Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aaah Sweet Liberty...........the concept, not the Alan Alda movie. pt 2 of 4

Liberty  definition      'the quality or state of being free'

Yesterday our subject was justice, today it is liberty.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, concepts integral to us as Americans.  The inalienable rights guaranteed to us by the founding fathers.  Unfortunately the liberty that we enjoy, or have enjoyed until recently, is under attack from the right wing zealots of the tea party.  Apparently they have realized something that I have known for awhile now.  Liberty is not a right, 'rights' as we know them do not exist naturally in the universe.  Tornado's do not recognize your right to life and property.  Rights are a concept created by humans. 
Essentially what we consider to be rights are actually possibilities.  You may possibly be able to posses life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  There is no guarantee of achieving happiness.  It either comes to you or it does not.  Our constitution actually "tries to guarantee you the strongest possibility of achieving life, liberty and happiness."
And the right wing is all over this liberty, they oppose it with all their greedy little hearts.  And they know how to play the possibility game.  They know how to manipulate the odds and tilt the playing field.  They can, have and will continue to erode these rights, these possibilities that as Americans we thought were sacred and protected.  Unfortunately they are protected by our government and our government is controlled by corporate interests.  Just like they disenfranchised Wisconsin voters with the voter suppression act, they are likewise working on removing your rights to education, health care, eventual retirement, safe public places as well as the right to speak, assemble and be represented by your government.
Without liberty and the choices given to us by that liberty we are not citizens of a nation.  We are the bio-mass that is owned by corporations to be used as a commodity for the corporations purposes.  In other words without freedom and liberty our humanity is essentially taken from us.
The tea party claims to promote liberty but as the tools and fools of the corporate interests they are actually working against liberty, against freedom.  They will likely not realize what they have been doing until it is too late,  Their ego's are too big and their rational thinking has been subverted by decades of corporate dominated social engineering.  Those of us who understand and appreciate liberty are thus held to defending liberty not just for ourselves, but to those who wrongly oppose the right, or possibility of liberty.
Wisconsin took another positive step forward yesterday by keeping in place our senators Holperin and Wirch.  And the fight continues and will continue throughout this fall and winter.  When Scotty is sent packing from our beloved state capitol and the damage he has done then this fight will be over.  But the war to protect liberty and freedom will never end.  Vigilance must be maintained for history has shown us that attacks on liberty and freedom are cyclical. 
Now for some other news from the capitol in Madison, ground zero in the class war that we neither started nor desired.  We had another visit from the tea party today at the solidarity singalong.  This time was very different from all of our previous experiences with these folks.  This time it was only a single individual who actually, surprisingly, attempted no violence inside the rotunda.  He actually just stood there, or walked around slowly carrying a his sign.  In between songs he did some repetitious shouting and yelling but as far as behaviour goes he was an extremely rare and peaceful person for a neo-conservative.  So we thanked him for taking part in democracy and then pretty much just ignored him and went on with our singing.
Several members of the Capitol police and security department, having of course prior experience with the right wingers lately, were watching the guy like a hawk.  But no violence was attempted and his presence actually galvanized and energized the large group of solidarity singers.  Actually I am hoping he comes back tomorrow.  Until later sisters and brothers it's important to...........

                                                   KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE
Today we have a two way tie for our assholes of note.  And I wont say that today's winners will come as much of a surprise to you.  Yes my assholes of note are Steitz and Simac.  The tea party flunkies who couldn't win a bought and paid for election even with all the power of the corporations behind them.  We say good-bye to them now and their political careers as well for surely the right wing radicals they represent will never trust them with such responsibilities again.
Until next time sisters and brothers, peace and solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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kks said...

Great post Matt....interesting about the moderate t-bagger....maybe he's a closet liberal...:)
Hope to see you downtown tomorrow.