Monday, July 23, 2012

Two mysteries, two mysterious idiots, and a arson.

Hello everyone and welcome once again from ground zero in the fight to save democracy.  We are sweating out what is supposed to be the last day of the two month heat wave/drought that has all but crippled the badger state.  Some new news from the Capitol in Madison today as well as some old stories revisited.

First it was officially announced today that after the departure of Chief Charles Tubbs from the Capitol Police & Security force (for political reasons((namely that Tubbs was sick of the politics)) that David M Erwin would be filling that post, replacing Interim Chief Blackdeer as the official head of that department.  I was actually hoping that Mr. Blackdeer would be permanently filling that roll but the Department of Administration under Mike Huebsch did not agree with me.  I have looked into David Erwin and the man literally does not exist on the Internet, well almost so.  What little information I have is that he is a former member of the Marine Corp. who went into law enforcement.

Most recently he has held a high post in the Wisconsin State Patrol, that being the head of the Dignitary Protection Unit.  This small branch of the State Patrol under Poppa Fitzgerald, is responsible for the full time safety of the Governor of Wisconsin, as well as for security and transportation for visiting dignitaries to the state.  Whether this David Erwin is a real law enforcement officer or, a tool of Fitzgerald and Walker selected by Huebsch, remains to be seen.  I will meet with the new Chief and report back to you as soon as I am able to arrange that.

I would also like to remind everyone that there is still very much a need for donations after the arson that destroyed six buildings last week on the Lac Courte Orellies Reservation.  There is much devastation being dealt with both physically and emotionally, and any support you can show would be greatly appreciated.  Here is the link to send help:

Our second mystery today is a another individual that is nearly, only nearly, non-existent on the Internet.  This person is one Jed Charles Ballard of Menominee, Wisconsin.  He has come to our attention recently as he is making death threats against activist Miles Kristan, as well as two others in the Wisconsin Movement.  Except for a short and violent criminal record, there is basically no information at all on this individual.  So until things are cleared up on this matter, we are letting all activists and organizers know to be aware that this person is out there, making serious threats, and has been in the past.  Hopefully our friend Miles will keep himself safe for another week here until he leaves Madison to return to his academic pursuits once again.

We also bid farewell this week to another great activist, Wisconsin's own, Jenna "Batman" Pope.  After nearly two years of tireless and non-stop effort in the Wisconsin Movement against Scott Walker; Jenna is heading to Gotham, the Big Apple, to continue her good work there.  Best of wishes to you Jenna, and thank you for everything you do.

Moving on now to the second mysterious idiot of this posting, another devotee of the cowardly long distance threat making game, previously mentioned on this blog, is Duane Michalski.  He came back to my attention around a week ago when he felt the need to pipe in and make threats against me for investigating Lou D'abbraccio and his false election fraud emergency in Racine, Wisconsin.

 I am not sure how to even begin describing Duane Michalski of Caledonia, Wisconsin to you.  He is notable for so many reasons, threats of death and violence only begin to scratch the surface of his idiocy.  Admittedly I am somewhat reluctant to call this guy an idiot, in researching him he has many moments of clarity and genuine interest in the issue's and in discussing them with diverse people.

Then apparently something snaps in him, and he turns off the logical parts of his mind, and takes off at full speed on pure emotional vitriol.  A man of contradictions is perhaps the easiest way to describe him.  For instance he holds to the belief that the democratic party is trying to take over America, and they are doing that through the incomprehensibly stupid practice of encouraging the death of the entire party's support base through aborting the children of all Democrat party members.  Really!  You cant make up something this dumb, check out his facebook page.

He declares himself to be a devout Lutheran yet he claims very loudly that it is taking the moral high road, to  kill somebody before letting harm come to yourself.  I may not be the worlds most highly educated minister, but I don't recall ever seeing that statement anywhere in the Bible.

Recently in a public forum, Michalski in a discussion on the subject of people living in rural, as opposed to urban areas, asked this question  "Why does the MAJORITY (his capitalization) of Caledonians live in the most populated area?"

I don't know Mr. Michalski, perhaps after we solve that mystery for you we can get to the bottom of the recent rumour that has been going around, that 3 out of 4 people in Wisconsin, now make up an estimated 75% of the states population.

Maybe in all fairness, he has been too busy lately to trouble himself with finding answers to these perplexing questions?  Perhaps he has been too busy trying to understand thoughts of a higher order, like economics perhaps?  Recently he has posted absolute proof that the billionaires pay all the taxes in this country while "the poor" lead lives of luxury and leisure, getting rich off of benefits for the unemployed and disabled.  His proof was an old copy of the tax code, and the brackets for corresponding income levels.

Apparently and according to Michalski, the overly-prosperous gladly pay all taxes voluntarily, and would never hire lawyers and accountants to utilize loop--holes in the tax laws.  They would never stash money around the world in places like Switzerland or the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes on all that wealth.  I guess he believes that only people on welfare have huge cash holdings in un-numbered offshore accounts.  Armed with this wisdom, Michalski will be voting for Willard Romney this coming Novermber.

But hey, maybe he knows something that I don't, perhaps he has knowledge of an entire side of the economic spectrum that I am totally unaware of?  He did just recently celebrate an anniversary of sorts, that being, twenty years spent in the courts being sued for debts that he refuses to pay.  I know, now you think I am being mean and picking on somebody who appears may be cognitively disabled, or at least challenged.  I only brought up his civil record to demonstrate another contradiction about Michalski, that even though his financial life is full of litigation and suits, he considers himself to be a highly educated and able, fiscal conservative who can be trusted with tax money.  That is the platform he used to run for town council in Caledonia, apparently from the election results people are not buying the contradictions.

Which is okay, because he is pretty straight forward and non-contradictory on some issues.  Like crime for instance, or even race relations, where he also has solved all of our problems for us with his "genius" as he puts it, "idiocy" as I see it.  A few years back Michalski piped in after a violent crime in Milwaukee and publicly stated the solution to the problem of crime and violence.  That being, that all minorities should be fenced off and a large pile of guns and drugs tossed over the fence.  Michalski is confident, that all the members of the minority population would quickly kill themselves in a drug fueled orgy of violence.  I am not making this up just google search this violent idiot, it is all right there waiting to be read.

And so I am left to ponder the mysterious and perplexing, convoluted even, musings of this right wing nut job who apparently wants me dead, and is willing to work to those ends.  Perhaps he thinks this will help him in some future election campaign of his.  Perhaps next time he will run on a law and order platform, based on a possible felony record?  Who knows, truth is stranger than fiction my friends, more from the Capitol in Madison later, solidarity forever.

Tomorrow I will bring you news of Judge David Prossers conversion of his re-election fund, just like his buddy Scott Walker,  And some exciting news regarding the re-installment of constitutional rights to the Capitol building in Madison.  Perhaps we will even hear from Duane Michalski, maybe he can explain why he is so mad at Wisconsin, Democrats for not pushing a jobs bill through the GOTea controlled state legislature.  A man of contradictions indeed.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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