Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thank you teabillies and teabullies

Some days it is just so much fun to be me.  Some of the folks down in Fort Atkinson have discovered my blog recently and of course a small minority of the population of that otherwise fine Wisconsin town have had their minds and best interests subverted by the senseless emotional rhetoric of the tea party.  Such things happen as we all know.
So of course these proud and brave teabaggers (if your man-crush on Scotty boy is this heavy certainly some tea bagging would be involved) have been commenting on my posts here at hungryguymadison.  Of course the language and usage of such is abysmal at best it is very telling of not only the tea party mentality and how easy it would be to subvert their thinking, but also of the 'anything goes but only for us' self-condoning behaviour which is their most distinctive value.
But anyway, they really have pumped up the stats on my blog here recently and I would like to say with all of my heart...............................
                              THANK YOU TEA PARTY TOOLS AND FOOLS
You see my blog is monetized and with all the traffic on this site from the righties lately I am very glad to say that before I posted this blog I checked my paypal account and because of the righties I now have enough extra income to pay for a state of Wisconsin/solidarity tattoo.  Thank you tools and fools for the best gift I could imagine receiving this year except for the possibility of recalling your corporate whore from the governors office.  I will never forget you all for this.
Finally as one right wing nut job commented "there will be a serious investigation of this" referring to information from a previous blog post, you are absolutely right.  I was contacted by the police a little while ago, they read this blog too you know, and the person who commented on my blog who identified themselves as a police officer you are being investigated for impersonating an officer or possibly if the commenter was the very young (puppy) officer from Fort Atkinson, your own review board will be contacting you very soon.  Personally I cant wait to see how that goes.

Every cloud has it silver lining, why even Scotty himself has galvanized so many people that it is very likely we will never see right wing corporate fascism at any scale again in our lifetimes here in the badger state.  Sorry to let you down righties but you have shot yourselves in the foot again.  And while I have your attention you tea party radicals and zealots I have a quick question for you.
Since the tea party hates so many different people, since your party is so racist, homophobic,nationalistic and sexist, in other words since the party is so opposed to the Constitution of the United States of America which states that we are all equal, why don't you move to the Sudan or communist China where your views would be much more in line with those respective governments?  You certainly have no place here in good old progressive/compassionate Wisconsin, heck not even in New Jersey.
As for us decent and compassionate human beings from the slightly right of center over to the left, we are organizing some really huge rallies for this month.  Expect to see the return of the multitudes to the state capitol as the recalls go rolling along.  Peace and solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


Anonymous said...

I feel sad for your illness. You could be aided with medication. Give it a try

Anonymous said...

hey anon...projecting again?

R said...

Just like those entrepreneurs at leftie rallies hawking Che t-shirts, only with less actual physical labor involved - which seems to be what it's about with you.

Ain't capitalism grand? You must have a good amount of disposable income to blow it on a tattoo.