Monday, August 8, 2011

Beware the post of anarchy

Well this might not be the post of anarchy and/or chaos here this afternoon, but this will be a random and rambling post to say the least.  The last couple of months I have been without my trusty laptop computer which means that my blog entries recently have been thought up, typed out and usually released without editing in a very short amount of time in between researching, networking and other such chores on public access computers at the library.

I am sure most of you have noted, at least to yourselves, that my writing has slipped down a notch lately.  Thank you for your time and patience with me.  I will get my faithful laptop back today sometime and then I can afford to take more time and effort in these postings.

Apart from that though, what a wild day here in good ol Madison Wisconsin.  Lots of early legwork tracking people down and visiting offices in the capitol building.  Although the federal government has made public its intense investigation into bribery and fraud from repugnant senator Alberta Darling, the GOP controlled, Rupert Murdoch dominated main stream media still refuses to report this information.  Here in Madison I have gotten word from local T.V. affiliates, channels 3 and 27 (off record of course) that they will not report on any stories casting negativity on the republican party until at least 6pm tomorrow night which is right before the polls closed.  Although this is scandalous and unprofessional it is no surprise to me as I deal with these people weekly if not daily.  The fact that they now feel confident in telling me they are under orders to be biased is at least a small step in the right direction.  That is in as far as admitting to having a problem is the first step in dealing with that problem.

Speaking of problems we have received word from multiple sources that the cowardly woman beating, child endangering subhumanity that is the tools and fools of the tea party will be in Madtown en masse.  We are uncertain what to think of this as the solidarity singalong is way too large these days for them to mess with anymore.  Are they just going to wander down State street and accost women walking by themselves for wearing solidarity buttons.  The tea party would never consider action against grown men so what would they be planning on doing here in the capitol city of the state of Wisconsin which hates and despises them?  Don't they know they are going to end up going home by by college kids and activist's who are way tougher and smarter than they could ever hope to be?

Can you imagine GOP control?  A return to wire hanger abortions,total reversal of human rights..  Lynchings of minorities on the weekends.  Children removed from single parent homes for reasons of 'christian values'  I will tolerate if not advocate anything done to the right wing but I much prefer the high road of peaceful resistance.

Speaking of peaceful resistance the Solidarity Singalong will be in full swing tomorrow not just for the regular noon to one rally but also at eight Tuesday evening as we gather for the election results.  And speaking of election results the repugs are all but promising a return to extensive voter fraud across the state tomorrow.  Please volunteer to help with exit polling in your area if you can.

Wow maybe this is the blog posting of anarchy, I'm all over the board today.  Guess that is because so many things are on my mind right now.  I cant believe the recall elections will be here finally tomorrow.  Although this is what we have been working towards for so long, back when we started this last winter it seemed like a dream of something a million years off.  So surrealistic to have it here within our grasp now.  But here it is so be cautiously joyous and thoroughly vigilant when it comes to the elections tomorrow.

Keep the faith sisters and brothers, the prize is within sight, just don't let it be stolen again by the traitors, thieves and liars on the right.  If all goes well in the elections I will post a link to the meanest song of all time, performed by the band Faith No More, as an outgoing present to the GOP scum and filth.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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