Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Digging the grave........................ 

Hello folks, it has been a slightly cool and gray day here in Madison, ground zero in the war between the forces of good and evil.  I just wanted to mention something briefly about some of the tactics and strategies that I use when dealing with those who would destroy us.  That of course being the tools & fools of the tea party and their repug mouthpieces in the capitol.
I hope you will remember that on this last Monday, a employee of the Wisconsin State Department of Administration used a knife to assault a woman in the corridors of the capitol building.  Only quick action on her part and others avoided a horrific tragedy.  As the DOA already had a statement about the attack prepared when police arrived on the scene, you have to really wonder what was behind all of this.
The most likely answer if we apply Occam's razor (my preferred slashing and/or cutting instrument) is that this was just another tea party attempt to scare peaceful protesters from the capitol building.  The tactics are well known to us and always play out the same.  It begins with with large full grown men attacking women and/or children and ends with those same full grown men (not mentally full grown though) bursting into tears and trying to run away when the police show up.  Then they play the victim card as if a 72 year old retired elementary school teacher would really attack two 250 guys with weapons.
One of my preferred methods of dealing with these issues is to 'out' the conservative bullies.  By releasing all of their personal information such as full name, home address, phone numbers and vehicle descriptions we shed light on the make-up of the tea party.  This usually shames the perpetrator into hiding from the limelight and all the negative and embarrassing behaviour associated with it.
You need to also remember that these people are all cowards at heart and don't have the stomach to maintain the patterns of behaviour which led to their being outed.  It is not meant as a direct threat against the individual but is more or less a warning that they are vulnerable themselves and may want to reconsider violent physical action against others.  And the communities that they live in will remind them of this everyday for a long time to come.  Also we are the peaceful type of people that would not go to the perp's homes and threaten and/or injure them.  That is a right wing tactic only, we are human beings and do not engage in such behaviour.
I am out of time here I hate to say and will get back to you all with more in the morning.  PEACE.  And by the way folks our knife wielding coward and today's asshole of note is:
Ron Blair
743 W Milwaukee st.
Jefferson, WI
work 608-266-3660
home 608-674-2293

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


frogetteca said...

GREY SKIES: Madison, you've got grey skies and my mood is grey. Let's just say I'm bummed out how things are going now. I am not happy that violence occured in the Madison Capitol, but it is good the blood spilled was not that of an anti-Walker activist, but that of the pro-Walker Capitol grounds keeper that assulted Leslie and killed her balloon - not that I am happy blood was spilled. I am very glad Leslie is O.K. Here's what I am really unhappy about: activists went to the DOA office to get an appointment to talk about the incident, and were blown off - discounted. DOA has their Fake Faux version of what happened - Ron had an accident - and that's final. I am also bummed out because I "overheard" that activists were happy Chief Tubbs was letting protestors keep ONE balloon aloft. O.K., that's great, you get one little heart balloon, and Mr. Tubbs is a friend of the people. But it looks like total Walker control to me and I don't like it.
I mentioned I was trying out Twitter a month ago. I have had some great moments, including being listed as an "Honorary Wisconsinite". I am very pleased to have been included on this list. But Twitter is like a roller coaster ride, and for me it had it's down side. A couple times I have tweeted, sometimes including the address with the @ in front of it for 'username' with no response for up to 24 hours. So for me, its sometimes like going to a party with a whole bunch of people I don't know, and I'm shy, and no one talks to me. Also, it can definitely be addicting, so I have to work on breaking away more and spend more time taking care of my family, home, and myself. If you are on Twitter, and you have any suggestions for me, I'd be happy to hear from you, you can tweet me at @frogetteca. I'd like to talk about the recalls coming up August 9. Right now, the dynamics on Twitter are down, but I'm sure this will pick up in a big, big way in a couple of weeks. PEACE, MADISON, AND MAY YOUR ELECTIONS BE JUST!

Anonymous said...

dear froggy,
Thanks for your great posts here and elsewheres. You are Us.

Nina said...

It was incredibly inappropriate for you to post Mr. Blair's home address and phone number on your blog entry. If people have complaints or feel like telling him how they feel, it's easy to find his work phone number and email address.

What exactly, do you hope to accomplish by causing his family the stress of having random strangers calling them at home telling them what they think about an incident they've only heard described in the news?

Do you really know anything about Ron Blair? Face it, you don't. You've forgotten that he's a human being who cannot be summed up by this single mistake he's made. Anyone who is so quick to judge others could use a little more humility and understanding.

YOU have contributed to the very political "game-playing" and nastiness that so many people are tired of.