Friday, August 12, 2011

Drama queen show's her true colors

Semi-famous blogger and rapidly aging tea party mouthpiece Ann Althouse showed up for the second day in a row at the solidarity singalong.  She showed up yesterday and was ignored for the most part so she returned today with some men, one of them a huge moose of a dude about 6'2'' and 300 lb.  She was disrespectful to everyone and was soon agitating the crowd as they tried to peacefully sing outside the capitol.

Soon her agitation led to a heated debate on the subject of religion with two of the protesters, as Ann sat back with her camera recording the conversation which her side was losing by the way, she suddenly leaped forward and stuck her camera within a few inches of one of the protesters faces.  The protester instinctively moved the camera from in front of his eye's and in what seemed a very practised maneuver began screaming hysterically for police.

Several minutes later three officers of the Capitol police and security showed up and separated the folks involved in the alleged incident and began taking statements.  Althouse claimed a vicious and unprovoked attack on her person which didn't quite match up with the statements given by the men with her.  So already they're stories don't match.  And of course the 150 or so peaceful singers had a much different view of what happened and all of our stories (and footage) did match.

The protester alleged to have 'attacked' Althouse was given a smile and a 'have a nice day' and was allowed to leave.  Althouse and her group were asked to keep away from the peaceful singers.  Of course she was not charged with filing a false report as she is a tenured law professor at UW Madison.  She appears to be what I have always heard, a attention craving egomaniac posing as a citizen journalist who will cross nearly any boundary to promote her blog to the tea party faithful.

She would not respond to any questions regarding why she needs the money and attention from her blog when her University salary is topped out.  She did say that unions are wrong and hurt America and Wisconsin though which is interesting.  I asked her if she would consider taking a pay cut to set precedent regarding her claims of 'outrageous union pay scales' and she just sneered at me.

I also find it interesting that she was wearing baggy clothes and flip flops, her companions dressed in crocs and old t-shirt, yet she repeatedly referred to the protesters, many of them in suits and ties as bums.  The old right wing double speak again,  just like the thump the bible but behave like total atheists with no fear of heavenly retribution for they're sins on earth.  Solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yo Matt,
Thanks for your vigil and report.
I'm sending this one out to my peeps.

Anonymous said...

The videos of the incident posted by Ms. Althouse prove that your account is a complete fabrication. It's not for me to understand the mind of a pathological liar, but it's hard to figure who you think you can fool by lying about what happened. (I suppose you can fool mindless dolts like Frank and his peeps.)
By the way, your writing is an English teacher's worst nightmare. That level of language mangling just kind of calls out "Dumb!" to most people who might happen upon it.

frogette said...

ALTHOUSE VIDEO COMEDY: I saw the videos of Althouse posted on Twitter on Friday. It was the worst supposed "evidence" of aggression I ever saw. It is a bad film. The great dramatic moment of the alleged attack shows a lot of shaking and you don't really see the alleged attacker. THe Solidarity Singers were obviously in the distance singing and had nothing to do with the "incident". Althouse screams out: "Why didn't anybody come to help me?!" Oh, really? Maybe if they edit in a palm tree and splice in a scene with the bad guy in "Batman" or "Captain America" Fake Faux News will have a headline story. I believe Matts Version, Thank You. Truth, Solidarity and Peace, Madison

Anonymous said...

Matt, thanks for the report. She'll deny it all.

Anonymous said...

Also, "rapidly aging" is a direct rip off of Bob Dylan. If you don't have his expressed approval to use it, you should be arrested for plagiarism.

matthew schauenburg said...

Is anyone really challenged enough to believe that any word previously spoken in history is automatically the sole intellectual property of the speaker. No wonder we are whomping on the right wing tools and fools.