Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm the umpire

Hey there Fort Atkinson, gotta lot of comments recently from some of the locals tools and fools of the tea party.  All I can say is that I report on what I see and hear.  If it seems that there is a high probability to the information and if its pertinent to what is going on then I report it.  It is weird that people seem to be reading all kinds of detailed information from a generalized report that states no specifics.
What is even more telling is that these same teabullies are unconcerned about much bigger issue's.  That is because they tend to over-sensationalize and are easily led by base emotions.  Logic is not their cup of tea at all it seems.
Are they concerned about the repeated death threats against organizers and politicians?  No but they will jump up and down and howl about how they love the teachings of Christ and call themselves 'true christians'
Are they up in arms over the suspected arson in LaCrosse that will likely be tied to the tea party?  No they are not.
Are they concerned over an armed attack on a female in the capitol?  No they are not.
Are they concerned about members of there party committing violent acts in front of camera's in  the capitol building for the world to see?  No they are not.
but look at how they get their undies in a bundle when it comes to their beloved Scotty Walker, my oh my.  Some F.Y.I. for you folks on the right, your man crush on Scotty is so intense one has to wonder if it's completely hetero.
What can I say folks if you don't like the news, then don't watch it.
If you don't like citizen journalism, then don't read it.
As far as the 'communist' labeling is concerned I have yet not met a single teabilly that can explain the difference between communism and socialism let alone Marxism as opposed to Stalin ism and they definately cant see how they all tie in with the streets, sidewalks,power lines and libraries that they use every day, well probably not the libraries.
Once again I just call them like I see them.  But I do strongly encourage you to keep on reading though regardless, my blog is monetized and I'm making a profit off of your lack of education.  Until later folks.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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