Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It just blows my fragile little mind

Now..........let me clear up some rumors that started appearing last night.  There was an altercation last night and I was pretty sure I was going to be taken into custody.  I called a contact of mine and informed her of this event so that my attorneys could be notified.  Then my phone ran out of minutes which led to a great deal of confusion and concern for a lot of people.  I was not 'disappeared' by the forces of evil, so rest easy on that note.  I am both proud and embarrassed by the strength and scope of the reaction to the news of my situation.  I am very proud and grateful that so many good people have my best interests at heart.  I am equally embarrassed that I was the source of so much anxiety and angst.  Thank you with all my heart those of you who rushed to aid me in a time of (almost) crisis.

What is really hilarious to me about the whole event was when earlier today several police officers and my attorney asked me if I had been arrested.  Wouldn't the police and my lawyer be the people who would have that information?  Still laughing over that one.

Speaking of the police Capt. Tubbs and some of his staff and I had a little chat today about the matter of the balloons in the rotunda at the capitol.  You see back in February on valentine's day a lone red heart balloon was released inside the rotunda and for months it stayed up their and its unbelievable longevity became a very strong symbol to us all.  On the day that the so called 'governor' Scotty signed away the bargaining rights of Wisconsin workers the balloon was removed by capitol staff.  A week or so later another balloon was released to replace it.  I thought that was a wonderful idea and was very inspiring to us all.  At some point though that second balloon became a bone of contention between capitol staff and the protesters.  The second balloon was removed which led to a balloon protest of sorts.  Soon after dozens of balloons were released in defiance of the second balloons removal.  The movement has been getting tons of bad press about this and will eventually hurt our image.

Today though at the sing along huge bunches of balloons were allowed to float a hundred feet over the rotunda floor on long red tethers.  That was truly a genius inspired thing to do.  That way we have our symbolic balloons and we are once again at peace with the maintenance staff.  And the police are pleased with this as well, which is really good because for some reason the police thought that I would have the ability to "do something" about the issue.

And now for a quick announcement to my readers in the Madison/Dane county area.  Several of our devoted protesters are young students who have sublet apartments around the downtown area.  Many of these were contracted until August first.  New apartments in Madison all become available on August fifteenth.  So there is going to be a two week period where they will have nowhere to stay, and protesters are not rich republicans who can book hotels for extended periods of time.  If you have a spare room or even a backyard that some of these folks can use short term please contact me and I will relay that info to those that are in need of it.

And now some happy news from ground zero.  Every cloud has a silver lining as the old saying goes.  Scotty's radical agenda has brought so many people together that its amazing.  As a matter of fact (and its a beautiful thing) several happy couples have sprung forth from the protest.  One couple was actually married at the capitol building a few weeks ago.  Scotty's hate has backfired and created love, I think I may be feeling some of that myself. Until later folks, stayed focused and united.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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