy, and for good reason.  Anyway we stopped by Randy's office and offered to help move him out but his staff was already busy amidst a pile of empty boxes, packing items up, shredding files and the like.  For some strange reason they did not appear at all grateful for the offer of help..........hmmmm some people.

After recent reconnoitering at the GAB building I am very confident that between one and two hundred of us could occupy and hold the place until federal officials show up to take over the complete investigation into what has been happening to the voting process in Wisconsin.

Two more elections next week people so remember to VOTE, VOLUNTEER and be VIGILANT.  We still have lots of work to do and the fight is not even close to over yet.  We will still send Scotty slinking home again after we clean out the rest of 'our house.'

Thank you all for your continued reading and remaining up to speed on the issues and events that are changing our state and our nations future for generations to come.  Keep up those comments tea party members, especially those of you who consider yourselves really smart.  Your doing wonders for my book deal.  One day longer, one day stronger Wisconsin.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Be just and fear not..................

.....................for hope springs eternal.  Although there was a set back in last nights elections don't assume that much of anything has really changed.  Alberta Darling was able to squeak by and barely maintain her seat in the senate for now, but please remember that she is under investigation.

Take heart that we won historic victories last night and that our momentum is still going strong.  We have two Dem's to defend in next weeks elections.  Apart from that we should take joy in having defeated Hopper in a very red district.  And nearly took out Olsen as well from the reddest of the red districts.  Next week Steitz who is a resident of Chicago and is not even eligible to run in Wisconsin and has known ties to pedophiles will be fraudulently taking on a Democrat and we need to spread the word of his illegal campaign.  Put pressure on the GAB to expose this thinly veiled fraud before something horrible happens.  Call the news desks and editors to the media in your area as well.

It is also starting to look like Steitz was chosen for this role by shadow puppets of the corporations.  It is starting to look like his law school tuition may have been paid for by such interests.  They are also the same one's that after he graduated, moved him to London England to begin social engineering training so that he could help lead the assault on the voters and workers of America.  All the while there, he lived inside a cultlike enclave under investigation by European authorities.

In next weeks other election we have tea party wing nut Kim Simac, a high school drop out with a shadowy past and who is also looking at legal issue's.  She is also completely unfamiliar with holding office and the workings of the democratic process.  To hear her speak is to hear the voice of unreason itself and her odds next week look terrible.

Be just and fear not for the senate may still likely flip over to a party that represents the bulk of Wisconsin's citizens.  Demand investigation from the state and the fed into the gross violations of the election laws by the tea party owned GOP.  Volunteer to operate the phone banks and canvass for our candidates, you know that is what I will be doing.

And one glorious day soon we will go after Scotty himself, the weasel that gnaws at the guts of the badger state.  It will be a glorious day for us all when he is sent skulking back off into the shadows from where he came from.  Keep the faith sisters and brothers for we are not done yet, not by a good old honest Wisconsin country mile.  With much hope and solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

History in the making

Little link there to a song that sums up the current position of Scotty Walker and the other 'tools & fools' of the tea party and the corporate powers that lead them. 

Well it is a perfect and gorgeous day here in Madison, people are psyched up for the recall elections that may possibly put the state back in the hands of it's citizens.  If things are less than perfect today than it may come down to next Tuesdays elections to determine things.  Regardless, Madison is just buzzing over news of record attendance at the polls.  It will be hard to wait for the election results to come in.  Now  I need to decide where I should go to watch as the numbers come in.  There are literally dozens of really good options as events are happening all over Madison, which has always been a very political town.

I received a comment a couple hours ago regarding one of my previous blog postings.  I am going to assume that the person was likely a right winger and probably lives in or around Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.  Basically the comment was condemning me for 'outing' Ron Blair over the knife incident at the capitol a few weeks back.

I summed up the reasons for doing that in a blog posted that same week.  But just for the sake of answering somebody that bothered to read me even though they obviously disagree with me I will add the following to my previous comments.

Mr Blair then tried to flee the scene of the crime..........looks guilty to me.
Mr Blair threatened me outside of the capitol building.  On video that looks really guilty.
Mr Blair then told me that if the police were called it wouldn't matter because in his words "Yeah go call the police.......I'm D.O.A."  The DOA being the Department of Administration run my a noted GOTea friend of Walker and sounded like a planned activity to me.  Darn funny thing to say no matter what.
After he fled in the elevator to inform his boss of what had happened the DOA nearly immediately released a detailed account of the events as they state them to have happened.  That looks really hinky.

