Friday, July 15, 2011

Quickie post this morning

Hey there folks, hope you are all doing well.  It's another gorgeous day in Wisconsin where we are preparing a flotilla of anti-Walker vessels for some media warfare.  Hopefully you all saw the video of the giant inflatable judge Prosser, that was fun.
For those of you concerned between the doctors and some good old fashioned common sense home remedies I am no longer continuously bleeding out of my ruptured stomach lining.  That's a good thing, the bad thing is Hallis Mailen is still on hunger strike at the capitol and he is not looking good.  If you can find the time to contact either Wisconsin state or Federal Veterans Administration officials and tell them about the hunger striker that would be really great.  I will post all that info later on today.  Sorry I'm still a little disorganized from all that is going on this week.
Thank you to everyone for voting and sending a very clear message to the repug's and teabaggers that they're immature and anti-democratic fake candidates will not fly in the badger state.  We are gaining momentum and that can only mean one thing.  More deceit and lies from Scotty and his cronies.  Redistricting and robo-calls, fake announcements from the republican party that the polls are closed or have changed locations.  Tea baggers with weapons at polling places-none of these tactics will work against us.  We love our state and our freedom to much to give into bullcrap and bullying.
All these tactics are going to do is piss people off to the point where some right wing nut jobs (elected or otherwise) end up getting hurt and I'm sure that will not raise any sympathy for them.  Perhaps they are just looking for a reason to initiate marshal law here.  Word has it that Scotty is planning on doing this in Janesville soon anyway.
Until later folks thank you for reading and for keeping the faith.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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