Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy happy, joy joy

Well it seems like Santa has been reading my wish list and decided to send my present a little early this year.  In case you somehow have missed the news it was reported by my good friends at at 11:45 this morning that federal investigators are accusing Koch brothers loving, treasonous senator Alberta (nobodies) Darling of three felony counts of voter fraud and accepting bribes in her campaign effort to avoid a recall of her office for her scandalous even nefarious support of the radical agenda of Scotty Walker.
I knew something was in the works but this is even better than what I had hoped for.  The great part is that the federal government has finally stepped in to call out the tea party controlled GOP for their illegal and immoral    tactics of subverting everything that they can get their hands on.
We are now so much closer to flipping over the senate than we were yesterday.  Not that our odds were too bad then but this is so much better.  I cant wait to hear the whining and the crying from the tea party as they try to claim that they should be able to break the laws of our state and nation just because they're so darned self-important and out of touch with the real world.
I just may break out into a spontaneous happy dance at any minute now.  Congratulations not only to those who broke the story but to everyone who has been helping out in reclaiming our state from the rot and corruption that is the corporate owned republican party.
Speaking of which (and you knew this was coming) there is still a huge demand for anyone that can volunteer their time in the recall efforts.  Volunteer with pride and your chins held high for we are only days away from making international history for our efforts to save our homeland.  Wisconsin is about to become a shining beacon of hope to the rest of the world as we again as in the last century, put the needs and freedom of the people out of the hands of corporate interests.  Democracy is about to return, let the clouds part and the bells ring out for our day in nearly here.
On these happy notes I will leave you until tomorrow dear readers.  Keep the faith and maintain your solidarity.  We are about to overcome. 
Also something I forgot to do earlier this week, which is give a big ol Wisconsin shout out to the Forward Marching Band as well as the Liberty Players for the excellent puppet show/live performance I was lucky enough to have watched at last Saturday's farmers market on the square.  A truly wonderful spectacle.  Until later on sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


frogette said...

Great Happy Story! Glad to hear Not Darling called out on THREE counts of voter fraud. Aren't all the RW &/or Teabag lying and pulling Dirty Tricks in this election. I hope they all get busted.

If you're from out of State You can volunteer to call and donate to Democratic candidates as an individual, and it's legal and ethical. Forward my Wisconsin friends. Peace, Madison!

kks said...

Great news! Thanks for telling so eloquently.....been busy at work, my heart is always at the Capitol...makes it difficult to be anywhere else....
Peace and solidarity!
See you this week!