Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trash talk, white trash and a question of whether we need to take out the trash.

Short and to the point today readers:

Helen Kelda Roys who is running along with Marc Pocan for the seat being vacated by Tammy Baldwin has decided to renege on her decision to run a clean campaign.  She launched her new television ad's this week with a hateful attack on Marc Pocan.  This after falsely representing herself last year as possibly being a lesbian to drum up support at a speech she gave after the Madison Pride Parade.

Republicans Thomas Petri and Jim Sensenbrenner over the last couple of years have utilized a lobbying/public relations firm, Strategic Health Care, that specializes in insurance company profits before health care.  Recently the right wing Strategic Health Care, has employed a new tactic at its fund raising events, throwing " White Trash Parties" for tea party candidates.  They are catching a lot of negative publicity for mocking the working class at these fundraisers.  This tactic was also used by the Steven J Baum law firm which used a "homeless" theme for similar reasons.  That multi-million dollar firm was destroyed and declared bankruptcy after the inevitable backlash resulting from such a poor-taste decision.  I wonder if Petri and Sensenbrenner (the morbidly obese legislator recently known for calling Michelle Obama fat) will be having their own "white trash" party in the far northern districts that they represent?

After a year and a half or unending toil and suffering by hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin citizens to recall GOTea members of the state legislature, after achieving a historic turn over of the State Senate, there is some bad news to report.  Moderate conservative Democrat, Tim Cullen of Janesville who has ties to the Scott Walker administration, announced today that he is leaving the democratic party.

Cullen, a known ego-maniac and drama queen, made the state shattering announcement earlier this day.  Unhappy that he was not given a high enough power committee seat to suit his self-image, announced that he will attempt to disrupt the recently gained majority in that house.  He was offered to be the person in charge of small business development (job creation is a low priority to Cullen during a employment crisis apparently) as well as being the head of Wisconsin's multi-multi million dollar tourism industry.

He is now calling himself an independent and is looking to see who is willing to offer him the most for his vote, as the tie breaker in the Wisconsin Senate.  We will know by the end of this week if Cullen is going to be targeted for the final recall in the battle for Wisconsin.  It would be a fitting end for his very non-stellar career as a lifelong politician.

                                                 And a child shall lead them........

I am writing this a few hours after the original release of this particular posting.  I have had a couple of hours to let my rage over the behavior of certain democrats settle down.  I would just like to add that I am extremely and bitterly disappointed in Kelda Roys.  And a thousand times more so at Tim Cullen.  After all this time and effort, for our elected leaders to behave like petulant and spoiled little children, and initiate this schism not just within their own party, but within the entirety of the Wisconsin Movement as well, that just does not sit too well with me.

They are putting their little petty wants and desires ahead of the people they are SWORN to serve.  I knew of course when I wrote the original post above that there would be no need, well more precisely, no time to recall Cullen.  There are other ways of dealing with quisling, that traitor of the people.  If he had half as much brains as ego he should have been content to wait out his term and retire.  Then he could enjoy the easy life and start spending that huge pile of money of his.

Instead he chose to use this time to create his legacy, his treachery and greed will end up being the things that he will be remembered for in Wisconsin governmental history.  Kind of like Joe Paterno, he could have been a hero, instead he is just a disgrace.  Congratulations Senator Cullen, you have now made of yourself something that most of us with grimace at in distaste as we scrape it off of our shoes.

And Kelda Roys, I believe there is a very high probability that her mud slinging, smear campaign against Marc Pocan is going to backfire on her.  Like with Cullen, we are probably watching the end of another political career.  I am sure she can call on some friends in the public sector though for a job, most likely as a lobbyist of course.  The very antithesis of a person who preaches and practices clean politics and transparent government for the benefit of the people.  Good riddance to bad rubbish, both of them.

The fight never ends, until next time folks, solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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