Thursday, August 25, 2011

Way better (and more informative) than Disneyland.

Been moving non-stop on very little sleep today.  So much is going on at the capitol and at the democracy convention around the corner.  Just a fantastic line up of workshops and networking sessions and lectures on peaceful gathering and solidarity, minority experiences, networking and administration, media relations.  It is going to be impossible to see everything I want to but I'm going to try.
Had a rally and brat feed (Wisconsin style) this morning and then a huge solidarity singalong filling almost three levels of the Capitol rotunda.  Lots of people wearing black for solidarity today.  Tons of exciting people to meet and communicate with.  Tons of experience in every room.
Hopefully we are going to have a very successful rally here this afternoon and then more at the convention tonight.  I cant wait to apply just some of what can be learned at an event of this nature.  In democracy and solidarity, take care sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD !!!!

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