Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Be just and fear not..................

.....................for hope springs eternal.  Although there was a set back in last nights elections don't assume that much of anything has really changed.  Alberta Darling was able to squeak by and barely maintain her seat in the senate for now, but please remember that she is under investigation.

Take heart that we won historic victories last night and that our momentum is still going strong.  We have two Dem's to defend in next weeks elections.  Apart from that we should take joy in having defeated Hopper in a very red district.  And nearly took out Olsen as well from the reddest of the red districts.  Next week Steitz who is a resident of Chicago and is not even eligible to run in Wisconsin and has known ties to pedophiles will be fraudulently taking on a Democrat and we need to spread the word of his illegal campaign.  Put pressure on the GAB to expose this thinly veiled fraud before something horrible happens.  Call the news desks and editors to the media in your area as well.

It is also starting to look like Steitz was chosen for this role by shadow puppets of the corporations.  It is starting to look like his law school tuition may have been paid for by such interests.  They are also the same one's that after he graduated, moved him to London England to begin social engineering training so that he could help lead the assault on the voters and workers of America.  All the while there, he lived inside a cultlike enclave under investigation by European authorities.

In next weeks other election we have tea party wing nut Kim Simac, a high school drop out with a shadowy past and who is also looking at legal issue's.  She is also completely unfamiliar with holding office and the workings of the democratic process.  To hear her speak is to hear the voice of unreason itself and her odds next week look terrible.

Be just and fear not for the senate may still likely flip over to a party that represents the bulk of Wisconsin's citizens.  Demand investigation from the state and the fed into the gross violations of the election laws by the tea party owned GOP.  Volunteer to operate the phone banks and canvass for our candidates, you know that is what I will be doing.

And one glorious day soon we will go after Scotty himself, the weasel that gnaws at the guts of the badger state.  It will be a glorious day for us all when he is sent skulking back off into the shadows from where he came from.  Keep the faith sisters and brothers for we are not done yet, not by a good old honest Wisconsin country mile.  With much hope and solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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