Sunday, July 29, 2012

A friendly reminder

I am glad to report that Senator Tim Cullen has gotten over himself and has decided to remain with the Democratic party instead of becoming an Independent.  It is good to know that he can look past what is best for himself and be persuaded to think of his constituents and the long term good of the state.  That means that the entire Democrat party in Wisconsin (with the possible exception of Kelda Roys) is unified for the most part heading in to the November elections.

There is one issue where the Dem's are shooting themselves in the foot, but that is for another posting.  Suffice it to say, they don't seem very concerned about an attempt to retake the State Assembly, nor with knocking off ALEC head Robin Vos or his comrade, Glen Grothman, who is Wisconsin's Rick Santorum.

Right now summer is here and folks everywhere are thinking of getaways and vacations.  And with all those friends and family members getting together, with all the travelling and planning, it might be easy to forget some important details in the fight for democracy in Wisconsin.

Those nagging little details are very important though, they are the names of the business's that have, and still contribute to Scott Walker and his nefarious agenda.  For the love of freedom folks, please remember with all the running around your doing this time of year, to not patronize these establishments:

Kwik Trip Stores and their Tobacco Outlet Plus locations.

Menard's home stores.

Any and all Georgia Pacific products.

Johnsonville Bratwurst.

Sargento Cheese.

M & I Bank.

Chase Bank.

Stainmaster Carpets.

State Farm Insurance.

Capitol Kidz in Madison.

The Wisconsin Realtor's Association.

ABC Supply.

I have spoken with some management folks who are employed by Kwik Trip stores, and they tell me that sales figures are down a signifigant percent for the Walker supporters and that they are feeling the effects of the continued boycott.  Thank you and keep up the effort folks, it is paying off.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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