Now here we have another example of the right wingers attacking women/children again, and trying to hide behind legalities and double talk and money.  With the officers who had finally followed myself and Mr Blair outside had caught up to us they appeared concerned that I had dialed 911 which meant that various other departments and offices would be aware of the incident.

At this point it certainly appeared to me that the entire incident would try to be swept under the rug, as it were.  And as we have learned things around Madison lately have had a funny habit of disappearing and never being heard of again.  Take David 'the Wisconsin Strangler' Prosser for instance.  That leaves the people with only free speech to protect them and let them know who the threat is in their communities.

Now as it turns out this incident is going to court for once.  So Mr Blairs name and information is public record now for his actions.  So your point is moot my commenting friend.  But since you appear to be a right winger I am imagining that you can validate a large man taking a knife to a female who is unarmed.  And because you take the stance of protecting this person I will also assume your a rightie as they love to blame they're victims while crying foul.

And back to the important things and people in life.  If you live in a recall district people VOTE VOTE VOTE.  Vote like your life depends on it because it does, or at least the life of someone you know who receives BadgerCare or Medicaid.  Perhaps they have a special needs child who will be disenfranchised by the radical right agenda.  VOTE VOTE VOTE.  In solidarity.

On Wisconsin!     FORWARD!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Beware the post of anarchy

Well this might not be the post of anarchy and/or chaos here this afternoon, but this will be a random and rambling post to say the least.  The last couple of months I have been without my trusty laptop computer which means that my blog entries recently have been thought up, typed out and usually released without editing in a very short amount of time in between researching, networking and other such chores on public access computers at the library.

I am sure most of you have noted, at least to yourselves, that my writing has slipped down a notch lately.  Thank you for your time and patience with me.  I will get my faithful laptop back today sometime and then I can afford to take more time and effort in these postings.

Apart from that though, what a wild day here in good ol Madison Wisconsin.  Lots of early legwork tracking people down and visiting offices in the capitol building.  Although the federal government has made public its intense investigation into bribery and fraud from repugnant senator Alberta Darling, the GOP controlled, Rupert Murdoch dominated main stream media still refuses to report this information.  Here in Madison I have gotten word from local T.V. affiliates, channels 3 and 27 (off record of course) that they will not report on any stories casting negativity on the republican party until at least 6pm tomorrow night which is right before the polls closed.  Although this is scandalous and unprofessional it is no surprise to me as I deal with these people weekly if not daily.  The fact that they now feel confident in telling me they are under orders to be biased is at least a small step in the right direction.  That is in as far as admitting to having a problem is the first step in dealing with that problem.

Speaking of problems we have received word from multiple sources that the cowardly woman beating, child endangering subhumanity that is the tools and fools of the tea party will be in Madtown en masse.  We are uncertain what to think of this as the solidarity singalong is way too large these days for them to mess with anymore.  Are they just going to wander down State street and accost women walking by themselves for wearing solidarity buttons.  The tea party would never consider action against grown men so what would they be planning on doing here in the capitol city of the state of Wisconsin which hates and despises them?  Don't they know they are going to end up going home by by college kids and activist's who are way tougher and smarter than they could ever hope to be?

Can you imagine GOP control?  A return to wire hanger abortions,total reversal of human rights..  Lynchings of minorities on the weekends.  Children removed from single parent homes for reasons of 'christian values'  I will tolerate if not advocate anything done to the right wing but I much prefer the high road of peaceful resistance.

Speaking of peaceful resistance the Solidarity Singalong will be in full swing tomorrow not just for the regular noon to one rally but also at eight Tuesday evening as we gather for the election results.  And speaking of election results the repugs are all but promising a return to extensive voter fraud across the state tomorrow.  Please volunteer to help with exit polling in your area if you can.

Wow maybe this is the blog posting of anarchy, I'm all over the board today.  Guess that is because so many things are on my mind right now.  I cant believe the recall elections will be here finally tomorrow.  Although this is what we have been working towards for so long, back when we started this last winter it seemed like a dream of something a million years off.  So surrealistic to have it here within our grasp now.  But here it is so be cautiously joyous and thoroughly vigilant when it comes to the elections tomorrow.

Keep the faith sisters and brothers, the prize is within sight, just don't let it be stolen again by the traitors, thieves and liars on the right.  If all goes well in the elections I will post a link to the meanest song of all time, performed by the band Faith No More, as an outgoing present to the GOP scum and filth.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Hellooooooo LaX WI !

