Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And now, please continue to be just and fear not...............

................because although I cant verify this just yet, a staffer friendly to us from inside the capitol building leaked some new info to us regarding the elections (or what passed for elections) in Waukesha last night.  Our friend in a high place told us that the fed is now looking at addititonal charges against Alberta Darling and her campaign.  Now that could still mean the three previous charges she is being investigated for and the two new one's could be against her campaign manager.  It is still too early to tell and of course at this stage of the game the rumor mill is in overdrive.

If the GOP tries to convene a 'special' legislative session anytime in the next week it would probably mean that they are trying to pass new guidelines that would allow for convicted felons to serve in the legislative branch of our states government.  This would not only benefit Alberta Darling in particular but the republican party in general as they have a lot of former players waiting quietly in the wings for years after they have been convicted of crimes that are keeping them out of far.

Today's solidarity singalong was as strong as ever, and perhaps a little louder than ever as well.  The two new additions to the democratic party in the senate were celebrated as well as they're new addition in the state assembly.  Welcome aboard dem's, you have your work cut out for you.

During the singalong a few of us took a couple minutes to stop by the offices of soon to be former senator Randy Hopper, you remember him as they guy who doesn't even live in his district and held office fraudulently while shacking up with a staffer in Madison, leaving his family behind.  And hating him for it I might add, man his soon to be ex-wife really, really dislikes that guy, and for good reason.  Anyway we stopped by Randy's office and offered to help move him out but his staff was already busy amidst a pile of empty boxes, packing items up, shredding files and the like.  For some strange reason they did not appear at all grateful for the offer of help..........hmmmm some people.

After recent reconnoitering at the GAB building I am very confident that between one and two hundred of us could occupy and hold the place until federal officials show up to take over the complete investigation into what has been happening to the voting process in Wisconsin.

Two more elections next week people so remember to VOTE, VOLUNTEER and be VIGILANT.  We still have lots of work to do and the fight is not even close to over yet.  We will still send Scotty slinking home again after we clean out the rest of 'our house.'

Thank you all for your continued reading and remaining up to speed on the issues and events that are changing our state and our nations future for generations to come.  Keep up those comments tea party members, especially those of you who consider yourselves really smart.  Your doing wonders for my book deal.  One day longer, one day stronger Wisconsin.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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