Monday, June 4, 2012

Our history and our future, just 14 hours away

In about fourteen hours from when I post this, the polls will open and Wisconsin will make history.  After a year and a half of struggle and suffering or blood and tears we will have reached the recall of Scott Walker.  And things are looking pretty good.  I don't see any democrats voting for Walker in this election.  There will definitely be some republicans voting against him this time.  And the independent swing vote is just too smart to fall for the tea party and its rhetoric.

But there is still a small chance that somehow, without fraud, Walker could somehow win tomorrow.  If that were to happen it is not time for bloody riot in the streets of cities and towns across Wisconsin.  Walker's winning would only be a temporary and hollow victory for the embattled governor.

Because Mahlon Mitchell the Dem party candidate for Lt. Governor could easily beat out Kleefisch his opponent from the extreme right tomorrow.  With a Dem as lieutenant governor Walker would be quite literally, a captive of the state of Wisconsin.  By our state constitution if the Governor of Wisconsin crosses the state border, the lieutenant governor assumes immediate full duties as governor until the elected Governor of Wisconsin returns.  No more spending 99% doing the right wing political rock star routine anymore.

Also the office of the Governor of Wisconsin and whoever holds that office, now has the full power of the State Assembly as well.  So Walker could be literally tied down here and couldn't go out and generate more influence and money for his political machine.  Also the state senate is now tied evenly between Dem's and repugs.  In all likelihood at least one of the four, and likely more, of those republicans under recall will lose.  This means that Dem's will control the senate and can lock down the legislature and grind it to a halt if had to be, until after the fall elections.

Plus it is also looking likely that Walker could be arrested any day now by the FBI.  Tim Russell, Scott Walkers number one man who is in court now for embezzling from a fund for dead veterans and using the money for personal vacations amongst other things, stopped his pre-trial case dead in its tracks.  It turns out he has been giving the courts info on illegal activity coming straight from Walker himself, regarding stonewalling and obstructing the federal probe into the serious allegations against Walker and his campaign.  I cant wait for the perp walk.

So things are looking pretty darn good in Wisconsin today, before tomorrows historic election.  I am feeling well and recovered after some recent, serious health issues.  I returned today to the Solidarity Singalong on this, the second to last day of the award winning and record setting events existence.  After tomorrow the Singalong will gather for the last time on Wednesday, the day after the election.  On that day, after 384 singalongs either our goals will have been achieved and Walker will be recalled or, it will be time to turn to other tactics.

Today's singalong was a massive event, I am glad I arrived an hour early.  It was an incredible reunion of people from the last year and a half.  I helped to prepare new song books, a never ending task given the popularity of the event.  News media from Australia, Norway, Russia and Canada were there along with many other US national and regional media outlets.  Camera's were every where and the turnout for the event was spectacular and will only grow for the next two days.

I was given a great round of applause by the entire group today which was very touching, it seems some folks have been concerned for my health while I was away.  Was also approached for interviews by a Norwegian magazine, National Public Radio and Fox News.  Gave interviews to two out of the three, sorry Fox but I just have no time for you.

The city Metro buses as well as city and county work trucks were circling the capitol grounds around the Solidarity Singalong and blowing their horns and waving to everybody.  Police and fire trucks and even ordinary citizens responded in kind and the air was electric with the spirit of the Wisconsin Movement.  With all these people and vehicles and media around it was no surprise that a counter effort arrived to represent those who still stand with Scott Walker.  A lone middle aged man on foot with a anti-union sign showed up about half way through the singalong, he has been there often before and identifies himself as 'Pigman.'  There was also a lone pro-Walker mini-van quietly travelling around the Capitol Square for awhile today, and that was all the Walker support to be found.  Well apart from the national FOX news crew that is.

So be light of heart and hopeful you brave and bold badgers, it looks like all the momentum is on our side.  Sure there is the possibility of some election fraud arising from shenanigans involving the use of the touch screen e-voting machines, but Walker and the tea party know the federal government is watching them now after previous happenings.  So go out and vote folks and make Wisconsin history tomorrow while also creating Wisconsin's future.

Use paper ballots wherever you can to protect election integrity and vote people, and help others to vote.  Our history and our future will be created tomorrow.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!   FORWARD!!!!

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