Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweet relief

A totally gorgeous day here in Madison, temperatures in the mid-eighties with relatively decent humidity levels.  Much, much better than the 90% humidity and temperature in the upper 160's of last week.  Well maybe it wasn't quite that hot but it certainly felt that way.
I was informed last night by Blake Gober, assistant to justice David "The Wisconsin Strangler" Prosser, that he will be leaving the badger state to take a position in Washington D.C.  At least that is his story, his stories so far have been questionable at best.  It is nice for me to think though that we will have one less teabully running around our states capitol though.
Another great solidarity singalong today, guest's from around the state where present, and if I forgot to report it here earlier we had folks from Oslo Norway in attendance on Monday.  Madison is still ground zero in the war for American democracy and freedom and the world is still watching us and joining in solidarity.
Spent the morning and afternoon chasing Scotty boy Walker around Madison before he signed off on the legislation denying our citizens unemployment insurance.  Boy that guy sure knows how to make friends doesn't he?
More networking with the media this evening trying to help our friend Hallis who is on hunger strike.  He is spending a lot more time sleeping (which is a good thing) as starvation and heat related effects are taking a toll on his health.
The recall elections are coming up on us fast sisters and brothers.  If you can find the time to help out in polling, canvassing or manning the phone banks now is the time.  With a little luck one week from now Wisconsin will be a much happier and healthier place for its decent hard working citizens to live.  Then we can maybe relax just a little bit before taking on the fuhrer....oops I mean the governor (fraudulently elected) Scotty Walker and send him packing off to the east coast to work for the Koch brothers directly.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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frogette said...

THE WEATHER IS HOT OUTSIDE AND ITS GETTING HOT IN THE RECALL ACTION. Despite losing their Office to a fire in La Crosse, We Are Wisconsin is setting up in a new office and continuing their campaign activities for Jennifer Schilling. They lost a day of voter contact information. They could use your help. Keep up the polling, canvasing, manning phones, and donations to the campaigns for the 5 Democrats running in the recalls. You are all Awesome!! Victory, Madison!!