Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday morning coming down.............HARD

Hey folks I'm sure you have been hearing alot of talk the last couple of days regarding the recall of ol Scotty Walker.  There is a ton of talk, tweets, IM's and such regarding Democrats discussing Walker's fate and the time line for removing him from office.
As far as I can see this all stems (or mostly) from Tate's statement which basically states that after the Legislative recalls there will be a need to sit down and discuss the best tactics and strategy for removing Walker.  There is no agreed upon plan to wait an extra year to remove Walker.  Is there a possibility of some Dem's wanting to hold off until 2012?  Yes of course we are dealing with politicians here.  Will the Dems break from the grassroots movement and the unions to delay things?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!
What we should maybe be worrying about or at least discussing is the possibility of Dems and Repugs meeting together after the Senate recalls to discuss a bipartisan plan which would allow both parties to blow smoke up the peoples butts and sit back and do nothing but collect their paychecks for awhile.  Yes this is almost the same thing but there are some key differences.
I will be discussing this and related issues this week with Mark Pocan and some other Dems and will post a clarification blog this week.  Dont let the article in The Isthmus regarding the lack of collective bargaining rhetoric in the recent recall ad's.  That is just media hype by an up and coming journalist trying to create a name for himself.
I'm heading out for Lake Geneva now to mess with the repugs, have a great Sunday folks and keep the faith my sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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