Fantastic and uplifting day on Sunday.  Steph, Segway Jeremy, Miles and myself took the road trip from Madison up to LaCrosse, WI on Sunday.  The folks up there content that repug Kapanke was soon to be political history took some time and effort and invested in a show of solidarity for those of us from Madison who are neck deep in the trenches everyday.
The main event was at a very nice pub named Bodega and it was there that we were greeted by our brothers and sisters from the shores of the Mississippi river.  Photo's of us and segments from my postings were everywhere.  People welcomed us with open arms (and unlimited free drinks and food I might add) and made us feel very welcome indeed.  I believe there was a total of eight bands that played and I am still overwhelmed by the solidarity and support that we were shown.
I'm off to the capitol building now, and will post here again later today.  GET OUT THE VOTE PEOPLE, we are almost there but all of our efforts wont matter at all if we don't vote the bastiches out of office.  They are a disgrace to Wisconsin, America and the spirit of Democracy.  Lets take it back, here and now.  And then go after Scotty boy AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Peace and solidarity everyone.  And a big shout out to my homeboy from Camp Douglas who arranged and organized yesterdays event in LaCrosse, love ya brother.  Until later readers, keep the faith and rejoice for tomorrow is our day.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy happy, joy joy

Well it seems like Santa has been reading my wish list and decided to send my present a little early this year.  In case you somehow have missed the news it was reported by my good friends at Politiscoop.com at 11:45 this morning that federal investigators are accusing Koch brothers loving, treasonous senator Alberta (nobodies) Darling of three felony counts of voter fraud and accepting bribes in her campaign effort to avoid a recall of her office for her scandalous even nefarious support of the radical agenda of Scotty Walker.
I knew something was in the works but this is even better than what I had hoped for.  The great part is that the federal government has finally stepped in to call out the tea party controlled GOP for their illegal and immoral    tactics of subverting everything that they can get their hands on.
We are now so much closer to flipping over the senate than we were yesterday.  Not that our odds were too bad then but this is so much better.  I cant wait to hear the whining and the crying from the tea party as they try to claim that they should be able to break the laws of our state and nation just because they're so darned self-important and out of touch with the real world.
I just may break out into a spontaneous happy dance at any minute now.  Congratulations not only to those who broke the story but to everyone who has been helping out in reclaiming our state from the rot and corruption that is the corporate owned republican party.
Speaking of which (and you knew this was coming) there is still a huge demand for anyone that can volunteer their time in the recall efforts.  Volunteer with pride and your chins held high for we are only days away from making international history for our efforts to save our homeland.  Wisconsin is about to become a shining beacon of hope to the rest of the world as we again as in the last century, put the needs and freedom of the people out of the hands of corporate interests.  Democracy is about to return, let the clouds part and the bells ring out for our day in nearly here.
On these happy notes I will leave you until tomorrow dear readers.  Keep the faith and maintain your solidarity.  We are about to overcome. 
Also something I forgot to do earlier this week, which is give a big ol Wisconsin shout out to the Forward Marching Band as well as the Liberty Players for the excellent puppet show/live performance I was lucky enough to have watched at last Saturday's farmers market on the square.  A truly wonderful spectacle.  Until later on sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweet relief

A totally gorgeous day here in Madison, temperatures in the mid-eighties with relatively decent humidity levels.  Much, much better than the 90% humidity and temperature in the upper 160's of last week.  Well maybe it wasn't quite that hot but it certainly felt that way.
I was informed last night by Blake Gober, assistant to justice David "The Wisconsin Strangler" Prosser, that he will be leaving the badger state to take a position in Washington D.C.  At least that is his story, his stories so far have been questionable at best.  It is nice for me to think though that we will have one less teabully running around our states capitol though.
Another great solidarity singalong today, guest's from around the state where present, and if I forgot to report it here earlier we had folks from Oslo Norway in attendance on Monday.  Madison is still ground zero in the war for American democracy and freedom and the world is still watching us and joining in solidarity.
Spent the morning and afternoon chasing Scotty boy Walker around Madison before he signed off on the legislation denying our citizens unemployment insurance.  Boy that guy sure knows how to make friends doesn't he?
More networking with the media this evening trying to help our friend Hallis who is on hunger strike.  He is spending a lot more time sleeping (which is a good thing) as starvation and heat related effects are taking a toll on his health.
The recall elections are coming up on us fast sisters and brothers.  If you can find the time to help out in polling, canvassing or manning the phone banks now is the time.  With a little luck one week from now Wisconsin will be a much happier and healthier place for its decent hard working citizens to live.  Then we can maybe relax just a little bit before taking on the fuhrer....oops I mean the governor (fraudulently elected) Scotty Walker and send him packing off to the east coast to work for the Koch brothers directly.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thank you teabillies and teabullies

