Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wanna hear a funny one? a funny one I guess would be more accurate.

Check this comment that came out last weekend, it was one of a bundle of them I received only minutes apart from the same service provider.  I never would have thought to check something like that in the old days, IP address that is, it is nice having all these wonderful personal connections now.  So much to learn from all these good people.  Anyway here is the comment that was left on my posting of the APA psychological profile for psychopathic personality types and the possible relationship with Paul Ryan (Teabagger) from Janesville, WI.

It is a violation of APA ethics to use the DSM in this way. If you were actually in the profession, you could lose your license. This is nothing more than political psychology, but so badly done as to border on malpractice, if there were such a thing in political science. I cannot decide whether this would be best ignored, ridiculed, or exposed for the dangeroud misuse of pseudoscience it is. DrKC4, BA, MA, PhD., American Studies/Political Science M.A., Forensic Psychology on How Paul Ryan fits the A.P.A.’s “Psychopathic Checklist” and the danger represented to America.

Where to start with this one?  I hardly know where to begin, if I didn't have insomnia and it wasn't 3 am I wouldn't ever bother with this obviously fake comment.  Anyway I digress, so lets tear this apart just for fun shall we?  First off maybe we should point out this curious name/signature stamp of "DrKC4".....hmmm perhaps the author is a Dr. Pepper drinker from Kansas City?  Add in the mentality of a 4 year old and the ability to try and  predict future action based on, past happenings, and we might be on to something.

Next we notice the entire bowl of alphabet soup has been poured out in closing, perhaps to overwhelm us from being able to analyze the comment and thus, the mentality of whomever wrote it.  Lets see here we have a Bachelors degree,  a Masters degree, there is even a Doctorate, wow a full doctor, I am impressed.  But wait on top of all these other degrees there is also another Masters in Pol Sci.  Twenty some years of post-secondary education should have brought a more clear understanding of what is going on here.  At least taught them to use the spell check function.

The commenter in a decidedly most un-doctor like stance, has failed to qualify a single statement they made with a proven example of fact.  And yet this "doctor" is also claiming the non-validity of the science of political-psychology.  Interesting since it is taught at places like Northwestern, University of Central Florida, London and why yes, even Skidmore.

But let me take one more quick look see......ahh yes there it is.  The commenter claims to have a degree in forensic psychology.  That could be claimed by anyone technically, in any field even distantly related to psychology/psychiatry.  But the forensic part is interesting......hummm.......I think I have enough information to make the call on this commenter.  They are a junior college drop out and quite possibly a CJ (criminal justice a.k.a. cop) student, which would explain what appears to be a very, very cursory understanding of basic applied psychology from one of those lovely 101 classes.

Feeling slighted in life and self important, you got a hair up your employed at Wackenhutt for near minimum wage butt, and thought you could fool all these readers into not only thinking that your a genius, but that you could prove me an idiot as well????  I nailed it didn't I, I totally read you?!?!?

As I have stated previously I confer with psychologists and psychiatrists (and yes even political-psychiatrists) for my postings.  I have never claimed to be one though nope, so sorry about not being able to sue for malpractice.  And by the way teabagger boy (and you are a male of the species) making a diagnosis along these lines can not possibly be construed as malpractice.

Not even if you could prove that my posting would be 100% certifiable in court as the only thing that keeps Paul Ryan away from the Vice-Presidency.  And even then it still wouldn't work, because if Ryan were to be be able to prove that I and I alone prevented him from winning office.  He cant sue me for losses due to a lack of timely information on more insider trading like that which he has already done.  In other words little silly head commentator, you cant sue for losses incurred as a result of illegal activity.

It was fun tearing you a new one though commenter, thanks for keeping me amused for fifteen minutes on a otherwise sleepless night.  Too bad your effort at getting some little modicum of fame for yourself ended so poorly for you but that is just how it goes sometimes.  After 24 hours I will remove this post and your tragic flirtation with playing with the big dogs, well......the medium size dogs anyway.  And use the spell check button you tea bag fool!  Anyway more later on how and why God makes homosexuals and right wing radical extremist, teahadist types.

And now that I feel better and am done ripping on that particular source of comments, here is some more serious reading for you folks.  I've been trying for over a year to foster a stronger understanding of psychopathy and its inherent link to politics/leadership, seems like some other folks are starting to speak out on this important subject as well.

Not quite what I was looking for but it is a solid start, solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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