Tuesday, August 9, 2011

History in the making

Little link there to a song that sums up the current position of Scotty Walker and the other 'tools & fools' of the tea party and the corporate powers that lead them. 

Well it is a perfect and gorgeous day here in Madison, people are psyched up for the recall elections that may possibly put the state back in the hands of it's citizens.  If things are less than perfect today than it may come down to next Tuesdays elections to determine things.  Regardless, Madison is just buzzing over news of record attendance at the polls.  It will be hard to wait for the election results to come in.  Now  I need to decide where I should go to watch as the numbers come in.  There are literally dozens of really good options as events are happening all over Madison, which has always been a very political town.

I received a comment a couple hours ago regarding one of my previous blog postings.  I am going to assume that the person was likely a right winger and probably lives in or around Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.  Basically the comment was condemning me for 'outing' Ron Blair over the knife incident at the capitol a few weeks back.

I summed up the reasons for doing that in a blog posted that same week.  But just for the sake of answering somebody that bothered to read me even though they obviously disagree with me I will add the following to my previous comments.

Mr Blair then tried to flee the scene of the crime..........looks guilty to me.
Mr Blair threatened me outside of the capitol building.  On video that looks really guilty.
Mr Blair then told me that if the police were called it wouldn't matter because in his words "Yeah go call the police.......I'm D.O.A."  The DOA being the Department of Administration run my a noted GOTea friend of Walker and sounded like a planned activity to me.  Darn funny thing to say no matter what.
After he fled in the elevator to inform his boss of what had happened the DOA nearly immediately released a detailed account of the events as they state them to have happened.  That looks really hinky.

Now here we have another example of the right wingers attacking women/children again, and trying to hide behind legalities and double talk and money.  With the officers who had finally followed myself and Mr Blair outside had caught up to us they appeared concerned that I had dialed 911 which meant that various other departments and offices would be aware of the incident.

At this point it certainly appeared to me that the entire incident would try to be swept under the rug, as it were.  And as we have learned things around Madison lately have had a funny habit of disappearing and never being heard of again.  Take David 'the Wisconsin Strangler' Prosser for instance.  That leaves the people with only free speech to protect them and let them know who the threat is in their communities.

Now as it turns out this incident is going to court for once.  So Mr Blairs name and information is public record now for his actions.  So your point is moot my commenting friend.  But since you appear to be a right winger I am imagining that you can validate a large man taking a knife to a female who is unarmed.  And because you take the stance of protecting this person I will also assume your a rightie as they love to blame they're victims while crying foul.

And back to the important things and people in life.  If you live in a recall district people VOTE VOTE VOTE.  Vote like your life depends on it because it does, or at least the life of someone you know who receives BadgerCare or Medicaid.  Perhaps they have a special needs child who will be disenfranchised by the radical right agenda.  VOTE VOTE VOTE.  In solidarity.

On Wisconsin!     FORWARD!!!!


Nina said...

Thanks for responding to my comment. I don't intend for this to become some long thread of back and forth conversation but I just felt the need to clarify some stuff.

Hi, I'm Nina. Yes I'm from the Fort Atkinson area. No, I'm not a 'right-winger'. I'm a recent grad of UW-Madison. My mom's a public school teacher. I marched several times in February with everyone else.

How eager you are to lump people into neat little labeled boxes. Because I disagree with you, that automatically makes me a radical right-wing enemy? I don't even really understand how you're tying the balloon incident to Scott Walker and politics. The incident tells you and I and everyone else nothing about Ron Blair's political leanings.

Even the way you word the phrase "attacked a woman with a knife". Well, not really. That's a deliberately misleading statement that supports the point you're trying to make. Honestly? I think he was really upset about the ongoing balloon problem and made an admittedly grave mistake.

And yes, everyone should vote today. Peace out.

kks said...

Nina, it is hard not to be passionate about this incident when Hungry Guy was there within seconds of the assault! I was there too, to see the fleeing of Blair, watching the victim scared and upset, with blood on her, not knowing where it came from, if she was in fact injured, blood spattered on the Capitol floor....it was in fact a very surreal afternoon. I filed a police report as witness to the aftermath.
Blair is cleary "upset about the ongoing balloon problem"....but to pull out a knife and slash at a balloon?! He's just damn lucky he slashed himself and not the innocent balloon carrier.......he clearly has anger management issues, along with Prosser....