Some days it is just so much fun to be me.  Some of the folks down in Fort Atkinson have discovered my blog recently and of course a small minority of the population of that otherwise fine Wisconsin town have had their minds and best interests subverted by the senseless emotional rhetoric of the tea party.  Such things happen as we all know.
So of course these proud and brave teabaggers (if your man-crush on Scotty boy is this heavy certainly some tea bagging would be involved) have been commenting on my posts here at hungryguymadison.  Of course the language and usage of such is abysmal at best it is very telling of not only the tea party mentality and how easy it would be to subvert their thinking, but also of the 'anything goes but only for us' self-condoning behaviour which is their most distinctive value.
But anyway, they really have pumped up the stats on my blog here recently and I would like to say with all of my heart...............................
                              THANK YOU TEA PARTY TOOLS AND FOOLS
You see my blog is monetized and with all the traffic on this site from the righties lately I am very glad to say that before I posted this blog I checked my paypal account and because of the righties I now have enough extra income to pay for a state of Wisconsin/solidarity tattoo.  Thank you tools and fools for the best gift I could imagine receiving this year except for the possibility of recalling your corporate whore from the governors office.  I will never forget you all for this.
Finally as one right wing nut job commented "there will be a serious investigation of this" referring to information from a previous blog post, you are absolutely right.  I was contacted by the police a little while ago, they read this blog too you know, and the person who commented on my blog who identified themselves as a police officer you are being investigated for impersonating an officer or possibly if the commenter was the very young (puppy) officer from Fort Atkinson, your own review board will be contacting you very soon.  Personally I cant wait to see how that goes.

Every cloud has it silver lining, why even Scotty himself has galvanized so many people that it is very likely we will never see right wing corporate fascism at any scale again in our lifetimes here in the badger state.  Sorry to let you down righties but you have shot yourselves in the foot again.  And while I have your attention you tea party radicals and zealots I have a quick question for you.
Since the tea party hates so many different people, since your party is so racist, homophobic,nationalistic and sexist, in other words since the party is so opposed to the Constitution of the United States of America which states that we are all equal, why don't you move to the Sudan or communist China where your views would be much more in line with those respective governments?  You certainly have no place here in good old progressive/compassionate Wisconsin, heck not even in New Jersey.
As for us decent and compassionate human beings from the slightly right of center over to the left, we are organizing some really huge rallies for this month.  Expect to see the return of the multitudes to the state capitol as the recalls go rolling along.  Peace and solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

I'm the umpire

Hey there Fort Atkinson, gotta lot of comments recently from some of the locals tools and fools of the tea party.  All I can say is that I report on what I see and hear.  If it seems that there is a high probability to the information and if its pertinent to what is going on then I report it.  It is weird that people seem to be reading all kinds of detailed information from a generalized report that states no specifics.
What is even more telling is that these same teabullies are unconcerned about much bigger issue's.  That is because they tend to over-sensationalize and are easily led by base emotions.  Logic is not their cup of tea at all it seems.
Are they concerned about the repeated death threats against organizers and politicians?  No but they will jump up and down and howl about how they love the teachings of Christ and call themselves 'true christians'
Are they up in arms over the suspected arson in LaCrosse that will likely be tied to the tea party?  No they are not.
Are they concerned over an armed attack on a female in the capitol?  No they are not.
Are they concerned about members of there party committing violent acts in front of camera's in  the capitol building for the world to see?  No they are not.
but look at how they get their undies in a bundle when it comes to their beloved Scotty Walker, my oh my.  Some F.Y.I. for you folks on the right, your man crush on Scotty is so intense one has to wonder if it's completely hetero.
What can I say folks if you don't like the news, then don't watch it.
If you don't like citizen journalism, then don't read it.
As far as the 'communist' labeling is concerned I have yet not met a single teabilly that can explain the difference between communism and socialism let alone Marxism as opposed to Stalin ism and they definately cant see how they all tie in with the streets, sidewalks,power lines and libraries that they use every day, well probably not the libraries.
Once again I just call them like I see them.  But I do strongly encourage you to keep on reading though regardless, my blog is monetized and I'm making a profit off of your lack of education.  Until later folks.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lies, lies, lies yeah


