Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunny day, sweeping the right wing away, on my way.............................

Sorry the last posting was cut off in the middle and that there was no time to edit it.  Will be busy this weekend having some fun with the tea party here in Madison.  Nice day for some shenanigans along the lovely shores of the lakes here in the state capitol.  Might as well have some fun with the tea party before they splinter off and disappear under the rocks again.
Keep the faith sisters and brothers, Scotty your time is coming.  Also I would like to mention that it seems interesting to me that a fair amount of the votes for Walker actually were cast based solely on his pledge and guarantee that he would repeal the statewide smoking ban.  Now just after the one year anniversary of it's inception and Scotty's turn around on repealing it the hard core smoking bloc is remarkably silent.
I'm looking forward to lots more silence coming from the right soon.  I will return on Monday if not sooner, with the continuation of the posting on legislation and government.  It will all tie together, I was just cut off in the middle of it by some right wing hackers.  Also the same persons responsible for messing with our Facebook accounts.  Our I.T. people have had the person responsible for this identified and their information is now available on Facebook.  Check out our pages and feel free to take part in things.  Solidarity my sisters and brothers, keep the faith.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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