Monday, August 15, 2011

Goodbye University avenue and ..................

............. hello Langdon street.  Hey there to all of the readers of these postings.  I am glad to report that somehow I managed to survive and retain my sanity throughout all the stress and shenanigans that seemed to fill all of my days last week.  Luckily for me the Ann Althouse thing on Friday really helped to buoy my spirits.  My first one on one encounter with a blogger from the 'dark side' and I won.  Not only that but I blanked her out and she is a big dog tea party blogger with all of the dark sides resources behind her.  Chalk that one up as another victory for us good folks.

Of course that whole episode led to some feedback from the far right but as stated previously you try giving yourself five minutes to cover an entire days worth of happenings from the capitol at Madison including links and side notes.  After awhile you end up just flying through things trying to get the words on the screen and hope to heaven that the spell check program has your back.  That should all be improving soon with some new equipment being put at my disposal.

Big time stress relief on Saturday, which was when I really needed it.  I was fortunate enough to be comped a pair of highly coveted tickets to the Great Taste of the Midwest beer tasting.  What an awesome time that was.  Hundreds of micro and craft brewers from all over the area.  All handing out carefully poured samples of the finest they have to offer.  Many of these beers are not even available for sale in Wisconsin at this time.  Cheeseheads and pretzel necklaces as far as the eye can see.  Everyone laughing and enjoying themselves with no rude drunks and in a crowd of thousands, no right wingers in sight to spoil the fun.  The best day I have had in quite awhile and thank you so much to the anonymous donor of the tickets who appreciates our work at the capitol.

After reluctantly leaving the tasting  (all good things must come to an end) I gathered with friends and mon cher  to watch the Pack and discuss politics.  A friend summed something up that staggered me withs its telling simplicity and that led to an intense discussion on information and spin control from the left/democratic side of the fence.  In summary this is what was said...............
        since 97% of all people in Wisconsin, other American states or anywhere in the world are all basically laborers, how did we let the remaining 3% of the population, that being the overly-prosperous divide us at such a crucial time in history?  From the teenager working the shake machine at a fast food outlet, to the sous chef at a chic restaurant atop a high rise.  From the purveyor of meats and vegetables to the food critic in formal black evening wear somewhere in Manhattan we are all producing goods and services that are by-products of our labor.  It does not matter whether east coast, southwest or Midwest, whether hourly or salaried.  Living in the suburbs or the inner-urban neighborhoods to rural farm land almost every single person alive is a laborer.  Some may work with machines, some with only the two hands in front of them but we all toil, we all labor.

So why are we not united?  I understand a quarter century of media spin and information misrepresented to the people by the corporate powers on the right.  But how come we have not found an effective mode and vehicle of advertising and information dissension to counter act these dark forces?  Even in the midst of the current Wisconsin recall election efforts, the democratic party has barely mentioned labor at all.  And it was labor and labor relations and related issue's that brought about this massive and historic backlash against the corporate entities looking to enslave us for generations to come.

And why is labor (at least some labor) taking sides with the right?  Never has the conservative side of the fence shown any respect or human decency to us, the workers, the laborers of the world?  Never, they will not even payback those labor representatives who have switched sides.  Scott Walker will/has been paid for trying to destroy our lives for Koch brothers profits.  Those who side with the tea party, or are to afraid to speak their own minds and maintain silence, the news media outlets that refuse to cover stories, they will not be paid by the corporate powers.  Only a select few upper echelon politico's will be paid for destroying all that labor and the unions have accomplished.

So why side with the powers that want to destroy the five day work week, that want to destroy women's rights and the child labor laws, that want to remove health care from everyone?  Is it some form of mental  syndrome in which working folks become so afraid for they're ability to bring in a living wage that will allow them to care and raise the families that they love that to protect the sanity they posses they have to side with the forces of evil?  Just so that they have some fake feeling of not being hopelessly screwed over by the powers that be?  If the mental stress of fighting corporate interests is that high then we should have taken to the streets with torches and pick forks long ago!

Perhaps that is what we should be considering now as we look forward to the near future here in which we will be recalling our falsely elected Governor.  Labor unite and demand what is yours!  Whether minimum wage migrant worker or salaried professional making $300k per year.  We are all labor and labor is the source of all wealth.  Do not divide yourselves by region or income but unite and stand together and we are without doubt the most powerful force on this still semi-green and blue planet.

Don't let them take what we have built, but demand the return, just take back from them what is ours.  Those who are not labor are the rare and overly-prosperous who were born into wealth.  They do not work, they do not labor and they have no value for work and labor.  They have one and one concern only and that is to protect and build the filthy pile of riches upon which they were most likely conceived as well as born.  We make that wealth, we keep the world running and we will not be treated as less than useful, evolving, industrious peoples all.  In solidarity folks.........

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD !!!!        
 Little post script here folks, the rest of this week while the state legislature is on break I will be discussing four issue's with you all tomorrow through Friday.  They will be, though not likely in this order, Legislation, Liberty, Government and Justice.  Guess where the idea for that came to me from?  Correct answer gives you five points if you live in Madison, ten if your from Wisconsin or if you get it right and have never been here, that will bag you a whopping 100 trivia points.

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