Someday I will finally figure out how to post a working link on this page instead of making folks type everything out  the old fashioned way.  Hello and greetings again from ground zero in Madison, WI the home of the world champion Green Bay Packers, America's dairyland and the Progressive party, we are not the home of Scotty Walker though, that piece of work was imported here from Colorado.
Well it has been a rather exciting 48 hours or so since I last posted for you folks, here are some of the highlights (well lowlights maybe) of what has been happening here recently.  On Saturday our hunger striking brother was given a rather lengthy interview on the Sara Schultz radio show.  Thank you very much to Sara for covering what others are told not to by the corporate powers that be.
McGiver on the Internet posted a extremely biased and heavily edited piece on the protesters at last weeks rally in Fort Atkinson, WI.  They made it look like we basically attacked a very kind hearted small business and abused the owners and the disabled workers employed by the company out of ignorance and malice.  Well now.............let me set the record straight.
We were protesting Opportunities Incorporated, which is a company that abuses and uses the disabled for their own greedy purposes and in the media, hides behind the disabled to protect its image and heinous lack of respect for its employees.  Opp Inc. was noted by Scott Walker personally for the way it has employed the disabled as temporary part time workers who receive no benefits and very little in the way of pay, heck they don't even get legal work breaks as they toil away daily in the heat as only the management offices have any air conditioning.  And they call us disrespectful.
Instead of employing the disabled to work and take part in the community to the benefit of all, Opp Inc hires only the disabled and seals them off inside a factory warehouse straight out of Charles Dickins.  They are paid below the minimum wage and they do the most demeaning and demoralizing work imaginable.  The boss of Opp Inc. Barb LeDuc made $199,795.00 last year with her Cadillac benefits package.
92% of her employees made less than $9,600.00 last year
50% made less than $3,840.00
20% made less than $1,920.00
So I repeat my question, who is it that is truly abusing the disabled here.  And why is Barb LeDuc calling herself a victim?  Her employee's were out amongst us protesting Opp Inc. and Scotty Walker.  Classic right wing double talk and blaming of the victims.  Darn them all to heck!
Also in the news the We Are Wisconsin, political action committee in LaCrosse, WI had their headquarters torched and burnt to the ground this last weekend.  Interestingly enough this happened right before the big rally in LaCrosse next weekend.  Tea party groups are already calling themselves the victims of police investigations and have stated that they feel they are being picked on and victimized.  I'm sorry tea party, who is the victim here?  Once again, typical righty tactics.
Senator Luther Olson has sex with a teenage girl who was trusting enough of him to babysit in his home and the facts come out.  Now Luther Olson is calling himself the tragic and misunderstood victim of this 'Lolita' and condemns the actions of those who would hold him up to the bright light of justice.  Who is the victim here really soon to be former senator Olson?
One week ago today Ron Blair a manager of the Dept. of Admin. here physically assaulted a female protester and slashed at her with a knife before slamming her through a door and running away.  I trailed him across the capitol square while dialing 911.  Now I am under attack by the powers that be because my 911 call meant that a single police agency could not sweep its friend Ron's case away under the rug.  Now the DOA is calling itself a victim of my having turned in their knife wielding goon.  WHO IS THE DARN VICTIM HERE ?!?!?!

Such is the day to day life of an activist opposed to the cowardly 'tools and fools' of the tea party radicals who control all right of center politics.  Grown men attack women and the elderly in the capitol and call themselves victims because they were arrested for this terrible behaviour.
The leader of the aforementioned action disgraced former senator Zein who was nearly rolling over infants in his wheel and threatening folks.
Welcome to the tea party folks, welcome to what you can all expect in your futures if you don't take action to reverse this fanatical and immoral trend in contemporary American politics.  Corruption at the core will spread outwards.  Corruption in the heartland of America will soon spread from shore to shore.  Support the recall elections by canvassing, working the phones, volunteering at the polls and most importantly by voting the repugs out of office.
And be on the lookout for obvious bull dooky from the GOP.  They are using robo-calling in conjunction with phone number changing app's that make it look like the democrats are calling people and telling them that the elections are cancelled.
The recall elections are not, will not, can not be cancelled.
They also can not be set back to a different date.
The voting locations will not change.
You as of yet, do not need to show I.D. to vote.

Scotty himself and take back the state.  And after that we can all sit back and have a good laugh as Scotty starts to call himself a victim as he skulks off into the sunset.

On Wisconsin!    Solidarity!!!!