Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Segment one of four: Justice

Just       definition is 'fair, right, having a basis in fact'
Justice   definition is  'the maintenance or admiration of that which is just.' 'impartial adjustment of conflicting claims.'  'to treat fairly or according to merit.'

Thank you to the fine folks who compile the Oxford English Dictionary.

Given the recent events in Wisconsin many of this state's fine citizens are of the mind set that justice is something that no longer exists in our fair state.  It would be easy for me to agree with them if I was watching local news as well.  Luckily for me I tend to receive my news either directly or from a variety of sources both international and domestic. It paints a far more precise picture of what is transpiring.

For example there has been a lot of right wing shenanigans this week in which the extremists tools and fools of the tea party have been falsely claiming spamming by anyone who does not agree with their views.  This is leading to a wave of people unable to fully utilize their facebook accounts.  Taking away a persons voice and interfering with the ability to peacefully assemble, electronically or otherwise, is a hallmark of the neo-conservative movement.  But we did it right back to them since turnabout is fair play.  So that's one example of justice.

My blog was attacked along the same lines and my Google AdSense account was closed when I logged on this morning.  It took a couple of phone calls from my attorney friends but that was quickly remedied and I am happy to report no loss of income from my posting's.  Once again justice at work for the people.

On this day in history back in the year 1861 president Abraham Lincoln outlawed the individual states of the American Republic from trade relations with the confederacy.  That was a form of justice which we have and should still be pursuing today.  Maintain your boycotts of Georgia Pacific products, Johnsonville brats and other products, there is a list on my facebook page.  They are using the money we the citizens gave them and are using it against us.  So we will boycott them and take away their ability to sabotage us.  That is poetic justice and I am very fond of that.

Also although I am not in the habit of deleting hateful comments on these pages I am deleting the comments that are coming from one particular source.  This person is known to me and just absolutely craves attention and by not naming them and likewise, by removing their comments, I am applying a little of my own justice as well to someone who is dying to have the spotlight on them but doesn't have what it takes to achieve any real recognition of their own.

On the national scale some justice is being achieved against lying, cheating, anti-Christian (even though she claims to be one) tea party sycophant Michelle Bachmann.  You see the Bachmanns own Bachmann Family Farms just north of here in Independance, Wisconsin.  She has been claiming that she hates farm subsidies yet her farm has received over $250,000 in subsidies over recent years.  She also claims that she has "not received a penny on money from that farm" yet her tax records show a six figure income from the same time frame.  Now as she prepares to be one of the many nut jobs running for the office of president under the tea party/republican banner she is being exposed as a cheat and a fraud.  Once again justice is still at work against the criminals who disrespect our system of government which is based on fairness for all.

Another definition of justice which I forgot to look up before writing this is the office of justice.  As used in the following sentence  "Judge David Prosser is not qualified to be a supreme court justice based on his unwillingness to respect the courts or his fellow judges."  Many of us were afraid that justice would not be brought to bear on Prosser due to his buddy buddy relationship with Scotty Walker. Today it was announced though, that Sauk County District Attorney Barret would be taking over the investigation into Prosser and will be in charge of what to do with him.  Once again justice is alive and well though obviously not perfect.  Another example of justice will come after whatever charges to come against him are filed.  At that time the tea party will jump up and down claiming the charges have no validity because D.A. Barrett is a female.  That rampant display of sexism will backfire on them as their tactics have a habit of doing, and justice will be served by further proof of the sexism, racism, homophobia of the party.

So take heart Wisconsinites and people elsewhere, yes Virginia there is a justice in this world.  And as long as justice reigns in the hearts and minds of the people that same justice will serve us by protecting us from the wickedness and evil.

And now a side note, some news that I truly am not happy to report.  As you may remember I have been doing some media relations work for Hallis, who is on 'hunger strike' to call attention to misappropriations within the Social Security and Veterans Administrations that has been keeping much needed benefits from the deserving women and men of our armed forces.  This is a truly noble cause and I applaud Hallis not only for the protest idea but for his own service as a veteran of the U.S. Army.
Unfortunately Hallisalot of stress and my heart reaches out to him.  I am attempting to communicate with his family to try and persuade him to seek some form of counseling which it seems he is in need of.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


kks said...

I hope we get justice regarding Prosser....and thanks for all the other info.
You got your hands full Matt and I applaud you for doing what you've done for Hallis, and continue to do. You can't do it all, one must pace oneself in order to be effective. Do what works for you and feels right. I support you 100% and understand your frustrations regarding Hallis.
You know what really pisses me off is WHY isn't Obama coming to Madison?! I'd love your thoughts on this....
in solidarity....

frogette said...

AUGUST 16, 2011: A very importnat date in the history of Wisconsin's 3 recall elections. JIM HOLPERIN AND BOB WIRCH KEEP THEIR SENATE SEATS, JOINING DAVE HANSEN, WHO KEPT HIS IN THE FIRST RECALL ELECTION. What does this mean? It means NO Democratic Senators lost their Senate seats in the recall that Republicans tried to use to punish the Fab 14 for going to Illinois to prevent a quorum in Madison to validate Walker's Evil Union-Busting Bill. It means two Republican Senators have been yanked from their seats and replaced with two Democrats, in Confirmation of the message sent out by more than 100,000 protestors in Madison and the rest of Wisconsin that SCOTT WALKER'S ANTI MIDDLE CLASS WRKER AGENDA IS UNACCEPTABLE. That confirmation went out like the shock waves of an H-bomb after yesterday's Democratic Victories, and the effects are just starting to be felt. I just read on Twitter that Ohio's Governor Kaisch is "Shaking in His Boots" The news is so fresh, I don't even know the specifics. But I will find out soon! PEACE LOVE AND VICTORY MADISON!