Thursday, August 11, 2011

Small victories, they add up

You know I have been including links to toons for a few weeks now and I just realised something.  Not a single tea bag negative commenter has complained about my taste in music.  That seems very odd to me, I know I'm profiling or stereotyping when I say that tea party folks to me seem like they would be the kind of folks who listen to either classic rock or country and western.  But that is the image in my head.
Especially this year when the tea party has started falling apart and most of the more politically/fiscally aware have left the movement.  Another thing that has been on my mind today is how come the truly committed, those who deeply and truly love the tea party movement don't send say......25% of their gross income to some billionaire?  That is what the party is based on, giving free money to huge corporations and over-prosperous folk in return for nothing at all.  They want to end taxes on corporations and rich folks and make up for it by destroying roads, schools, medical establishments, libraries and so forth.  So without a tea party president (darn that's a scary thought) why are they not taking the initiative on their own and giving what money they have away?
Anyway back to reality, we had a strong turnout today for the solidarity singalong.   Noted blogger Ann Althouse was there taking pictures and smiling like a fox in the hen house.  Some folks also had come up from Mississippi to take part in our showing of solidarity.  It is very empowering that we are still getting all of these national and international visitors to the sing along and the rallies.  I offered again to help the staff of former senators (REEEEEEEEEEEEEECALL) Hopper and Kapanke pack up their stuff and shred all of their incriminating documents but they once again declined.

                                             KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE
Well speaking of Hopper and Kapanke I am going to not only dedicate the song above to them but will also and likely for the last time, make them today's assholes of note.  For voter fraud and violations of election procedures.  Also for trying to sell us off as cattle to the highest bidder and basically just disrespecting the offices they should have been proud to honor I am naming them today's assholes.

As was announced earlier today due to the overwhelming documentation of voter fraud from Waukesha county and the quite disturbingly obvious fraudulent non-recall of Alberta Darling if the federal government does not step in and set things straight next week we will again by occupying our house.  We have learned alot over the last five months or so, and we will have a very different agenda this time which should be of a very much greater benefit to the people. 
I'm afraid I cant really tell you more than that as this blog is checked every day by the emergency management board.  And to tell you the truth it is quite a bit of fun to tease them and lead them around by the nose.  You should see some of the reactions we get from them by  posting false information and then sitting back and laughing our butts off as they run around like the keystone cops.
Keep the faith sisters and brothers, our day is coming.  One day longer and one day stronger.  Soon Alberta Darling will be history and after that we take out ol Scotty boy.  Solidarity, from the heartland to you.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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