Thursday, July 12, 2012

It only works for Scott Walker. Crying wolf that is, better luck next time Lou.

And the great heat wave/drought of 2012 continues to hold sway over Wisconsin.  The trees on the hill, like the crops in the fields are withering.  Yet the people of Wisconsin are holding strong and they continue their fight for justice and democracy.   Days and nights are once again filled with talk of the recall elections, and not just because there is now a large and concentrated effort under way to conduct a hand count of every single ballot cast in the recall election of Scott Walker on June 5th of this year.

We knew the black box voting machines and all the incredulous happenings associated with them, would not stand.  A historic effort is now going full steam and we are looking for volunteers to help in all kinds of ways, all skill sets welcome.  We will get to the bottom of who really won that election and who and/or what was affecting the outcome.  Regardless of the outcome this is a joyous return to citizen participation and honest and transparent elections in Wisconsin.

Of course the radical element, the Tea Party, will attempt to subvert this the same way they did with the verification of the recall petitions of Scott Walker. Even after they (the GOTea legislature) have drastically changed the voting laws in Wisconsin to the point of voter suppression and beyond. They will falsely claim that every stroke of a pen is a horrendous and obvious proof of the voter fraud they claim over and again to exist.    They proved themselves masters last year of the incredible skill of pointing out how two letter i's were differently dotted.  Still wont mean a thing this year either, but it is useful for sabotaging and slowing down the democratic process.

One of the people on the extreme right who has been "crying wolf" the loudest for awhile now about alleged voter fraud, is Lou D'abbraccio.  I have covered Lou and his involvement before, during and after the June 5th election in his home territory of Racine County, Wisconsin.  It will be interesting to see what he has to say in the near future regarding Wisconsin's elections now that GOTea candidate Van Wanggaard has officially given up his office after losing to Joseph Lehman.

Lou howled fraud for months (well years actually) for the benefit of the Tea Party and the Grandsons of Liberty and although he provided some fiery rhetoric, somehow has never been able to provide proof.  Lots of fiery rhetoric and claims of proof, but nothing presentable to the courts or the press.  At worst a couple of election workers may require re-training on new, same day voter registration procedure.

 Well, maybe Lou and his friend Willard Helander and the "throngs" of GOP associates she brought with her from Illinois, have helped to provide some proof.  Or his associates he worked the elections with in Racine, the members of True the Vote and Verify the Vote who came to Racine from Texas and California should have come up with some proof between the concerted effort of those groups and all the people they had stationed throughout the voting wards of Racine County.

All of that, along with local Tea Party and GOP volunteers was not able to provide a single shred of proof of violations of Wisconsin's voting laws in Racine County.  Even with a meticulous recount of every single ballot cast under the eye of big dog $800 attorneys and support staff from the law office of Michael Best, could they find proof of any wrongdoing or change in the election results. Both Lou and Robin Vos have joined in the verbal witch hunt with Van Wanggaard, rallying people to the cry of voter fraud, only to slink away when the evidence is demanded.

 That is the problem with using this tactic, creating a false emergency through yelling "fraud" or "fire" or whatever, only works until a certain point.  Than you either have to prove your point, or like Scott Walker, cover it up and move onto something else really fast.  Create another "emergency" if need be.

And so with a very heavy heart yesterday did candidate Van Wanggaard announce that he would not further delay the inevitable any more than he already had, and conceded that he lost the recall election last month.

I am glad that Wisconsin is being spared the time and cost associated with continuing to cling to false hopes on the right.  I hope we can get past the era of election officials like Kathy Nicklaus who has been found guilty of negligence and wrong doing over and again, she has been forced from her office but the investigation of her time there is supposed to exceed $250,000.  That can possibly go much higher especially now that it has been announced that she switched out the software on the black box voting machines in her district secretly of her own accord, right before the election.
On Page 4 of the transcripts is the mention of the illegal POMS machines.

And speaking of the black box voting machines, they were supposed to have their memory boxes retained for 21 days, by law, by the county clerks where those machines were used.  That is in order to be able to verify election results to provide for accuracy and transparency in the voting procedure.  Instead within 3 days all of those hundreds and hundred of units were back in the hands of the owners of Command Central, the company which owns them, having they're memories erased in Minnesota.

And thus the lengthy and huge effort to hand count the millions of votes cast in the recall election, fairly and with full documentation.  There is a link below to a story that contains more information on the subject, it also links you to a site where you can register to help in the recount effort if you like.

I am glad to report that I had some recent communication with Lou D'abrraccio and though I am waiting to hear back from him still on some other matters, he does agree with me that the black box voting machines have to go.  Norway recently got rid of them and now Ireland is doing the same, leaving only America as the last modern, western nation to trust its elections to machines that even FOX News says can be compromised with $36 worth of parts from Radio Shack.

And so in the end it seems that our friend Lou, and all his helpers, just couldn't sway the election and now Scott Walker loses control of the senate.  On the good side though Lou does agree that the black boxes are a bad idea.  Maybe I can get him to aid me in the future in the cause of getting the Tea Party behind the idea of hand counted paper ballots.  It would be nice to have a project that both sides can agree on, and work at together to help mend the rifts here in Wisconsin.  It has to be a much more fulfilling pursuit than yelling "voter fraud" until blue in the face.  Besides repeating oneself constantly, to create a fake "emergency" is the trademark of Scott Walker.  He might not like the imitation and all of its connotations of flattery.  He tends to get very angry and personal over matters such as that, and he is very vindictive.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


Anonymous said...

You don't watch what he says, you watch what he does. You can't take his word. If you cross him - watch it.

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Great blog entry.
Everyone in the state should be aware of this.
Thank you as always.