Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Record high temper and temperature

Wisconsin like most of the nation is baking under a hot and merciless sun.  People and animals alike are falling prey to the extreme temperatures.  In Racine County, Wisconsin particularly are the tempers and temperatures raging like a wild fire.  Racine is of course home to Lou T D'abbraccio the tea party activist and protester who just cant seem to say enough about the horrors he sees, everyday apparently, in regards to voter fraud in Wisconsin.

He has stated that gangs of citizens have physically taken over polls in this state (and locked election workers in the closet I assume) and then started allowing illegal and multiple voting.  He has seen fleets of vehicles cross into Wisconsin from other states and pay people hard cash to vote for Democratic candidates.  And on and on, he has been observing these phenomenon occurring for years and years now.  It has become the center of his world and his rallying cry at right wing extremist events.  Somehow in all this time he has not been able to produce any proof though......hmmmm.

I on the other hand have been looking and finding lots of proof that makes it seem that Mr D'abbraccio is not being quite honest with us.  As a matter of fact the Root River Siren, my fellow blogger, and I have been turning up proof that perhaps Lou is actually at the center of some pretty serious election related activity.

Mr D'abbraccio is aware of my work but apparently he doesn't have the time to thoroughly read my blog postings.  Yesterday it seems Lou was having a bit of a meltdown at the Racine County Courthouse.  He was demanding information regarding how I was able to obtain a copy of his Freedom of Information Act, open records request.  He knew I had his request  because I posted last week in my blog titled An Open Records Request Is An Open Record.  Somehow that just slipped right past his cognitive awareness though.  So in case you are reading this posting as well Lou, let me state one more time:

A request for open records IS one of the open records that can be requested.  I don't know how to boil that down any further than that.

Lou is filing massive and far reaching requests for records in the hope (beyond hope?) of finally coming up with some proof of his claims.  He is also one of the few people on the far, far right that is trying to claim that the Van Wanggaard election is not valid.  Even though an extensive recount was just concluded this week on Monday verifying the original tally.  At the heart of this conspiracy are two bags of voting records that upon arriving at the County Clerks office, appeared to have faulty, or possibly tampered seals on them.  The two bags were carefully examined by both partisan and non-partisan individuals and groups.  It was discovered that the contents of the bags had not been tampered with and matched up perfectly, that's PERFECTLY Lou, with the documentation of the contents of those two bags.

But the right wing is still screaming and jumping up and down about this and crying foul.  Which is interesting because in last years Supreme Court race in Wisconsin over 70 bags had been opened or were never sealed and review of the documentation of the votes within DID NOT MATCH the contents of the bags.  At that time the GOTea stated repeatedly and loudly that although tens of thousands of votes HAD been tampered with, removed and/or added to the bags, that it was no big deal and blocked efforts to investigate the matter.  I am certain that Lou D'abbraccio was one of the people on the right making that claim but this time, like Lou D'abbrraccio I have no proof of that.

There is also a little controversy regarding another bag of voting materials which turned up in Racine recently.  This was not a official bag with the votes of the citizens within it.  Rather it was just a bag of loose paperwork used by poll workers and such that had somehow mysteriously appeared in public one day.  Apparently the GOTea is shouting once again, that this amounts to a huge conspiracy and that only the members of the tea party can be counted on to investigate this matter without any personal or political bias.  Yes I know, I'm laughing too at that one.

But the bag does exist, and somebody intentionally placed it where it would be found in the hopes of fabricating a conspiracy.  Who can I think of on the political right who would be motivated to do such a thing?  And who do I know on the right that has been flipping his wig and having meltdowns over the Root River Sirens and my investigation into these matters?  Hey Lou buddy, are you now also a right wing bag man for the party perhaps????

I don't understand the meltdown because Lou should be very happy with things regarding investigations into alleged voter/election fraud in Racine County.  He has friends in office there, and he requested his investigation into his alleged conspiracy to none other than Racine County Sheriff Schmaling who is himself a member of the tea party and is advocating the privatization of his own jail.  Yes he wants to sell it to Walkers buddies in Wackenhutt, fire all of the deputies and replace them with minimum wage Wackenhutt employees, who are usually dredged up from the bottom most layers of society.  Lou can also count on Racine County District Attorney Chiapete who is a member of the GOTea appointed by .........you guessed it, Scott Walker.

Chia pet (sorry I had to) Chiapete replaces former Racine County D.A. Mike Nieskes, who was a donor to the Walker campaign and surprise, surprise, Walker made him a circuit court judge.  It would seem that members of the tea party in Racine have requested that members of the tea party, aided by members of the tea party look into a matter to be forwarded eventually to a member of the tea party.  So why is Lou so worried?  Why the melt down?  Why is he removing information from his facebook page and going into lock down mode?  These are interesting questions for sure.

And looking into all these people, and all of their connections not only in Racine County, but out of state as well.  Out of state groups sponsored by ALEC money and brought into Racine County to tamper with, or as they call it "observe" our elections, is getting to be quite a chore.  That is why I put out the call to my readers to submit any information they may have to me to aid this effort.  It is still all a bit too much I must admit for two bloggers.  But don't worry readers, and don't worry Lou, we have the matter well in hand.  We enlisted a private investigator and an attorney to help us with this matter recently as well as enlisting the aid of our media contacts.  Until next time readers, solidarity forever .

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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