Monday, August 1, 2011

Lies, lies, lies yeah

Someday I will finally figure out how to post a working link on this page instead of making folks type everything out  the old fashioned way.  Hello and greetings again from ground zero in Madison, WI the home of the world champion Green Bay Packers, America's dairyland and the Progressive party, we are not the home of Scotty Walker though, that piece of work was imported here from Colorado.
Well it has been a rather exciting 48 hours or so since I last posted for you folks, here are some of the highlights (well lowlights maybe) of what has been happening here recently.  On Saturday our hunger striking brother was given a rather lengthy interview on the Sara Schultz radio show.  Thank you very much to Sara for covering what others are told not to by the corporate powers that be.
McGiver on the Internet posted a extremely biased and heavily edited piece on the protesters at last weeks rally in Fort Atkinson, WI.  They made it look like we basically attacked a very kind hearted small business and abused the owners and the disabled workers employed by the company out of ignorance and malice.  Well now.............let me set the record straight.
We were protesting Opportunities Incorporated, which is a company that abuses and uses the disabled for their own greedy purposes and in the media, hides behind the disabled to protect its image and heinous lack of respect for its employees.  Opp Inc. was noted by Scott Walker personally for the way it has employed the disabled as temporary part time workers who receive no benefits and very little in the way of pay, heck they don't even get legal work breaks as they toil away daily in the heat as only the management offices have any air conditioning.  And they call us disrespectful.
Instead of employing the disabled to work and take part in the community to the benefit of all, Opp Inc hires only the disabled and seals them off inside a factory warehouse straight out of Charles Dickins.  They are paid below the minimum wage and they do the most demeaning and demoralizing work imaginable.  The boss of Opp Inc. Barb LeDuc made $199,795.00 last year with her Cadillac benefits package.
92% of her employees made less than $9,600.00 last year
50% made less than $3,840.00
20% made less than $1,920.00
So I repeat my question, who is it that is truly abusing the disabled here.  And why is Barb LeDuc calling herself a victim?  Her employee's were out amongst us protesting Opp Inc. and Scotty Walker.  Classic right wing double talk and blaming of the victims.  Darn them all to heck!
Also in the news the We Are Wisconsin, political action committee in LaCrosse, WI had their headquarters torched and burnt to the ground this last weekend.  Interestingly enough this happened right before the big rally in LaCrosse next weekend.  Tea party groups are already calling themselves the victims of police investigations and have stated that they feel they are being picked on and victimized.  I'm sorry tea party, who is the victim here?  Once again, typical righty tactics.
Senator Luther Olson has sex with a teenage girl who was trusting enough of him to babysit in his home and the facts come out.  Now Luther Olson is calling himself the tragic and misunderstood victim of this 'Lolita' and condemns the actions of those who would hold him up to the bright light of justice.  Who is the victim here really soon to be former senator Olson?
One week ago today Ron Blair a manager of the Dept. of Admin. here physically assaulted a female protester and slashed at her with a knife before slamming her through a door and running away.  I trailed him across the capitol square while dialing 911.  Now I am under attack by the powers that be because my 911 call meant that a single police agency could not sweep its friend Ron's case away under the rug.  Now the DOA is calling itself a victim of my having turned in their knife wielding goon.  WHO IS THE DARN VICTIM HERE ?!?!?!

Such is the day to day life of an activist opposed to the cowardly 'tools and fools' of the tea party radicals who control all right of center politics.  Grown men attack women and the elderly in the capitol and call themselves victims because they were arrested for this terrible behaviour.
The leader of the aforementioned action disgraced former senator Zein who was nearly rolling over infants in his wheel and threatening folks.
Welcome to the tea party folks, welcome to what you can all expect in your futures if you don't take action to reverse this fanatical and immoral trend in contemporary American politics.  Corruption at the core will spread outwards.  Corruption in the heartland of America will soon spread from shore to shore.  Support the recall elections by canvassing, working the phones, volunteering at the polls and most importantly by voting the repugs out of office.
And be on the lookout for obvious bull dooky from the GOP.  They are using robo-calling in conjunction with phone number changing app's that make it look like the democrats are calling people and telling them that the elections are cancelled.
The recall elections are not, will not, can not be cancelled.
They also can not be set back to a different date.
The voting locations will not change.
You as of yet, do not need to show I.D. to vote.

Scotty himself and take back the state.  And after that we can all sit back and have a good laugh as Scotty starts to call himself a victim as he skulks off into the sunset.

On Wisconsin!    Solidarity!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, once again, THANKS for your brilliant posts - as pathetic & disgusting as the information is, you never fail to help me chuckle at an otherwise ugly situation... see you on the Front, brother - ONWARD & FORWARD - Gloria